Return YouTube Dislike – The Little Mermaid, ‘woke’ agenda BS

Censorship is high on the agenda of the authorities, which the technocrats are part of / subservient to. 
As Google supplies data to government and non-government organisations, it’s only befitting that it sensors its platforms, i.e. the ‘search’ facility and YouTube.
The inability for the general population to see the integer value of dislikes for content creator’s videos is plain and simple censorship.
The content viewer is not given an objective detail as to what the general population agrees or disagrees with regards to a particular topic or even political opinion.
In the example of a Disney film called The Little Mermaid, which focuses on some sort of ‘woke’ agenda, the viewer would see only a 725k ‘thumbs up’ at the time of this post having zero idea of how many people dislike Disney’s topic at hand.
In this case, the content viewer does not see is the number of dislikes associated with Disney’s opinion of ‘woke’ which is 1.9M, or 2.6 dislikes to one like ratio.
We recommend people see the whole story about other’s opinions with regards to topics on YouTube, therefore the Firefox extension called “Return YouTube Dislikes” by Dmitry Selivanov is the choice at the moment.

These actions are all part of the (global) Nanny State agenda.


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