Reuters Mocks China for Hiring ‘Used White Guys’



Just look at the language being used here “recycle used white guys”. This goes way being objectification of white men, this is dehumanization.

It makes them look like some sort of thrash… “USED white guys”? USED?? Imagine using strong language like “used Jew boys” or “recycling of used blacks”…. nope folks, this is NOT Anti-White Racism.

No matter what you do or say to whites, they are invulnerable Gods! You can exterminate all whites, all of them, its still not racist, its still ok but offend one single non-white and everyone goes crazy.

Here’s a small portion from Reuters:

American company men may find a savior in China Inc. As corporations try to make their ranks more ethnically representative, many experienced – if white and older – males will find themselves without a job. Chinese companies, deterred from acquiring U.S. firms with valuable intellectual property, can recruit their discarded human capital instead.

Some of the largest U.S. companies are moving quickly to rebalance their headcount. At Apple, for example, women made up 38% of workers under 30 in 2018 versus just 31% four years earlier. The share of under-represented minorities in that group rose 10 percentage points to 35%. Meantime the employment-to-population ratio of white men fell from 76% in 1972 to 67% in 2018.

The coming year should be a banner one for diversity. California has rolled out quotas for boards; Nasdaq is considering requirements for listings. Companies from Wells Fargo to Google to Delta Air Lines have diversity hiring goals in place.

Diversity? What they say is diversity is in fact “white males without a job” There is no other way around this, diversity means displacement of white people, especially men. You are out of job so that some other non-white can work in your place and you are theoretically supposed to cheer for that, you are supposed to cherish diversity. Diversity is our greatest strength they say, but is it?

As you can see in this case, not only its not a strength but its a weakness and a detriment.

The story then goes on to say how China jumps to the rescue of these “used white men”:

Acquiring that by buying companies will be difficult under President-elect Joe Biden, who is expected to continue the crackdown on Chinese acquisitions. Poaching talent is easier and, in some cases, may be more efficient.

In the past some technology companies from the People’s Republic had reputations for poaching American experts, extracting trade secrets, then tossing them back. But those with expertise in artificial intelligence or international communications are keepers. And with Chinese retail traders starting to play U.S. stocks, American financial experience is becoming valuable too. Webull Financial, a Chinese-owned trading app that competes with Robinhood Markets, hired a white American dude as chief executive.

Chinese companies that have bounced back from the pandemic might even be able to offer more competitive pay packages. It may be a less direct way to get at American intellectual assets, but then companies are made by people, not patents.

As you can see they don’t like China for hiring these “American intellectual assets”… ohhh now when China is hiring them they are “American intellectual assets”. Now they aren’t used and recycled garbage… So what these freaks wanna do is fire these TALENTED MEN as they said above simply because they are white and nobody else should hire them, especially not China because that would be poaching of MUH AMERICAN INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY! The nerve of these psychopaths…. they all belong in straitjackets.

Shortly said this is their mentality: “FIRE THESE WHITE DEMONS!!! Leave them jobless and preferably in debt, bums on the street, unable to put bread on the table!!” Now comes some little guy telling his boss “Uhhh boss? China wants to hire these white demons….?” Boss: “Ohhhhhhh the horror! China is soooo evil hiring our AMERICAN talents!!!!!!!!! We must stop and destroy China!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Now don’t look at China as a savior, in the end nobody is gonna save the white man. The white man needs to stand up for himself and do what must be done once and for all. A great reset. Everything must go. In the end China is not hiring these people because it cares about them. No, China is not a savior, China is not the good guy either. China is only looking for its financial interests and China knows these unwanted white men are intelligent, qualified and best for the job but problem is not everyone has unique skills like these talented intellectuals and not everyone is gonna be sought out by China. What about the little guy? USA doesn’t want him, China won’t want him either…

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