Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Impose Christian Laws on Everyone

  • MAGA pastor Jackson Lahmeyer was trounced in his effort to unseat Sen. James Lankford in Oklahoma’s GOP primary Tuesday.
  • On the other hand, Christian nationalist Jarrin Jackson, who openly talks about shooting “godless commies” in the face, advanced to a run-off for a seat in the Oklahoma state Senate.
  • We appreciate white nationalist Nick Fuentes being so blunt about his desire to “impose Christian laws on everyone in the United States of America.” Most Christian fascists are not quite so open about their agenda.
  • Patrick Howley is an antisemite: “Despite our differences, we are all getting poisoned by the jews. “
  • Finally, for someone who claims to revere American history, you’d think that Glenn Beck would know that it was Thomas Jefferson, not George Washington, who supposedly said “when governments fear the people, there is liberty; when the people fear the government, there is tyranny.” Also, Jefferson never said it.

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