Right Wing Round-Up: The Trumpiest Trial

  • Robert Downen @ The Texas Tribune: Far-right activist Jonathan Stickland starts new group, months after white supremacist scandal
  • The former lawmaker registered “RaTmasTeR Holdings” along with Texas GOP Chair Matt Rinaldi. The name is a nod to Stickland’s alias as an infamous internet troll.

  • Andrew Perez @ Rolling Stone: Judge Halts Texas AG’s Probe Into Media Matters
  • A federal judge granted a preliminary injunction blocking Ken Paxton’s request for internal documents in response to the watchdog group’s reporting on X.

  • Telling Jefferson Lies: Consequences of Christian Nationalism
  • In general terms, I believe Christian nationalism is bad history, bad politics, and bad religion. In prior episodes, I have concentrated on the bad history. In this segment and the next, I focus mainly on the bad politics. Around the world, religious nationalism is associated with state sponsored violence against citizens, use of force to take political control, erosion of the separation of church and state, degrading of democratic principles and attacks on minority rights.

  • Joe Jervis: Hate Group Founder Beverly LaHaye Dies At Age 94
  • Beverly LaHaye, an evangelical activist who helped organize a powerful right-wing backlash to the feminist movement, rallying opposition to the Equal Rights Amendment, abortion, gay rights and other perceived threats to “traditional family values,” died April 14 at a retirement home in El Cajon, Calif. She was 94.

  • Steve Benen @ The Maddow Blog: The Trumpiest of the Trump criminal trials gets underway in N.Y.
  • As one of Donald Trump’s criminal cases goes to trial, is it the most important case? Probably not, though it’s certainly the Trumpiest.

  • David Moye @ HuffPost: Right Wing Broadcaster Asks Trump Fans In NYC To Do Something Very Illegal
  • Clay Travis suggested Trump supporters who are part of the jury pool “do everything you can to get seated on the jury and then refuse to convict.”

  • Media Matters: Charlie Kirk calls for retaliation: “It’s time for us to start to use handcuffs and leg irons too”
  • You do not understand the politics of power. If the other side is willing to put you in jail and put leg irons on you and put handcuffs on you and our side is only willing to write op-eds, we will lose. It’s time for us to start to use handcuffs and leg irons too.

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