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On June 10, of 2021, we are having a Solar Eclipse happen at 19°47’ of Gemini.

This eclipse is known as a ring of fire or annular eclipse, which is when the Moon covers the center of the Sun, leaving the Sun’s edge as a visible ‘ring of fire’ around it.

Eclipses are always times of transition change and especially of evolution, and that is why they can be a little intense.

We have several eclipses that happen every year, and wherever they happen in your chart they activate change and evolution.

The last eclipse that we had was a Lunar Eclipse, in the sign of Sagittarius, this happened near the South Node of the Moon, highlighting experiences that are familiar to us, that we have outgrown, and that on some level are ready to change.

This is why eclipses that happen near the South Node will often bring transition and release.

Now, the North Node is where we find new energy, energy that is supportive of our growth and evolution.
The North Node’s influence can at times seem a little intimidating because it’s such new energy, however it is exactly what the soul is ready to learn about in order to grow and evolve.

So, eclipses on the North Node will bring new energy, new beginnings, and new experiences, especially a North Node Solar Eclipse.

The next eclipse on June 10 is bringing brand new energy and activating your Gemini house like never before, and because it is the last Gemini Eclipse of this series there is a sense of urgency to power up and make things happen in that area of your life.

Where is Gemini in your Birth Chart?
I encourage you to meditate on the house of your Astrological Birth Chart where this Solar Eclipse is happening for you, as there is special significance in that field of your life.

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Watch & understand more on my video update:

RING OF FIRE SOLAR ECLIPSE, 19°47’ Gemini 25b6 June 10, 2021 °Annular SOLAR ECLIPSE, Gemini° COMMUNITY – POWER – FREEDOM ->


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