“The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser men so full of doubts.”
– Bertrand Russell

In a time of such intense manipulation and social programming, it is almost irresponsible to allow one’s hope to dictate their belief. As is the case with anyone still wholeheartedly buying into one side or the other in this two-party deception – not realizing that both, witting or unwitting, are simply the puppets of a larger driving force – they desire so very badly to see that which they want to be the case, to come to pass. So much so, that they are willing to ignore blatant contradictions in logic, or absurdly obvious shortcomings, in what they refuse to see as anything other than success.

So instead of seeing these as signs that something is not quite what it seems, they instead seemingly make themselves see it as some deceptive trick of the “other side” or explain it away as some “grand manipulation of the deep state,” with nothing more than blind hope in many cases.

This is where is gets very interesting, and convoluted. What is clearly seen as a conformation of deceit or a sign that a given individual is not who they seem, at least to those not blinded by partisanship, is somehow turned into “proof” of the opposite. In their minds – because they know – anything showing the opposite of their naive and reckless certainty, ‘can only be a malicious trick, that pernicious “fake news” we have been hearing about, it must be, as anything else would mean we were … wrong.’

So, with little thought or concern, any point of contention is deftly categorized as “fake news” or simply false, without even the slightest bit of due diligence. Because the truth, at least for those subconsciously aware, is that they willingly ignore it because the alternative is just too much to consider; and to a certain degree, I understand that, but not at the expense of our future.

It is simply baffling, yet, in a facetious sort of way, almost admirable, that such open conditioning, via mainstream media and entertainment alike, can quite literally make a person think that, “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, and Ignorance is Strength.” Which, let’s not split hairs here, is exactly what we are seeing today. And it is very important that everyone realize that this is happening on both sides of the aisle.

It happens everyday in regard to Hillary Clinton, and the many scandals surrounding her and her entire campaign. Her blind followers have even taken to denying her very apparent rigging of the DNC primary, despite indisputable evidence to the contrary. It happens everyday in regard to Donald Trump and his utter failure – be that a deep state design or not – in delivering what he promised, save for a few domestic gems that his followers will relentlessly throw out in defense of everything else, that themselves are disputable as to whether they actually help the common individual. At the end of the day, much of what he has promised has indeed become the opposite, much to the dismay of those who can recognize the repeated historical pattern of lofty promises of “hope and change” candidates morphing into the resurgence of the same Deep State agenda, dressed up to appeal to the new generation of the manipulated.

This is not to say that Trump is absolutely not the man they truly want him to be, as that is certainly still a possibility, but only that what we are currently seeing does not justify the unwavering faith that his followers seem willing to give. And I will no doubt be flooded with angry comments and ad hominem attacks, simply for pointing this out, which speaks volumes in and of itself – that expressing justifiable doubt is somehow dishonorable or deceitful, in a country once known for its critical and independent thought and openness to outside perspectives.

As Sean of the SGT Report very astutely points out below, Mueller’s track record is far from exemplary, despite the way he is endlessly painted as “incorruptible” in the media. And while this could be used to make a point one way or the other, the take away here is that everything today is being used to divide the population, and the majority of the independent community was acutely aware of that before this last election cycle. And now, it would seem that the community is once again being divided from within, on the point of once again trusting a politician to deliver.

As I have said many times in the past, to not have hope that Trump, or anyone for that matter, has the best of intentions, is also very irresponsible. As not having hope is to ensure an unfettered path to subjugation and strife amongst the population, much as we are seeing now. Yet, in today’s case, it is due to those allowing what they want, to blind them to the truth.

We must maintain hope for a positive future while taking action to ensure it comes to pass. But to mindlessly allow that hope to blind us to the real intentions of those in power, is the worst case of all. This allows those with malicious aspirations to manipulate those with genuine intentions; an army of deceived guided by false righteousness. Some of the worst atrocities in history were carried out by just such an army, driven by a false sense of virtue, just as we are seeing today.

So very many Americans want a positive future, one full of prosperity and unity, the future we are endlessly promised if we just follow along one step further. Yet, it is the blindly hopeful individuals who refuse to consider the alternative possibility, and by design I might add, who have drawn the focus, as it is next to impossible to argue with, or convince one full of righteous indignation and falsely instilled moral superiority, to see that they have been misled.

All I ask – and I am speaking to Republicans and Democrats alike – is that you stand back, and consider the possibility that you have been lied to. And that does not mean the group or individual you trust necessarily is the culprit, or even that you are wrong in your belief, as I want more than anyone for the indictments to be for those who truly deserve them. But only that your blind and unwavering faith is possibly being used against you; being used to make YOU carry out something to which you would have otherwise been opposed.