Ron Paul: I Will Preserve Medicare

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ABC News
Oct 2, 2011

Rep. Ron Paul is not going to take away your Medicare.

That’s what the Republican congressman from Texas told a room full of senior citizens in Concord, N.H. Friday night.

“I would try to preserve it,” said Paul at a small assisted living community.

Health care was one of the top concerns of  those in the room, who asked Paul to explain his view that churches and voluntary institutions could take over the delivery of medicine.

Paul said that the solution is not to close everything overnight.

His approach allows letting people who don’t want government health care to get out of the system and write it off their taxes.

“I think that’s proper in a free society,” said Paul. “You should not be pushed into corporate medicine by the government.”

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11 Responses to “Ron Paul: I Will Preserve Medicare”

  1. *Over 70 requests sent out so far* Available upon request: official, original, un-doctored BTS .zip files showing the 4 9-11 “hijacked” planes either did not exist or were used for other purposes this day; therefore, the “official” story crumbles. Send request to edmail404 at gmail dot com and then get them out to everyone, everywhere. “V” for Victory! Thanks.

    ConcernedSenior Reply:
    October 2nd, 2011 at 9:40 am

    Why don’t you just post a link?
    Oh, wait, then you couldn’t get our email addresses.
    Nice try, government shill. Now run along and try your scam somewhere else. Everyone here is on to you,

  2. How come all Los Angeles retired school teachers get free health care for life….and it ain’t medicare……and they have no plans to shut that down??

    All retired state of california empolyees get free health care for life

    American Dystopia Reply:
    October 2nd, 2011 at 7:43 am

    That’s a state issue not federal, but it probably explains some of California’s debt problems.

    ConcernedSenior Reply:
    October 2nd, 2011 at 9:42 am

    true, the rest of the explanation is simple, millions of illegals collecting benefits at the expense of Californian taxpayers. Anyone with a brain that lives in California has two choices, vote in someone that will stop the giveaway, or get out of that welfare state for illegals. You’re being robbed by illegals and the politicians.

  3. Nice to hear this from Ron Paul, but he needs more to say this with Social Security. Watching the Sunday morning talking heads is really weird. Not a mention of Ron Paul and really little mention of the other candidates actually in the race currently. A lot of time devoted to Sara Palin and more expectant waiting for Chris Christy to enter the race. It is real clear they don’t want to talk about issues, except in a very generic sense. They just mention the economy and how there are no real fixes for it, then go back to talking about personalities. The real truth is there are some solutions for the problems in our economy, but they would be difficult and require some disturbing of the social order, including the many of the sponsors of the lame stream media. The first solution would be to dislodge the banking cartel from the treasury of the United States and to prosecution some of these bankster for their crimes. The second step would be to cut down the size of the military/intelligence conflict and get out of many of these conterproductive wars/police actions/humanitarian bombing missions. The third step would be to cut down the size of corporate influence general over our politicos and to get the corruption out of the government contract system generally and the medical/pharm establishment. Fourth, you could gradually eliminate about 1/2 of the Federal Departments, especially those that should be controlled at a local government level like education, trade, and commerce. Fifth fair taxes being paid by the larger corporations and the end of about 3/4 of the government to corporation subsidies, especially for offshore development.

    ConcernedSenior Reply:
    October 2nd, 2011 at 9:44 am

    The Sunday morning “talk shows” are nothing more than propaganda tools for the establishment, both Dems and Repubs. Don’t expert any “far and balanced coverage” on any of those shows, left or right.

  4. Ron Schmaul won’t be preserving anything since he will be hanged..

    RP should be aware that the path he has embarked upon, deliberately entering the 911 conspiracy, has well and truly rendered him liable to prosecution thence execution, as a capital traitor against the United States.

    He has wagered his life, and the well being of his family and estate, that the Jews that did 911, who perp similar terrorist attacks world wide, and the massive cover up, that exists at every level of the US social order, will never be brought to trial!

    The deportment of his similarly treasonous son, US Senator Rand Paul, proves that the treason in his household is not confined to him alone! The case against both should proceed via lawful summons, to appear in a duly constituted court, convened under existing US law.

    Whence the bailiff will read the charges, and the judge tell both, they will be put to death by order of the court if guilt is proven.

    If they decry US Law as Texans, or attempt to deploy weapons to prevent arrest, like Saddam Hussein’s kids did, heroically following the illegal invasion of Iraq in 2001, there could be a similar bloody outcome – legal this time!

  5. All Ron Paul has to do is enforce ACCOUNTABILITY. This govt is out of control, after that has happened then reform can take place.

  6. Sounds good to me. The other side – the Fabians – mastered the tactic of gradualism.

    Why should the Devil have all the best, most effective methods in his ammo box? We can borrow a page from their book, and use it to our advantage.

    Besides, it is probably the best way. Obama is right about one thing: America has gotten soft, and decayed from within, just like the credit-addicted junkie that it currently is, sad to say. And if you try to separate a junkie from his substance of choice cold turkey, the result can be fatal. The same is true here. We need a privatization, reindustrialization, and re-monetization policy that will get us back on dry land, which necessarily means reintroducing the discipline of a hard, metallic gold standard. No more national debt, and a debt-free currency is do-able, but probably not overnight. I think four years under Ron Paul could make it happen. And no more “free trade” deals in which we get suckered, and merely ship our factories and jobs overseas. Call it protectionism, if you want. See if I care. As for that old line about “…where goods don’t freely cross borders, armies soon will…” is just so much BS. If we keep our factories and expertise here, what do we have to fear? R.U.

  7. I can almost feel the smear campaign trying to find something evil on Ron, no matter if they have to lick the ground just to get too him. I would think getting rid of the Fed would do more to help Medicare anyway !

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