Ron Paul Responds To Perry Fed Smackdown

Congressman describes Texas Governor as “politically astute”

Steve Watson
Aug 17, 2011

Ron Paul

Congressman Ron Paul has shared his thoughts on comments Rick Perry made regarding the Federal Reserve yesterday, which were afforded hours of airtime by the establishment media and were even addressed by the White House.

Perry said he would consider it “treasonous” should Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke pursue another round of quantitative easing before the 2012 election.

“Those are pretty strong words,” Congressman Paul told CNBC’s Larry Kudlow.

“But the founders felt pretty strongly about counterfeiting.” Paul added. “I wouldn’t call it treasonous, but I would call what our Federal Reserve does morally equivalent to counterfeiting because they create money out of thin air and they give us our problems.”

The Congressman showed great class, as ever, in not rushing to attack his political opponents, instead focusing on his own campaign and his long standing concerns over monetary policy.

“To me the fascinating thing is that the Governor comes into the race, he gets a lot of attention and on the first day out they are asking him about the Federal Reserve. This hasn’t been done, maybe ever.” Paul said.

“The fact that he didn’t come out and say ‘lay off the Fed, the Fed is my friend’, means there is a turning on this whole issue of monetary policy.” Paul added.

The Congressman left it to his supporters and CNBC viewers to read between the lines when it came to his opinion of Rick Perry.

Describing the Texas Governor as “politically astute”, Paul smiled and noted “He came out for secession too when he had a tea party candidate running against him. So no, he’s pretty good, but I have no idea what his monetary policy issues are, what his real principles are.”

Watch the video:

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

As his supporters know, Ron Paul has railed against the Fed and its grip on US monetary policy for over thirty years. Paul exposes the unconstitutional actions of the Fed on an almost daily basis. Within the past few years Paul’s views have resonated with an increasingly awakening cross section of American voters.

It is telling that the majority of Paul’s opponents in the upcoming election have all attempted to mimic the Congressman’s connection with those voters. Anti-Fed sentiment has become a mainstream political viewpoint, and as the Congressman points out, monetary policy is, for the first time ever, front and centre in the Presidential debates.


Steve Watson is the London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’, and He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham in England.

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158 Responses to “Ron Paul Responds To Perry Fed Smackdown”

  1. I see they are ready to allow the fed to die for the world currency to be the savior. This is why Perry is allowed to blow this horn now. To take down the fed, BS Obama and the other criminals only criminal charges will do this time. No charges and they will become the saviors again.

    OPEN THE BOOKS ON THE CROOKS and bring them to justice for all the people the killed by the millions with this war on money and power.

    CHARGE BACK to Queenie-poo ElizaBitch and the others that own the private reserve of the American currency.

    I always go back to the cornerstone to find the solutions… in the case of the fed you have to go back to the laws governing such business structures and work from there. We need to go after the owners of that PRIVATE FEDERAL RESERVE and file charges against them. Let ElizABitch take the hit on the actions of the courts. Of course all the money THEY gave to other countries would also be charged back and put on the OWNERS of the FED. ElizABitch and her cronies all need to pay now for what they did. LEGALLY!

    The legal interest for all the years charged need to be refunded as well as there was nothing to pay interest on. What we pay for interest on AIR. Think about this, we pay for the ink to print the money and the workers time and benefits and yet we still pay interest for something they print from air? How can you charge for monopoly money? CHARGE BACK, THINK CHARGE-BACK now.


  2. So Perry and Bachmann; typical neocon monsters, are co-opting Paul’s message as has been predicted. Somewhere Paul will have to diversify by bringing up the Obommunist regime’s grave legislations against us and leave these two pretenders in the dust. They will have to be made to answer in detail about Iran’s Mossadeq of 1953, the fluoride many of us are currently drinking,, and the grave and genocidal actions taken against our food growers and sellers.

    In other words we want to see Paul stick rings in the noses of these two fakers and work them over as if in a dog and pony show. We want to see both Bachmann and Perry skittering around like spit on a hot stove in trying to counter Paul’s truthful observations. In other words Paul must take command over these two liars – the people will love it.

  3. Can’t get any main whore media now! Youcan go to any of the them and they have the same five stories… Alex, is the only one that is worth reading… As well, they do not have to have 5 writers to make one artical….Infowars makes them all look bad…..

    • and thats why i would love to see AJ on the main media instead of these fukin muppets that we have now

  4. The bankers didnt infultrate the cult of freemasonry? Twas the cult of freemasonry that infultrated the bankers and the world echonomic systems. How much does somebodys religon mean to them especially when they are zealots? AND POMP AND MORON,I AM NOT AND EGO MANIAC? I am a very humble person who begs the one Gods forgiveness everyday.Paul is a fake,its all fake ,there is only Jesus Christ and death ,choose a side!

    • Nah, they grew up hand in hand. Remember Jesus’ quarrels with the moneychangers?

      The sense of greed, ambition and control preceded it all.

    • you know i normally dont responed to idiots like you but im bored right this second so what the hell, paul is not the enemy, its the brainwash thats the enemy, christ is inside all of us not outside. You want to talk about fakes look at the b.s. we,ve been subjected to for decades. Is THAT NOT FAKE?

  5. @11bsoldier, there is a gun under every blade of grass in the USA, no enemy could dare set foot on our soil without being annihilated.

    It doesn’t help for us to be the global police, when we prop up communist regimes (i.e. China) that use a mercantile policy to bleed the world of productivity (including bleeding their own people, as China has for example 50 sq.ft. of office space for every living Chinese, including babies and elderly, i.e. wasted resources on a massive scale).

    As for the ICBM nuclear threat, we have sufficient ICBMs to annihilate any country stupid enough to hurl one over the ocean at us.

    There is simply no logic whatsoever in your posts. You have the IQ of a snail.

    • I do not disagree with the ideas of Ron Paul’s message.

      What I have tried in vain to teach the readers of infowars, is that by throwing your support to a centralized method of achieving those ideas, you are actually unwittingly giving your support to the NWO. I know it difficult for people to understand this, and they think their only hope is to fight at center (the national government) and thus they think their only hope is Ron Paul. This is what TPTB want you to do. I explained this in great detail in many comments on the following prior article:

      infowars com / ron-paul-wins-historic-vote-total-in-ames-straw-poll (remove the spaces and add the.)

      Or just Google it, “Ron Paul Wins Historic Vote Total In Ames Straw Poll”

      I urge all here to go read those comments.

      • On the page I linked in my above comment, I provided the real solution in 3 steps. Basically it involves organizing at the community level, and realizing that you county Sheriff is elected by you. And he has the authority under our Constitution to tell the Feds that they have no jurisdiction in your county. And he has the authority to deputize all your gun owners as posse and he can call you up to arrest the Feds and put them in county jail, if they harrass people in the county. For example, if the TSA touches your body without your persmission, or the DOT comes on to private farmland to require driver’s licences, etc.. But the key is you need to move to counties that are low enough in population that you can organize, such as was explained recently by Sheriff Mack.

        Also you need to understand what is actually happening to the future. The industrial age is dying. China is operating on negative profit margins. No one will ever again make a profit on factories. What makes a profit is the knowledge added, i.e. the design, the software. So this is creating a global unemployment problem of massive proportions, because the people have tried to huddle together in socialism to guarantee their future.

        The only way to win this, is to come out of that dying system, and become independent and nimble and intelligent. Every second that you waste on trying to fix what is dying, is destroying your capital, which is your ingenuity, youth, mental energy, etc.. Specifically you need to apply that energy to productive endeavors that the government can’t tax and can’t regulate. This is why it is so important for you to organize on a community level and cut out the national government from your pie.

        If you instead waste your effort trying to perfect the national pie, there are at least 100 million people who will forever be too stupid to get it, and they will weigh you down and make you fail.

        If you don’t get this, then you are part of the 100+ million who will stay stuck in the morass and fail with it.

        It your choice. Don’t be stupid.

        • Your opinion holds a lot of weight with me. I have lost countless nights of sleep trying to figure a way to organize and fix this gigantic MESS! There is no way to do it on a large scale because 100+ million will keep down and we will not get anywhere! You are very right! Thanks! I will try and sleep some tonight!!

        • The future is knowledge will be money. The physical world is becoming less important (e.g. you still need to eat, but you will never make a profit there, just grow a garden for health reasons not for profit). That is why I am working on a radical new computer language, which makes it easier to trade knowledge (the future economy, because software runs everything from toasters to marketing). But I am not here to sell my work. I am here to encourage you to realize that your strength is in this order of priority:

          1. Yourself with God, as Jesus said in Matthew 6:5, don’t go church, pray in your private room.

          2. With your family and your local community. That means face-to-face. It means living in the real world, not in your virtual TV world, expresso coffee addiction, and all other forms of addictive behavior that avoid reality.

          TPTB want you to focus on centralized efforts, where they can divide-and-conquer you. They want to break the bond between you and God (nature). They wrote down their plans in the late 1800s, you can Google it:

          “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”

          Focus on your knowledge and your community knowledge. And organize where you have the strength and can give the middle finger to the Feds and to all those idiots who don’t get it. Let them crash and burn, it is their destiny.

        • @ lkcarp, I don’t have time to keep coming here at infowars and teaching this. Hopefully sufficient number of your infowarriors can read my past comments, and start to teach that truth. You need me to be focused on my decentralizing technology work. You don’t want to waste me, by having me here posting comments. So please, I want to see some of you step up and learn how to teach this truth. I care about you. I even care about those who are going to destroy themselves by staying focused on the center (national government). And the best we can do to help them all, is to lead by example. They can then learn to follow, when they are jealous of our success.

        • @shm Matthew 6:5 does not say “dont go to Church” if you are to quote the Bible @ least do it correctly so your followers dont get the wrong idea it states: And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward. Which I will translate for you dont go to church to be seen or to get attention (look @ me look @me) go for the right reasons to worship and learn through fellowship if you are going to be a leader to your followers then be a good one


        • @integrated, yes!

          @11bsoldier, Jesus’s point is that when we go in the building of an organized religion, we typically do it for social reasons, and thus the only reward we will receive is the social benefit. When we pray in lonesome, then we are very clear to ourself, that we are doing it because of a love of God (or love of natural, if you prefer). Organized religions have given Christianity a bad reputation, e.g. the Inquisition and burning people on the stake. They are the realm of Satan. In the Bible, the “church” is the all the people who believe, but no where does it say the Christians should organize into houses of a social nature. Satan wants people to get confused and mix “synagogue” (building of organized religion) with Christianity, but the former is Satan’s realm and the latter is the oneness with God (nature if you prefer).

          P.S. one of the requirements of loving nature, is to accept that we can never promise the future and thus we can’t protect against every possible outcome. Humans want to bond together (from our pack mentality) because of our fear of what can happen to us. We should love the unknown, not run from it towards Satan who promises the surety of guaranteed failure. I could explain mathematically why insurance is guaranteed failure.

          What happens to many liberals is they say they want to love nature, but they actually hate nature. Satan is always playing these mind games in our heads. For example, I have explained that those who are so fanatical about Ron Paul, are actually loving the NWO direction.

          That is why it takes prayer alone in your room (or out in the isolated place), so that one can concentrate and get all these false dichotomies out of one’s head.

      • So it sounds like you don’t like the support for Ron Paul and people should only be acting locally. Would you be happy if Obama stays President instead of Ron Paul kicking his butt out? Is your local Sherif going to bring the troops home?
        Why can’t we do both? If we want to take control of local government, we would have much less opposition from the feds if there was a leader like Ron Paul.
        I also think a lot of infowarriors are trying to make a change in local Gov, so why don’t you encourage both local and fed change?

    • My logic is we cannot close every base around the world simply because libertarians dont think we should be there. Strategically it makes perfect sense to maintain a presence in certain areas of the world, you love to quote the Bible what exactly does the Bible say about defending Israel, (dont worry ill wait) What exactly do you think will happen to Israel if we bring everyone home and mind our own business? I agree we have no business propping up dictators period, but we shouldnt turn a blind eye either. If you want people to listen and take you seriously try doing it without degrading others Ive read several of your post and you try and make yourself sound smart by putting others down, however you are just making yourself sound like a pompous jerk

      • Ah, you are supporter of Israel.

        So now we know your reason for wanting to force all the rest of us to illogically pay for a global police force that we don’t need for our strategic defense on the homeland.

        Israel is going to be destroyed no matter what we do, it is written in Revelation. It is only the inherited Babylon qualities that cause us to defend the Abomination of the Desolation. We need not fear for the Christians in Israel, as just was the case for Jesus, the sentence of death on earth, is a gift of glorious everlasting life for the soul.

        Please try to wrap your mind around the concept that the brain in sentient, and it can never be modeled by a computer. This quality of being (sentient) is without mass, and thus immortal.

        You claim to be a macho military guy, but in reality you fear the life of (ending in) life, and you prefer to protect the life of (ending in) death.

    • yes

  6. cnn fox abc cnbc ect. you guy’s are the puppets for the global elites the sold out mainstream media talking heads sock puppets. bet your kids are so proud of you. teaching them good morrel high ground like not telling the truth ,hurting people ,aiding and abedding the enemy which starts all of these unconstitutional wars (excuse me a connetic action’s)lol the new world order scum .the old false flag attacks . cause the crisis offer the solution. get real i know my history .yes so many things to be proud of .but i can understand why you have been not reporting the truth on the ron paul issue. after looking at his application you see right off. he doesnt have the normal requirements for the president of the usa. matter of fact looks more like a application for sainthood 20 some years airforce serving his country. 35 plus years serving the citizens of the usa as a senator and congressman. with allmost a not real looking track record. its so american compared to the global puppets that have taken over are country. never voted on a tax increase never voted on anything that would violate are constitutional rights. married for 50 years yes 50 and to the same woman wow. oh yea and he’s a doctor to and has delivered over 4000 babies . imagine this. so be very easy to think he dropped his application off for sainthood in the wrong box . because clearly he has way more experience. and high morrel standing’s. than these sold out sock puppets. controled by the( nwo ) the big off shore bankers. thank the creatore for this saint. my prayer’s and many other’s have been answered p.s. alex some of us in southern calif arent sheep keep up the great word and my prayer’s go out for your safety too proud father of 2 sean walker

  7. We have to use the power of the internet before it is taken from us. They tried to ignore Dr. Paul in the media and could not get away with it…. why you ask? Because of US. You and me, the people who care. The people who flooded email boxes, comment sections. People who posted Youtube videos venting their frustration. It was so widespread that the media had no choice but to give him airtime. We have to continue to fight. Ive see Ron Paul 2012 all over the internet. I have yet to see one person out there say Bachman 2012, Perry 2012, or Romney 2012.

    RON PAUL 2012

    • This is going to be a nasty election..What Rick Perry has done is an in your face disinformation, political campaine.. Ron’s platform has always been to audit, end the fed.. Most people know this.. Now Master Perry comes to the mic and it is all over the main whore news… It’s like having a banker come in your home and say, oh what nice family u have Mr.Pual.. then telling your father he isa going rape your daughter, then.beat your son, then ravage ur wife…then he is going to take daddy’s job….. Leaving all of u with nothing but a memory of what they have done… This move by Rick Bankster Perry, is sick and disgusting…

    • fuk 2 the yeah joetorio

  8. Oh how i would love to fully support R. Paul if it were not for his foreign policies. We would be so much weaker defensively and I am not willing to compromise my families lives, and for that I make no apologies.

    • U are compromising you family by complicity… Go ahead and bend, touch you toe’s and enjoy what they are going to do you and your family…

      • You obviously are not mature enough to converse with so go away

        • Right, u are nothing but toilet paper… Wipe and flush!

        • Thank you again for proving my point, too immature to hold an adult conversation. You are acting like a Liberal, if someone doesn’t fully agree with you then the name calling commences.

        • That tied ole line….. Can’t see anything you have wrote, that is intelligent…. I stated my thought’s…. It’s done… Like a child, u keep asking the same question…Why!

        • You stated your thoughts alright (bending over, toilet paper) etc… exactly what question was it that I keep asking

    • Please tell me what ron pauls foreign policy is, and how it would “make your family less safe?” dont just say it tell me. as an example I can say.. wow i like Rick Perry (i dont really) but his policy on the fed is going to make the world fall apart…. Tell me what his policy is and specifically tell me how the world is going to fall apart.

      My understanding is that he wants to remove troops from bases in countries we are friendly with, countries that we were once at war with. SO taking troops out of germany, poland, south korea, Japan,…or one of the other hundred or so countries around the world would not make us less safe.

      He also advocates the policy of staying out of foriegn entanglements and the internal affairs of other countries… IE minding our own business, as well as being friends with all nations, and trading with nations. all of these are good ideas. Staying out of other entanglements and internal affirs will keep us out of wars and reduce resentment to the US. this seems to work for switzerland, no one hates them or wants to kill them and they are not involved in a bunch wars. Being friends well that one is self explanatory, and trading is a bit more subtle. When 2 countries are economically tied together, they have less incentive to kill each other. increased free trade makes the standard of living of both countries go up, which makes the people less likely to want to fight due to the risk of disrupting or reducing their standard of living. there fore trade makes us safer!

      • Removing troops from bases around the globe sounds great until we need them in that location then we are fighting an uphill battle. IE Korea if and when Korea decides to start attacking lesser weaker countries who are less capable of defending themselves we wont be there to stop them, and if you dont think Korea is a threat then you are mistaken. Also your idea of being able to do business with another country would make them less likely to want to attack us, I ask that you please dont forget about Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Iran, we currently do business with all three and the hate us! It will never matter what we do they are driven by religion not patriotism for their country, so they will always hate us period and if you dont want to take my word for it read the Quran its right there in black white. So yes I believe the U.S. needs to invest in not allowing Iran to acquire Nuclear weapons and we need to hold ground in countries like Korea

        • What a load of crap. We’ve been in all these countries for years and years and it hasn’t gotten us anything except more war. By the way, I’m a former 19K.

        • Ok tanker if you dont think that we have saved South Korea from being attacked by the North then you are wrong my fellow brother-in-arms. The bully will always pick a fight when the teacher is not on the school yard. The second we leave South Korea they are done! so its not crap, what war has been started by troops remaining in the area, I agree some bases could be closed but definitely not all that would be suicide

        • The US has bases in what – 160 countries or so? Leave the Korean example out of it, maybe there’s 3 or 4 places of legitimate US presence. The US Forces are not “America” they are the main military arm of the NWO, accountable to NATO / UN, and the Rocker-childs beyond that.

    • We are weaker at defending our home turf when our forces are spread throughout the world and everyone is pissed off at us for it. When criminals actually plan things, they listen on the radio, or plan a situation that puts the cops on the opposite side of the city. We’re more vulnerable now than if we cut the wars and brought the troops home. Do you honestly think anyone would dare attack our soil if we actually minded our own business and had all our strength at home?

      • Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. yes I do believe that countries would still want to attack us if we brought our troops home. Countries around the world really hate America needs to wake up and realize that it doesnt matter what we do the hate us period! they want us dead, for what we stand for and for not what we dont stand for

        • Wrong! Countries hate us because we’re always meddling in their affairs. You need to wake up. Stop drinkin’ the kool-aid.

        • countries do hate us for meddling however alot of countries hate us just cause we are not who they think we should be I drink no kool-aid weather it be from the Lame stream media, Glenn Beck or Alex Jones I can think for myself thank you very much

        • How is the US miltary of today different from the British military of 2 centuries ago? It’s the same people controlling the US of today that control Europe and much of the world. The US could have EASILY been a popular presence worldwide if it had used it’s might for good purposes, to say the least this is not what happened. Read what US marine Smedley Butler had to say about the US military in his speech “War is a Racket”. He said it a long time ago, he was highly decorated, and he reported to Congress that he helped expose a fascist coup of the US. Ever heard of him?

      • of course not! you’re right on that one dude.

    • you have it backwards ron paul is the only hope u have for your familyt go see what vaccinnes mr perry approved for his satates little girls crazy and ask why he was at the builderberg meeting’s and what the builderbergs are all about and he is no conserative because in 1988 he was al gores democratic rep from the state of texas now 20 years later he’s dont beleave in global marming and a big conservative i think mot ron paul 4 pres

      • Pleas do not jump to conclusions I never stated that I would support Perry oh and btw I dont vaccine my family.

        • ok check the fax cnn fox abc cnbc ect. you guy’s are the puppets for the global elites the sold out mainstream media talking heads sock puppets. bet your kids are so proud of you. teaching them good morrel high ground like not telling the truth ,hurting people ,aiding and abedding the enemy which starts all of these unconstitutional wars (excuse me a connetic action’s)lol the new world order scum .the old false flag attacks . cause the crisis offer the solution. get real i know my history .yes so many things to be proud of .but i can understand why you have been not reporting the truth on the ron paul issue. after looking at his application you see right off. he doesnt have the normal requirements for the president of the usa. matter of fact looks more like a application for sainthood 20 some years airforce serving his country. 35 plus years serving the citizens of the usa as a senator and congressman. with allmost a not real looking track record. its so american compared to the global puppets that have taken over are country. never voted on a tax increase never voted on anything that would violate are constitutional rights. married for 50 years yes 50 and to the same woman wow. oh yea and he’s a doctor to and has delivered over 4000 babies . imagine this. so be very easy to think he dropped his application off for sainthood in the wrong box . because clearly he has way more experience. and high morrel standing’s. than these sold out sock puppets. controled by the( nwo ) the big off shore bankers. thank the creatore for this saint. my prayer’s and many other’s have been answered p.s. alex some of us in southern calif arent sheep keep up the great word and my prayer’s go out for your safety too proud father of 2 sean walker

        • Mr walker I dont disagree with you at all I have nothing but respect for R. Paul his domestic policies are right on point. But again momma did not raise no fool, we need to have someone who is willing to take a strong stance against our enemies in order to protect us, just because we say we are sorry for being American doesnt mean the enemy will quit being the enemy

        • good on ya dude

    • what is that u want to say….. Ur nothing but a Jar head…….who could not makeit, in thel world…. I have read you writting.. some of it makes sence… However, most is garbage… However, here u are wasting space…. You already said that your not man enough to stand up for truth….Ron Paul 2010…. Restore our Republic…

      • What is your problem jventuring can you not say anything of intelligence, you sound like a liberal look at all your name calling simply because I dont 100% agree with you, lets see here “jarhead” “cant make it in the real world” “Garbage” “not man enough” . you are comical countries do hate us for meddling however alot of countries hate us just cause we are not who they think we should be I drink no kool-aid weather it be from the Lame stream media, Glenn Beck or Alex Jones I can think for myself thank you very much, now if you wish to respond please be mature and give an educated response otherwise jump on another thread

        • I have no problem with u… You’re a shill….

    • I’m not willing to compromise the lives of my family either … So that’s why I’m voting for him.

      You stand with the Pentagon and the establishment President Eisenhower warned about. I’ll stand with the founding fathers.

      • I do not stand with the Pentagon or the Establishment I stand with America the Constitution, but I also know that there is evil in this world and hatred for America so we must be willing to defend ourselves at all cost and preventing evil and hatred from doing evil is half the battle.

        • Not when half of the battle is undeclared, unconstitutional, preemptive war.

    • 11bsoldier, we have an all volunteer military. That means, for better or worse, you have willingly aligned yourself with the policies of your commander in chief. You are pulling down a taxpayer funded pay check doing whatever the people who pull Obama’s strings want.

      So don’t make apologies if you don’t want, but don’t expect any flag-draped “support the troops” pablum from me.

      Wouldn’t you feel better about yourself if you were able to really defend this country? Not against manufactured terrorists; not against our own people, but keeping our legitimate borders secure?

      Think about it. Switzerland is a nation with more gold, banking and money inside its borders than any other country on the planet. Every citizen is armed. It has remained neutral since its founding and has never been attacked. It has a military and militias than are interested only in defending its own sovereign territory. They’re not out trying to police the rest of the world. Why aren’t the Swiss obsessed with terrorists? Why aren’t they all giving up their freedoms? Why don’t THEY have a Military Industrial Corporatocracy that’s bleeding them dry like we do?

      Paul would give us a fighting chance to have a CONSTITUTIONAL, honestly defensive military. But yeah, some of you would be out of a job.

      Just sayin’.

      • I have never asked never will ask for any flag-draped support the troops pablum. I feel fine about myself I am proud of my service. Switzerland is a great example of how the Founders would have wanted the US to be. HOWEVER please keep in mind we are hated right now and forever more never forget that that is a fact it will never change. Because of who we have been up to this point. R. Paul could do great things if had no enemies but we do, electing R. Paul will not change that. So we need to stay vigilant. BtW I have never served under Obama retired several years ago

      • Once upon a time, we did not worry….. I agree…. All these wars have done nothing except feed private contractors.. The American people have received nothing in return, except dead bodies and disabled veterans….

    • why would we be stronger if all our troops are out of the country with wide open borders??? if we brought back our troops we’d be untouchable, really. how would a country get to us, definetely not by sea or air, we have the strongest navy and air force in the world. any attemp to invade through canada or mexico would be thwarted almost immediately.

      • All of our troops are not out of the country if we ended the wars and close Some bases and then let the border patrol do their job we would be untouchable

    • Men rise from one ambition to another: first, they seek to secure themselves against attack, and then they attack others.
      Niccolo Machiavelli

      If we choose, we can live in a world of comforting illusion.
      Noam Chomsky

      It is not titles that honor men, but men that honor titles.
      Niccolo Machiavelli

    • Where have you been??? You and your family have been compromised a long time ago!! We gave China their first port in California in 1993…that port was a free gift…none of their “merchandise” even had to go through customs!!! Do you know how many they have now?? Do you know you are owned lock, stock, and barrel by the communists??? They own you, your family and our entire country!!! Wake up!! You have NO TRADITIONAL DEFENSE!! You are living in a dream world if you think you do!! We are standing naked in the Everglades just before sunset!!! You can not out run the huge black cloud of mosquitos that are getting ready to dive bomb your NAKED ASS! There is not enough DET in this country to save you now !! Its time to change the movie that is playing in your head!!

      • Listen to what your leader said in an earlier post there is a gun under every blade of grass we are defended by true Americans, get on your knees and pray that when the shit hits the fan true Americans like me are around to save your scary ass

  9. Yes, so it’s monkey see, monkey do for all these fake politicians. They are comfortable with Perry mouthing off about the Fed because they know he can be relied upon to do what he is paid for. They know he is the turncoat extradinaire, the big flip flopper. He’ll do the Obama rap all through the election then forget about each and every promise made when he gets into office. It’s a shame so many sheep will fall for this crap thinking they are in the Tea Party making a difference since they can’t go with Paul because they can’t do without war and profits…

  10. yeah the quotes marks are screwed up, what do you want, italics?

  11. Dr. Paul does show a modicum of class.
    For what, years, decades he has been railing at the FED with no one listening, no one knowing how to listen.
    Paul did all the heavy lifting (and I’m not forgetting Louis McFadden, I’m talking recent memory)
    and now that he’s (Paul) got the country’s ear and they like what they hear and along comes Perry and says…”well dang it, Ron, I can use that line mah’ self.” (trying to sound good ol’ boy drawly).
    I think I would say, “Hey piss off, Perry” that’s MY material.
    If I was in a good mood.

  12. Well, at least someone, besides Ron Paul, is going after Obama and his failed policy.
    Something McCain refused to do which cost him the election.
    Fight Fire with Fire!

    • What they are doing is intemidation…. telling everyone the Tea Party and white people are terriorest is voter intemidation… Their hope is to keep people from getting out and orginizing behind Ron Paul, etc… Now they have a reason to disrupt rally’s and voter events… It’s going to be a nasty election… However, a real American will turn out and get back in their face standing up for their rights and the prosperity of this Republic…

  13. Ron Paul is pretty ” zen ” …

  14. I just find it fascinating the the mainstream Republicans are mimicking Ron Paul now, and have turned some of his views into talking points. Whereas in 2008 they were mocking at him and laughing him off, now they are trying to BECOME him. That alone proves how effective he has been in the battle for this nation.

    • I find it typical you parrot everything you’re told to parrot.

      • that was uncalled for. seriously, what is the fuking agenda here with you?

        it’s obvious to me, you support the banks and the status quo!

        • lol. I’ve been saying end the status quo forever now. All you newbies jump in anywhere and make assumptions without knowing history.

        • Wait wait, you’ve been saying “end the status quo” forever? zOmG!!! You’re just a parrot of Ron Paul! (this is an example of the typical roaddog6 tactic)

        • no roaddog you say nothing you just bitch and moan without saying anything

        • He is same ol P.O.S. he has always been..

      • Who you calling “newbie” chump. Been at this site before your little gamete was fusing with another cell. And please enlighten us with your deep perspective of history. So far all I see from you roadie are flase accusations and never any facts. Typical.

        • mq—who’s pulling your chain punk? I wasn’t talking to you. You jump in a post that had nothing to do with you. typical.
          soldout—rp is the staus quo you idiot.

        • You sound like a broken record roadie..same old BS day in and day out. Always RP this and RP that but never backing it up. Come on Roadie gives us some facts on RP “selling out?”

        • mq–again, what are you talking about. This site is the same thing everyday year after year. I can post rp’s sell out words all day every day and you would make excuses for and apologize for and ignore it. I’ve seen so many here do it time and time again. I’m not on any politicians bandwagon and that makes me an enemy here. so be it.

        • yap yap yap … roaddog speaks again

        • No roaddog, your discrimination against anyone in d.c. is not what makes you an enemy here. You’re free to discriminate at will.

          Your incessant insults and attacks towards other people is what makes you an “enemy”. Try to stick to fair and clean debate of the facts.

        • soldout—no its you who is attacking because I don’t suck off your hero. Thats what it comes down to between me and you and your type. I don’t recognize your savior and you hate me for it. so be it with you too.

        • Guess, he is honest… Think most people agree with him…. He suck off hero’s… Pardon me but,that would mean he is an admitted C.S. Thanks for clearing that up for every one… TMI

        • Sheesh, now we’re attacking our own?

          Roaddog has ALWAYS been very clear where he stands. If you don’t know this, then you haven’t been around. I disagree with him about Ron Paul, but that hardly makes him a traitor or troll.

          Dog believes in a VERY conservative interpretation of the Constitution. He believes the federal government should be limited to what are the basic administrative duties while the majority of powers should rest with the States.

          He believes that elections are no longer worth having because they are entirely illegitimate – and he is therefore distrustful of any politician seeking political office on the federal level.

          Who knows/ He might be right! I’m hoping that the Ron Paul Revolution really takes hold and works as a major spoke in the wheel rolling toward a peaceful restoration of our Constitution. Dog doesn’t believe that is possible … But I am willing, as are many of you, to give it a chance.

          It does NOT mean we are enemies.

        • Hey, are we not all on the same team here? Everyone is entitled to their opinion. We MUST stand together. Why don’t you guys agree to disagree and call it a day? All this squabbling is just wasting time. Roaddog has his reasons for believing the way he does, thats his choice. Does anyone know that you cannot win an argument???

  15. Ron comes across as an advisor not as president. He needs to assert he will be president and what he will do when he’s there! Be forthright so that people will trust his determination.

  16. Everyone knows that Perry spoke about the FED in an attempt to co-opt Ron Paul supporters. However, Ron is wrong to say the FED isn’t treasonous. Only a Freemason insider like Paul would defend the FED in any way! Think about that next time you cheer lead for Paul. He’s beginning to say things that I bet you wouldn’t have agreed with him on in the beginning. Is he warping your minds?

    • Ron Paul said that Rick the Prick is a very astute Politician.
      Translation= he is a very astute bloodsucker and control freak.
      The englis language never stops amazing me.

    • Ron Paul is smart enough to think the FED is treasonous and smart enough NOT to say it!

    • Rick Perry Sneaky Neocon, you are a fool… He has never defended the FED and you know it. Stop trying to rail against him here. We all know better. Your mind is clearly warped. And your efforts here are futile. Your user name is one A WOLF IN SHEEPS CLOTHING would use to gain confidence also. bye bye now…

    • @Rick Perry S.N. yeah right….Ron Paul has been going against the FED for over thirty years because he’s a freemason as you say. You are an idiot!

      • I wish I could be happy for you Americans that are desperate for an actual leader (I don’t consider any politician either here in Canada or in the United States as a leader, on any scale), but there is something about Ron Paul that rubs the wrong way. With some digging and a few hours of research one may, to their shock and dismay, find that Ron Paul is a Freemason. Now I expect to see a lot of angry comments to my post but think about it…
        Treasonous politician after treasonous politician have been placed in positions of power. The powers that be have molded, manipulated, and controlled societies across the globe for generations. As evil as these demons are, they are not stupid! To think that they wouldn’t have thought that people would become wise to their scheme without having a backup wildcard is ludacris. They wouldn’t devise a plan for global domination to lose it because of one politician that is playing the game that they have fabricated. This is my personal opinion and I am not calling any Ron Paul supporters down at all, but I honestly believe that Mr. Paul is on it. The fact that he appears to be the only beacon of light amongst all this darkness, and that he is gaining some high ground in the minds of many is quite scary to me! I say this only because IF he were to get elected then pull a 180 like every other politician that so many good, optimistic people would be absolutely crushed and devastated. I pray that this is not so and will not happen. I have hope that good will prevail over evil, yet I, myself, cannot put so much faith into one politician… I stand true in the fight against tyranny, regardless of my fate! Gramaich!

        • We do not consider our president to be a leader… His only job was designed is to say yes or no… THE congress and Senate are the ones who are supose to lead and act for the people. All the president is supose to do is accept or veto… No cares what his idea are because, the people have their own.. All he is supose to is listen and act accordingly…

        • Smartest comment I’ve seen in a long time. And all the zionists conspiracy nonsense on every comment section. I think Wayne Allen Root should be the backup Wildcard.
          How bout getting some libertarians in the congress and the senate.
          Check out the world is sold out to Lucifer video on you tube its unreal.
          I always thought America was great because of the diversity of the people.
          Whats that song cult of personality. But I hope people vote libertarian.
          Ever taken a personality test for a job, there saying they can judge your character by your answers to some test. Most people assume your bad before knowing you, words are taken out of context. I see this in many facets of life.
          I hope peace and prosperity for everyone

  17. It seems the establishment and the media wants Perry to go up against B. Hussein Obama in 2012. At least it would seem so by the coverage Perry is getting. My guess is it is because I see many parallels between Perry and G.W. Bush. They both sound kind of stupid viewing from the perspective of a NY or CA voter. Perry clearly comes across as a southern hick. The reason they are so afraid of Ron Paul is because they know he can beat Obama and he is well educated, well spoken and makes Obama sound like a dumb ass and they know this.
    The media is there high fiving each other secretly every time an article makes Ron Paul the 13th floor in a building or every time Rick Perry’s name appears where Ron Paul’s name should be.
    Time for people to start calling them out and did I mention getting that Ron Paul bumper sticker. If every 3rd car has one it will be hard for them to keep pulling this media stunt.

  18. It’s time to “EXPLODE” with a NU-CU-LAR moneybomb in 4 days. Ron Paul’s Birthday is on the 20th. We NEED AT LEAST 1 MILLION PATRIOTS TO DONATE AT LEAST $20.12, AND ROCK THE ESTABLISHMENT!!
    I’m donating 76 dollars for the Spirit of 1776, and the fact that he’s turning 76.
    DONATE ON THE 20th!!!
    Ron Paul 2012dotCOM

    • @Jefferson

      FYI, nucular is not a word. It is NUCLEAR.

  19. Unelected offiCIAls at the Pentagram have decided that we are a nation of terrorists and no one in America has any rights. There are no freedoms of press (the feds took over the press) and there is no right to privacy(all emails and phone calls are being monitored for keywords and phrases. This is why there are so many made up stories in the news)

    A coup d’etat began in 2008 with Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin and McCain had no plan of “reforming Washington” by getting elected. The Pentagon allowed Obama (spokesperson for the New World Order) to be elected and then turned him after the election. He is a puppet who only speaks what he’s told to say.

    Too far fetched? Believe me I have better things to do than try and explain this, but after 3 years of psychological torture and having my liberties as well as my family being forced to sign NSLs and interrogate me 24 hours a day, I’ve had it with the almighty Pentagon and all other law breaking government agencies.

    If you’re smart and understand what phishing is I will lay it out for you. Besides what we saw on TV over the last decade as Al-Qaeda, it appears that there is an alliance or the brains behind Al-Qaeda is the New World Order.

    Osama Bin Laden isn’t only a name it’s a riddle. Osama Obama/Biden Bin Laden. The people who ran the election online with the highest ranking site in Google search Youtube, also controlled the comments and the headlines surrounding Obama. In addition these people are behind thousands of get rich quick, slow, medium, you name it, schemes online and positioned to make billions by tanking the economy. They offer all the opportunities and affiliate marketing education. They also use their high traffic heavily spammed to sites as product placement for new cutting edge internet technologies. They are also behind all of the buy gold hype and this appears to involve SOROS who’s name is a PALINdrome.

    After breaking their code in March of 2008 and reporting it to the FBI, I’ve been slammed into with a car, strangled, kidnapped, denied a right to sue them as well as speak with an attorney. How I can even post this is a miracle considering all my calls are intercepted. mail and email. I could write several million pages on the crimes committed against me and my family, but I won’t waste your time.

    Here’s what Osama, Obama, Biden, Bin Laden, the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists, and Sarah Palin had to do with the last presidential election and the military’s overthrow of our government. Search ElectNoMoreSpys.blogspot and please share it. I’m getting tired of death threats from law breaking hypocritical cowards who hide in the shadows.

    P.S. The majority of comments here are from the feds, it’s called Psy-ops. They’ve gotten completely out of hand ever since the “death” of Osama story that came out 3 days after Obama released his birth certificate, like “he” released it and the entire thing wasn’t coordinated.

    • Please quit posting the same text over and over again.

      • Please quit discrediting people here and changing your login ID every hour.

  20. got to love RON is a perfect example how poltician should be .he just talks based on facts .not like these clowns PERVERD PERRY BLOWJOB BACHMANN MASTURBATING ROMMENY

  21. “…but I have no idea what his monetary policy issues are, what his real principles are.”

    That’s because Perry has none. He is an unprincipled letch. Smooth-talking political prostitute.

  22. Perry is all smoke… remember smoke blows with the wind.

    Evil is evil. Perry is a deceptor! Plain and simple. I’m a fifth generation Texan and I approve this message.

    I will die a free man!

    Ron Paul 2012

    • you mean he is (perverd perry) a fart in the wind.

  23. Ask him what he will do about the cult of freemasonry that has had American in the grips of its evil tennacles since its founding in 1776?

    • who cares, the bankers infiltrate freemasonry like they do everything else! it is used as a vehicle like all politicians are, so that YOU blame the face and not the real culprits behind it all.

  24. Two clowns in a fake match,just like prowrestling,FAKE,after the match they go out and have beers.

  25. If they don’t give us Paul, then where giving them HELL!

    • How do you expect to do this. The same way history has taught it for thousands of years. Koll your brothers trying to get to the 13 families. You have no clue even of what you say and you do not know who or what you are yet want to save the world.

      • So what? Let him, he’s got a good heart.

  26. Perry said he would consider it “treasonous” should Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke pursue another round of quantitative easing before the 2012 election.

    So what did he say:

    “He would consider” = so actually he says nothing here, “would consider” =0
    “should Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke” = nothing, because if Jim or John does it = 0
    “pursue another round of quantitative easing before the 2012 election.” = so after 2012 doesn’t count , sorry = nill again!!!!

    He has said NOTHING .

  27. i most definitely would vote for Ron Paul over Perry,but once Perry starts spitting that
    chewin terbacca on the ground and starts calling Ron Paul a commie hippy for wanting to
    legalize that thier Marijuana, then all these skeeters will once again be fooled by these

    • Think most are past those tired old lines… the war on drugs has increased the demand not decreased ….. it will come down to voter intimidation and poll fraud… they already have looked at the projections.. they know Paul can win… so they are pulling out all the stops.. fear, intimidation, pain… political arrest…. u name it they are going to launch hell upon us all.

  28. By his own words he is admitting to being one of them ,(ILLUMINATI) . He wouldnt call it treasonous what the Fed has done to the American people? And that 911 wasnt and inside job?Twas the Federal reserve that exported the industrial base of America to third world countrys,metal bending technologys sold to red China during the Moloch worshiping Clinton administration. Technologys that went straight to the red Chinese mig factorys ,slick bastard WILLIE! THE DOLLAR BEING MADE WORTH THE PRICE OF B GRADE TOILET PAPER,IS NOT A CASE OF NATIONAL SECURITY?! Even if Paul was legit ,what is he compared to the power of the Moloch worshipers who rule? The 13 stripes that are on the American flag ,represent the 13 family bloodlines of the Nephilim bloodlines that founded this country.13 is the number of witches it takes to make a coven. The word that JFK. used in one of his last speaches to define who these evil kerrs are and what they are. He said and I quote,they rule by a coven,covening!Jesus is Lord ,vote for Him and your vote will really count,its the truth my friends.

    • Amen Randy!!!!!

      People still cling onto him for some unexplainable reason. And they dare call others “sheeple”.

      • Reason they cling to that garbage….. Is because they are Tart’s… 5hey have no clue about reality and no clue about history…. They stoped teaching real American History a short time after 85.. They have really never tought World History…. Other than what’s on the History channel….Most have no clue..However, all have that 50 cent degree…. Idiots… That’s why, we are repeating history…..

    • Paul would not be as far as he is today if he paraded 9/11 an inside job. Realistically, who cares? What matters is liberty. The event or any event should never be used to destroy our liberties. You can’t continue to fight something that we ALL failed to address in numbers when it happened. Why bother with it and just focus on the game, the policy or the system that created it to begin with.

      Just because he doesn’t state it was an inside job, should it be a reason to not vote for him and instead keep supporting the status quo!

      Look at his policies!!!!

      • we have actually have a chance here and the majority of you on this forum is FUKING it up. Do you really think I have faith when there is no united amongs ourselves who are awake?

        all of you make me fuking sick.

        • we actually have a chance here and the majority of you on this forum is FUKING it up. Do you really think I have faith when there is no unity among ourselves who are awake?

          all of you make me fuking sick.

        • Me too ? What did I say ?

        • Then go lay down again.

    • @ Randy Wilson You are a well meaning hot head but you will never achieve anything because you are trying to ram your puffed up ego head through a brick wall. Back off motor mouth.

      • Instead, why don’t you back off. Unlike you Randy gives with no harm, and that is an enormous achievement.

  29. Better we clean our own house now than to allow out children and grandchildren to accept responsibility for our stupidity. Vote Ron Paul in 2012 for President and all his supporters for Senate and Congress Dont let the man stand alone and then blame him for an inability to act.

    • Vote Ron Pual…. Have to vote incumbants out as well… anyone that that has been there more than three terms should go… Reason, if they can’t get the job done in three terms they are not going to get it done…Ron has been an exception… He has done a great job for his voters….

  30. This is more of an educated false flag guess than a prediction. As a lifetime conspiracist I have studied the standard operating procedure of these corrupt criminals for over half a century. The mainstream media has already started the ball rolling as a controlled asset of federal government. How? Any candidates who even consider running against the Kenyan Muslim now in power will undergo relentless ridicule and character assassination! That has been ongoing for quite some time with Nothing But Crap (NBC) serving up the most, well, read the word after but, compliant of all White House betch dogs. The old New Black Panthers are being armed and financed by Hussein Obama cronies. These are to the puppet prez what the Gestapo were to Adolph Hitler. Murderers above the law! Expect rigged elections. Expect the votes, sometimes multiple ones, of illegal immigrants to count. Those voting for the prez anyway. Expect votes for opposition candidates to vanish in groves. Will be found in White House or Criminals In Action (CIA) basements when Anti Christ takes over. If defeat still appears imminent the false flag card will be played. Nuclear device will be detonated in Atlanta, Georgia sometime in the latter part of 2012! Action will keep present prez in power. Dastardly need will be blamed on foreign terrorists. Largest majority of American sheep will buy the lie! Nothiung new there. Hussein Obama will call on patriotism of all Americans to bring those responsible for this reprehensible act to justice. When the line of federal operatives start marching toward jail the parade should be led by Hussein Obama. It will not! Nuclear detonation will end freedom in USA forevermore. Sigh.

    • He is racist…. The Georgia stones are there.. Black panthers are active again… Good therory… Atlanta has an underground…. will, remember….

  31. RON PAUL 21012!!!!


  32. “”The Congressman showed great class, as ever, in not rushing to attack his political opponents, instead focusing on his own campaign and his long standing concerns over monetary policy.””

    This will define his victory.


    • Ron Paul’s monetary policy is to end the era of “cheap money”. Increasing interest rates will cause hardship to homeowners, consumers, businessmen, taxpayers, etc. Is this what the economy needs in order to function efficiently from the standpoint of personal satisfaction?

      People would do well to look more closely at this candidate and the machine behind him. (RP has already admitted to allowing publications to come out under his name that he had no part in composing.) His ideological mentor, Ludwig von Mises, was of course a Rockefeller protégé.

      • The cheap money is not cheap because its lenders are personally generous. It is cheap because it is created from nothing. It is unlikely that the hyperinflation caused by the current Ponzi monetary policy will help homeowners, consumers, businessmen, taxpayers, etc. The only people it helps are the wheelbarrow manufacturers, for everyone will need to buy wheelbarrows to cart their money to the grocery store.

        We can debate Austrian versus Keynesian economics all day long (although, to me, the debate was settled long ago), but in defending cheap money policy, you are essentially saying that the current monetary system is a successful model; that Paul is attempting to fix something that isn’t broken. And for this, you could not sound more foolish

        • “Broken”? The financial system is perverted and essentially always has been. It’s a system of centralized control of society. I note that RP said recently that the Fed had started to seriously mismanage only in the last few years. Nonsense. The institution was conceived in iniquity and born in sin.

      • ok so you are applying the genetic fallacy to ron paul via Mises… so basically Since mises is associated with rockefeller, therefore anything he or anyone associated with him does, ron paul, is therefore wrong.

        WEll i got some news for you. Mises worked in austria for years and wrote about economics and praxeology long before he moved to the US. He didnt move to the united states until after he had to leave austria, when then nazis tried to kidnap him. then he moved to america, and managed to get grants from the rockefeller foundation to do research. recieveing grants from the foundation in no way makes him a protege of rockefeller.

        please do some research before you go spouting off logical fallacies. Also have you ever read anything mises wrote? I have and i conclude that the guy i was a genius. Among other things I read his work “socialism,” and that alone is enough to know he is not some evil mystical bad guy.

        • “recieveing (sic) grants from the foundation in no way makes him a protege of rockefeller.” So the Rockefellers finance the propagation of policies inimical to their power-concentrating program, do they? It’s an implausible theory requiring proof.

          The Marxists and the Libertarians are two components of a dialectical strategy to consume human energy in promoting what are presented as being radically different beliefs, but neither of which encompasses an effective criticism of the Money Power.

  33. As far as I am concerned, EVERYONE that works for the Federal Reserve is a traitor to the United States and the Constitution. From Ben Bernake all the way down to the janitor. GUILTY!!

    • That’s really stupid.

  34. My greatest fear is he will be assassinated and the people will not retaliate

    • It’s a chance he is willing to take for us…. I am not deeply religous… However, I have read the Bible Code… Found it interesting… Time to time, I search names… Over a couple of years… Never hit on one that was in it…. Last week though what heck… went to online free bibile code .. put in Ron Paul…. It Hit.. Line skip 560.. refers to end, run, God, and a couple other… That is in the End of times page of the book Bibile code… So for that reason, think maybe he will make it.. Even though I am not a real dedicated religous person.. I do have hope, think he can. Will support because he is the fisrt person I ever found in the code… Hope this does not get the religous nuts posting..

      • When we look back on things we have read or learned… Jesus, stood alone one man against the Powerful Pontus Pilot… When he was asked are u a King… He said … They say I am…. The crowd laughed and the mob did not back him up… Afterwards, he was nailed to the cross… No one could save him.. He said… Why hast u forsaken me father…. Well, in my mind he was not by God but was by the very people he trusted and belived would back him up….. For that reason and many more Ron Paul is in a place of History that I feel it nessary to back him up..Even if it creates hardship for my life and those I love… That’s it.. Over and done….. Do not need excessive Bible postings to confirm or deny anything…Ron Paul 2012… willing to Volenteer for campaine…

        • I signed up as a volunteer…. Will, be the time ever Volunteering for a politician…Ron Paul 2012………

  35. if/when they end the fed thats when the nwo currancy will be put in place. Thats the agenda. one world currency. Global banksters instead of private national bankesters. power shift.

    • I take back the word “if”.

    • And thus we have the real reason and definition for redistribution of wealth. Not from rich to poor but, from somewhat rich (middle class) to ultra rich.

      • and thus the push to end the fed.

        • your tin foil hat is crooked roaddog

    • We already have a NWO currency. It is called the US Dollar. And even if the NWO should manage to create a bonafide global currency issued by an IMF or other banking facade, the Federal Reserve would continue to exist in the United States as the national central bank. Every nation of the world has, and would continue to have, a central (regional) bank.

      But a banker who wants to see the IMF replace the Fed as the world’s central bank is not the same thing as an American who wants to see the Federal Reserve ended and a sound SOVERIEGN US currency replace the Federal Reserve debt note. They are at cross-purposes. It is a specious bit of reasoning to suggest that an end of the Fed automatically means implementation of a global currency

    • Again, what do you think the dollar is? A one-world currency. The same is true of the banksters who have been manipulating the geo-politics of the world for hundreds of years. The main issue is control, which is something they already have economically. Do people really think the Chinese made themselves an economic powerhouse? It’s a big game of illusion and manipulation.

  36. “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.”
    – Mayer Amschel Rothschild, 1790

  37. rick perry

    a fake piece of crap trying to steal ron paul’s thunder and mug for the camera like Reagan-light


  38. I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.

    Thomas Jefferson

  39. Enlighten the people, generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like spirits at the dawn of day.

    Thomas Jefferson

    • we simply must produce a Noble Culture

      jefferson was right 100%

      it is the surest bulwark against the encroachments of tyranny

      i would argue that without a noble culture nothing else even matters, you can have despotism or a constitutional republic – without a noble culture it falls to ruin.

    • i hope he was right…it looks like Paul is doing just that

  40. Don’t ya just love the way these two-bit jackholes in the mainstream media characterize Ron Paul? They can never just state the facts, they always have to give it a little twist with some slightly derogatory phrase, like, “Uncle Ron” or “that OTHER candidate, what’s his name?” or “Good Old Dr. Paul, heh, heh” or “Mr. Unelectable” or “Our Senior Citizen Candidate” or “The Eccentric Dr. No”, and so on, ad naseum. Limbaugh, Fox, CNN, MSNBC, and the mainstream media is absolutely disgraceful. Talk about “journalists” who violate freedom of the press, and our right to get fair and unbaised reporting! Besides, any native born American over the age of 35 is electable! Period. The real issue here has to do with the powers that be in Washington DC. They know their game will be up, if Ron Paul becomes President of the United States. The conniving corrupt, power elite in Washington know they will be exposed for the ratsnakes they are, and lose the support of their brainwashed millions. More importantly, they will lose all that loot and plunder (taxes) they have been sucking off of for decades. The wars overseas will REALLY end, causing the power elite and their insider cronies to lose tens of millions of dollars in bloodstained war profits and pay-offs. So, HELL NO, they don’t want Ron Paul to be recognized or considered electable. But the reality is, Ha Ha, Ron Paul is very electable, and may very well become the next US President. So I say, as do tens of millions: RON PAUL for US PRESIDENT in 2012!

    • The BIGGEST FEAR of Ron Paul winning the Presidency is ONE THING only ONE THING—his access to the MASSES via TV radio press conferences. They FEAR he would wake up the MASSES completely………..and he would.

      It looks like some VERY wealthy people are starting to contribute to Ron Paul’s TV ads, doesn’t it….

      I think MARC FABER should put his money where his mouth is start contributing, if indeed, he really cares about right versus wrong.

  41. Perry was pro FED global bankers
    Perry is acting now! don’t be a fool people!

    • Im not fooled I live in Texas and know full well that he is a crook and a liar, But I gotta say Ron Paul sure has class thats another reason to vote for him.

      • me too… texas surcharges forced on us are unconstitutional… admitted by even the author of the bill..and what has perry done for us..nada.. he is a cowardly traitor to texans… i couldnt believe he was re elected.. i just hope texans will quit being so damned fool hearty for this sham leader

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