Ron Paul Takes New Hampshire Young Republicans Straw Poll With 45% of Vote
Aug 21, 2011

Ron Paul

LAKE JACKSON, Texas — It’s been a good week for Ron Paul: a statistical tie at the Ames Straw Poll in Iowa last Saturday, a thousand New Hampshire voters at the Concord, New Hampshire office opening Wednesday night, and today, a resounding victory in the New Hampshire Young Republicans Straw Poll in New Castle.

With 45% of the vote, Paul soundly beat his closest rivals at this traditional lobster bake, with Mitt Romney earning 10% of the vote, followed by Thaddeus McCotter and Rick Perry, tied at 8%.

“Ron Paul’s message of traditional conservatism — fiscal restraint, limited government, and strong national defense — is clearly the future of the Republican Party,” said NH Chairman and State Senator Jim Forsythe, who spoke on behalf of Congressman Paul at the Straw Poll. “The other candidates know that and sound more like him every day. But there are convenient copies, and there’s the real thing.

“It takes more than a sound bite and a flip-flop to fool New Hampshire voters. That’s why there’s real momentum here for Ron Paul.”

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54 Responses to “Ron Paul Takes New Hampshire Young Republicans Straw Poll With 45% of Vote”

  1. Hell has no fury like a sleeping giant waking up and voting for Dr. Ron Paul.

  2. What do you think the globalists would do if by a miracle, Ron Paul won ? You know. Doesn’t matter I guess… The media will never let that happen. They would crucify him like they did Palin. I like him but cringe everytime he is on T.V. It’s like it was with Palin….always afraid she was going to say something crazy. The media will take his statements like legalizing heroin… and get enough people to believe he is nuts just so Obummer wins AGAIN !
    A news website like this shouldn’t be a campaign headquarters for anyone….or it becomes just as untrustworthy as MSNBC or FOX.

  3. Ron Paul CAN WIN !

    Don’t let anyone or any MSM tell you otherwise.

  4. Ron Paul, is directly related to Kim Jong-il, and has a birthmark in the shape of a hammer and sickle on his chest.

  5. those tv personalities pretend they are new yorkers. hillary loves the yankees but it’s ok to murder some to achieve an end.

  6. Repubican party ,Democractic party=the two false dichotomys,false political partys .One to prop the other one up with as to prolong the illusion that the United states of America is a constitutional republic,when in reality it is nothing more than another one of the Roman empires created by the Moloch worshipers ,the bloodlines of the Caesars ,who own the banks and all the industrial complexes and prostrate themselves to there paternal ancestor Apollyon ,and his father Zeus which is really Satan. Jesus Christ is Lord,

    • ….yawns

  7. Not that anybody asked BUT I will be voting for RON PAUL as President of these United States of America. I just wish I could vote more than once ;–)

    • You can…. just join ACORN.

  8. Well it’s too bad Straw Polls mean NOTHING and neither does the POPULAR VOTE!

    But I pray a miracle happens and Ron Paul becomes president anyway.

    • you are right!The assholes running the show are the problem.When are we going to get everything right?Straw poles are like straw bosses,they are a lot like assholes,every human has one!

    • Agreed. It’s hard to keep your chin up when you know the truth about how the system is controlled.

  9. The continuing rise of Ron Paul in politics has given me a glimmer of hope for America, a country in the stranglehold of zionist organized crime. We need to end the Fed, and end the zionist and banking control of our media, educational and political system if we are going to survive. We need to just do it.

    • zionism is what is behind almost all of the terrorism. krugman says that a society must have an enemy, either real or imagined to hold it together….if it wasn’t krugman it was one thats no different. Look at Krugman. He’s a nervous wreck. He’s never spoken a truth in his life. Why would all the zionists have Bill Krystol on their shows. America hates him with a purple passion. Jon Liebawitz Stewart who’s brother is c.o.o. of nyse also has the neocons on his show. but stewart doesn’t try to get political….he’s had all the neocons on. Stewart says he believes the official story. He’s in deeeeeeeep. When it comes out that the media was 100% part of 911 he and ALL the others should be jailed and punished severely.

    • and my good friend Rev 234,
      I have the perfect name for the movement to end the fed and Zionist stranglehold on our money and republic..

  10. Ron Paul has been an inspiration to me and I cannot thank him and the info wars team
    for giving me a refreshed burning desire for freedom

  11. Happy Birthday Ron Paul, we believe in you!….and another $100 headed your way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. We must remember how the New Hampshire elections dept cheated and allowed the seals on the ballot boxes to be broken during the night before they were counted and PAUL ballots were stolen away during the NH Primary in 08.

    The enemies of freedom in NH elections dept and the ballots must be monitored 24 hours during the run off. we do not want to see any more criminal activity out of these people.


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    • alexdan, you realize this is a activist web sight and people here take a dim view of your advertising. You have something political to say, say it, otherwise STFU!

    • Especially since he’s been posting the same stupid thing for over a month now.

  14. And as usual the Sunday morning established ZioNAZI-religious MSM high priests of soulless mass-murdering criminal-corporatist Likudnik-fascist destructive military-industrial-criminal “politics” completely ignore the only genuine candidate for our Presidency.

  15. I was wondering why this was deleted from Alex’s FB page?

    New Hampshire Young Republicans Straw Poll today:
    Ron Paul– 45%
    Romney– 10%
    Perry– 8%
    McCotter– 8%
    …Johnson– 6%
    Cain– 5%
    Bachmann– 5%
    Huntsman– 3%
    Santorum– 3%
    Roemer– 3%
    Gingrich– 1%
    Giuliani– 1%
    Ryan– 1%

  16. That picture looks like he’s saying: “HUH!?! Speak up! I can’t hear you! Yeah, thats right, just send me as much money as you can! Daddy needs some depends. HUH”!?!

    • Try disengaging your brain from 2nd grade, loser. By the way what is your age? I had you pegged as an aging hipster trying to relive the Molotov cocktail throwing “activist” days of the 60′s and 70′s before you take your dirt nap. I’m starting to suspect a 40yr old unemployed loser that still lives with their elderly parents.

      • sj–whassa matter? your little feelings get hurt? ahhhh poor baby. Thats ok. you go ahead and live on your knees. Its your choice.

        • …lol….and 6 minutes later. Like I said, you live at this site obsessively hitting refresh. Nothing is the matter, I was bored and noticed more idiocy being spewed by the resident marxist loon. Like I told you the other day in the thread that cried and ran from, I enjoy ridiculing and exposing you. It amuses me. But thanks for letting me know how it effects you! “little feelings get hurt”. I thrive on that!

        • lol and 5 minutes later you show up. you sound like a muslim when someone makes a joke about mohommad

        • roaddog6, I hope you’ve given my advice some thought over the last several days. I might add though, consider using a hollow point because I pay enough in taxes as it is already, without your govt dependency increasing tenfold due to another (no need to admit it, it’s obvious) botched suicide of yours.

          I know a loser like yourself has a desperate need to be noticed so feel free to use a web cam to broadcast to an internet audience your one and only positive contribution to society. I promise to be watching with popcorn in hand and will try to refrain from applause and laughter until after the show ends. I think everyone would have preferred that your unfortunate mother hadn’t second guessed her own ability and concern for her own health. She should have gone through with her plan that fateful day after having straightening the coat hanger.

        • Yep, actually about 15 minutes after my first post of the day. I’ve still got about 5 more news articles to read here at infowars before I call it a day. Try harder roaddog6, that simple minded regurgitation is Pee Wee Herman playhouse garbage, I told you that last week.

        • sj–pity thats the best you got. typical rp supporter though when someone insults their god and savior. fuck you and rp.

      • i think i know who this character is actually i believe ive been horribly threatened by him. hes a roadie I know who couldnt find a girlfriend believes in the satanic laws and wants to be in tv programming offered to buy me 21 drinks and I gracefully declined. but just as this comment shows he is very much a loser.

        • Possibly. He sounds too Marxist, lazy and lacking in common sense to be a truck driver. A brain dead roadie for some unknown third rate band catering to some niche satanic metal demographic sounds extremely plausible.

          roaddog6 reeks of a middle age loser, on govt disability, on several criminal databases, still living with his parents, no wife, no children, obese, and with a horrendous comb-over. Hobbies likely include cutting out pictures of little girls from various catalogs, torturing small animals, and dressing up like a clown.

        • sj— and you’re obvioulsy one that can’t see or think for yourself, that has to be spoonfed by some demon in d.c. who controls you like the puppet you are. they speak for you and you worship them in d.c. Your masters. All hail the politicians!!! All hail d.c.!! praise be to d.c.!! you love the nwo don’t you. you love where its taking this country. Thats why you worship politicians. You are an agent here to mislead anyone that will listen.

        • More blatant projection bro. It’s obvious who can’t think for themselves if you think Ron Paul is a demon operative. The guy has a principled and unwavering 30+ yr track record. You judge a tree by its fruit.

          Like most mentally deficient leftists, you know you’ve been lied to but lack the mental wherewithal to know from whom, and why. Even when Alex Jones spells it out and connects the dots for you with the patience of a Special Ed teacher, you still can’t grasp it. So your Marxist brainwashing kicks in to fill in the blanks, you blame the US Constitution and some arbitrarily “rich people” as the problem, which in your case probably includes the guy down the street with two new cars in his driveway and simply an 80k dollar a year job.

          There are left wing forms all over the net. Unless your some Cass Sunstein infiltrator doing what appears to be a laughably transparent amateur attempt to employ your Saul Alinsky teachings here infowars, just give it up and move on to like minded leftist loons that will embrace you.

  17. Meet Th e Press did it again and said the three top Republicans were Bachman Perry and Romney.
    The military industrial complexes biggest fear is a viable Paul candidacy. Their philosophy is “Anybody but Paul.

  18. Thaddeus McCotter? Who is going to take such a poll seriously? The only pools which count are the primaries. New Hampshire four years ago was a great disappointment. We should not get too giddy over such straw polls.

    76 years old.. whoodathunk?

    It is a shame this geezer is the best we have to offer. A cry’in shame. Can’t even stand for 9/11 truth. Oh well pray for the best outcome. The Lord works in mysterious ways.


    • Apparently you’ve taken it seriously, thus your phony presence on this web site trying your best to minimize Paul. You forgot to fake whine about his total silence on the reptilians within the NWO. He also hasn’t promised full disclosure of UFO files, or the JFK classified material. Oh yeah, and 76yrs old….wrinkly skin! The establishment candidates are much more photogenic and have better hair! You know, the things that really matter to the vapid airheads and nutcase phony’s like yourself.

      • So being 76 does not matter huh? You don’t know much about human physiology. And comparing the issue of 9/11 to reptilians is very revealing.

        My concerns and criticisms are valid. Paul is not the power. He is the weakness but sometimes God moves by weakness. By using the weak and dismissed He can accomplish great things. I think the people who fawn over Ron Paul are no different than the people who fawn over Soetoro or Perry or any other human being. I find it revolting and a foreboding of still another fall and still another disappointment.

        People when they think everything is going their way and the power is in their court sound more and more brutish and exclusionary. Human nature on display for the eternal archives.


    • Oh just shut up and get lost, nobody here is interested in your phony bullshit. Paul is the power, and of course he’s scaring you, since you have been a crying little girl forever to begin with. You have no power, no skill and are completely irrelevant, also your capability for action roams in the negative. There is nothing you can do. So stop pretending there was.
      As said above: get lost.

    They have already choosen the out come of this big sharrade of BS and money wasiting….can we really have a chance or sit and watch them do their normal screwing of America?

    • If the margin of win is big enough, the electoral college are obligated on the first ballot to cast their votes according to the state they represent. It is when the election is close that the skulduggery can take place. Those who vote early and vote often, and like Mitt’s religion, voting for the dead can be a factor. The bigger the margin of win, the harder it is to cover up these kinds of activities. Too much fraud and the devil will out, but we will know!

    • Rob, you fancy yourself a realist or a fatalist?

  20. This is awesome. The only frightening thing about this is Im scared for him. I dont think they can hold him down any other way unless he “gets lost” or something. I think Ron needs some security as he whips this new world order’s ass.

    • I do believe they have their assassin team set up and ready. If Ron Paul wins and the Banker Oligarchy kill him, it may well be the tipping point to revolt in this nation. We need to find a way to actively protect him from these people.

      • Absolutely I cant expose my source of knowledge but the plan is to make him go missing while hes rly murdered and be like oh hes not here he cant be in this race anymore and i hope by me just saying this out here and get people aware they wont pull this cause we’ll see through it. everyone will think hes just missing they will wonder where he is he will really be dead because they’re not going to assassinate him for everyone to see what took place they know we’ll see through that too easy even predicting it before it happens. he needs security rly good security and i know hes not that type of person he shouldnt live in fear but he needs to armor up and watch his back. they r not going to do this publicly i can promise you that.

        • Don’t be scared, he’s got a huge following of totally loyal people, and a big and strong family. It would be too much for anyone to try and snatch him. Nobody who hurts Ron Paul will have the chance to reap the benefits from that.
          Also, the community like on this website who is completely loyal to him would not stand for his disappearance as you fear. The NWO thinks they got all the power in the world. Yeah, try and go martial on millions(!) of people all around the globe. They would lose everything, and much faster, than even if Ron Paul became president. We do got them by the balls.

  21. We seem to have come a long way from the ‘good guy’ image of the cowboy with the white hat and the baddie with the black hat to politics today.
    By the way, for all you guys thinking I am making a racist statement on the first sentance, that’s good old cowboys and Indians and I never did see no black folk in those Films…..respect.

    • Well tell a lie…some.

  22. Since Ron Paul is our only shot at getting this country back on course, We The People must support this man and talk to others about making him America’s next president.

    We can’t continue growing the welfare state, where the government cotrols everything and redistributes EVERYTHING. This is what’s killing our country, our pride our dignity, or dreams and all that we dream of and accomplish through hard work.

    The message must be that hard work and dedication is the formula for success in this country, NOT being a welfare moocher with a welfare state job. Otherwise this country is falling into communism and America needs to wake up, because communism will break your heart when you really get there.

    Crossing that line is where the welfare/redistribution of wealth “stateism” becomes a parasite that kills it’s free host and that is communism. Once a country crosses that line there is no way back other than collapse of the nation along with everyone’s dreams and accomplishments.

    This is actually where after you bought and paid for your home, the state decides when you must give it to someone else with a greater welfare need that you. With communism, every essentail thing is “assigned to each individual” based upon their need, to be determined by the state. If a welfar whore with 6 kids needs your home more than your responcible family of 4, guess what, they get the house and maybe even your car if their for a car greater than yours.

    • This would be where BankAmerica gives mortguage loans to illegals above that of hard working US citizens, where taxation upon legitimate US workers is greater than they can afford, where health care is too expensive, but he illigals are TOTALLY subsidized for these expenses in the form of entitlements, food stamps, free health care and they even loans with no credit or proof of worthyness.

      When the state entitlement approves this form of money redisribution, the illegals and welfare whores have the competitive edge over those that work and pay taxes for a living. If you work and pay taxes and have accumulated ANYTHING, it becomes tyhe property of the state and is then redistributed based up need. If the illegals and welfare people need it more than you do, they get it, from housing, to health care, to food, etc., etc.


      In the welfare nanny state, those with the greatest need get approved, regardless of how hard a freedom lover may work. It is a very heartbreaking theft of everthing you own and worked for all redistributed through state programs that are illegal according to our Constitution.

    • And I hate to say it, but public sector pension funds are wrongfully named.

      First of all they ARE NOT a fund because the biggest part of the money draw comes from workers paying taxes for many years into the future.

      When you really understand how Federal, state and city pension programs actually work, based upon ongoing taxation of the working people, it’s a glorified welfare program, where union members become entitled to a high class form of welfare.

      It’s actualy a stepped cast welfare program, WRONGFULLY REFERRED TO AS A STATE OR CITY PENSION FUND, when there is no money in the fund, it is paid for by breaking the backs of working Americans that CONTINUE to work for a living, but that are otherwise denied any such entitlement.

      This class of system mooch is cleverly being united with all the minorities and illegals to form a massive voting block. They are all under the big mooch umbrella, disguised with many different titles, but otherwise they have a welfare mindset and even many of them such as teachers and cops have no idea theirs is a stepped, cast welfare system of entitlement. In otherwords it’s really a hybrid of a stepped cast system of entitlement within a commuinist redistribution.

    • In otherwords you are a slave being scewed and worked to death, to support all forms of welfare which includes high dlass welfare in the form of public sector funded pension plans.

      So it’s basically which level of welfare one becomes entitled to, lower class welfare for illegals and whores, or upper class welfare which pays out for medical, dental, a paycheck most would kill to have, BUT IT’S STILL WELFARE!!! only it’s legislated by the Fed and state when the real truth of the matter is understood.

      THIS TYPE OF LEGISLATION IS WHAT ALL OF THE BUGABOO is all about and how badly you will allow them to screw you blind.

  23. Had to pay for this? independent website urges candidate- candidate urges donations – donations pay for website. Hark propaganda!

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