Ron Paul: Why We Don’t Need FEMA

Fox News Sunday
Monday, August 29, 2011

Ron Paul explains why FEMA is a failure of central economic planning.

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43 Responses to “Ron Paul: Why We Don’t Need FEMA”

  1. Dog, it appears that your comments have been removed and others rearranged.

  2. If our state militias had not been turned into Federal-ZioNazi national-socialist “guardsmen” to establish corporate-fascist Jewishism (for the corporate-fascist established Constantinian-episcopal Zio-christiaNazis) in Palestine, there would be no need for any national-socialist FEMA or TSA Nazis.

    “Today, christianists stand at the head of Germany…” Adolph Hitler’s acceptance speech.

    Freedom of religion and political freedom itself, are freedom FROM all forms of established religionism.

    • Hitler was no christian. He hated it and only said stuff like your quotes to sway the public. The German people were 94% christian (54% protestant 40% Catholic) at the time Hitler rose to power. I think that was the highest % of any country at the time. Hitler needed to win over the Christian community. He was mind F’ing the people by using their own religion against them. He was born Christian, but does not mean he was a follower. Telling them how great and right the German people are and the entire time they are bashing Jews. Some wealthy Jews who were rounded up said they never thought the wealthy Jews would he harmed. They thought since they were hanging out with their German friends they would somehow be safe. The Olympics rolled into Germany and they tried to hide their hate. Hitler tricked the masses with his speeches. Nazi’s perfected the magnetic tape used in recorders and could now run speeches on delay with perfect audio. No background noise (I think the machine was the Magnetophone but i don’t know how to spell it). USA was listing to the radio broadcast and could not believe how perfect the sound was. Hitler would be in one city then hours later be in another then another, all on delay. Made it seem as is Hitler was traveling around the country giving crazy speeches and had more support then he might have had at the time. Nazism is considered by scholars to be a political religion with the Furher as the head of it.
      Hitler used “huge congregations, banners, sacred flames, processions, a style of popular and radical preachings, prayers-and-responses, memorials and funeral marches” have been described by historian of Esotericism Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke as “essential props for the cult of race and nation, the mission of Aryan Germany and victory over her enemies.”

    • Read some of this book. Hitler’s Secret Conversations 1941-1944 published by Farrar, Straus and Young, Inc.first edition, 1953, contains proof of Hitler’s real views. The book was published in Britain under the title, _Hitler’s Table Talk 1941-1944, which title was used for the Oxford University Press paperback edition in the United States. Hitler smashed on Christians during the 1940′s when he had complete control over the country.

  3. “No country has ever voted its way out of a Tyranny”—-JK

    • Lol!!! That’s he best saying I’ve heard yet

  4. Me,Myself, and Irene like i am Legend but in New York.

  5. Great interview.
    I love this guy.
    The American people like someone who looks and plays the part. Unfortunate, but true.
    The fact that he appeared very calm- and spoke in plain language -will definately help him with the average Joe.
    With a few more interviews like this one…
    Ron Paul 2012.

    • OH YEAH!!!!!!

  6. The fact is, that no matter how one says it is to be is here to stay.

    • The “it” being Global Trade. Global Trade is here to stay.

  7. We don’t need FEMA/UN but they want us.

  8. Ron Paul is so right on so many things he can’t possibly win because most people are so wrong.

    • Exactly my friend, exactly. Sad days we live in… hopefully happy days we die in.

  9. Ron Paul is right on the economy, right on war, right on government folly. What’s not to like?

    But in a scripted debate, the media gets to form the questions. Who among their corps would dare to broach the pertinent issues? Some of them score points by ignoring and deflecting crucial points that would actually enlighten the electorate. The Tea Party in its early inception was fully aware that the right questions were not being addressed. Thus the traditional GOP operatives co-opted the movement, sending the engine off to a side track for decommissioning. Now we seem to have only ONE inquiring mind standing up for America…

    Ron Paul.

    • He needs to mix his message in with his answers.

  10. Being British, even I can see that this guy is your only hope, I only hope that you do not only yourselves, but also the rest of the world a favour by electing him!

    • My only hope is Jesus Christ. I don’t worship men.

      • Except, yourself, of course.

      • So, Jesus or God could not influence a person to make a difference in the world? No one is worshiping Ron Paul like an idol, but we praise his ideas and stances.

  11. Wow I am so impressed that Fox let him speak unabated for 14 minutes! And as other have suggested Obama would never stand up to Ron Paul in a National debate, he’d stumble and fall over his fake law degree.

    Ron Paul, integrity and values, 2012!

  12. Ron Paul owns Fox News

    • LoL. Chris Wallace is such a socialist scumbag. In a market economy, Fox News wouldn’t exist, because people would have much better news programs to watch than what the FCC shoves down the people’s throats.

  13. Very nicely stated, Ron. Now, take this one step further to explain where the money has evaporated which has built the camp fema’s, and underground escape bunkers. I think these are some of the most important untold reasons, which could help people to wake up, and fast! We may not need an election if this was told. Think about it.

  14. During this interview even corporate controlled media can’t throw Congressman Ron Paul a curve ball. Lets see Obama answer those same questions on the fly, then people will get to see how ignorant Obama really is!

    The corporate controlled media whores have definitely changed tactics. Now their giving him air time which will only let him gain more ground. Their plan is backfiring! Ron Paul would OWN Obama in a debate especially if he exposes all of his lies and broken promises in front of a national audience. He would OWN Rick Perry in a national debate as well because their both from Texas. Bachman is an idiot and Romney is just another banker in disguise.

    • Make him answer them without his teleprompter!!

  15. I feel it was a great piece, he was able to get some really good talking points out to the idot fox news base.

  16. FEMA was less enthusiastic about helping people in new Orleans in times of need because they were black. the response would have been much different if they were white. the Zionist media portrayed black people as thugs during that crisis. the real thug was FEMA and bush at that time. now the Zionist stooge Obama is acting no different; killing African people in Libya. for some reason I have a feeling that black leaders are beholden to their Zionist masters. they sell out their own people. so many Africans are being killed in Libya. why are the black leaders quiet? I guess Obama is not a factor when it comes to being powers behind wars. but, what about our civil rights leaders? have they forgotten their roots?

    • Yeah the civil rights leaders have forgotten there roots! The black leaders here in America are being quite because who needs to complain when they have so many toys to keep them occupied. Plus mainstream corporate controlled media whores are probably not even reporting on it so people just don’t see the truth.

      • All the government had to do was send all the black leaders some rims and boom boxes for their cars and all is well.

    • FEMA’s mandate on New Orleans/Katrina was to carry out the plan to depopulate certain wards.
      It became evident that social engineering was in play. Looking at the process from that point of view, it was an unqualified success.

      Looking at the outcome from a humanitarian point of view, it was genocide, pure and simple. But then how do we assess the Gulf oil disaster? Was that also planned depopulation for securing valuable beach property? Any recent updates on the redistribution of wealth along the LA, FL, MS, TX coastlines?

      If you are aware, you will see how great swaths of prime real estate across the globe are being snatched up by developers and changed into resorts for the well-heeled and vacation spots for the weary employed tax suppliers. I must admit it is a brilliant chess move…if money is your thing.

    • They took guns from white people also. Yall ain’t no better than them with your
      half-truth BS!!

    • If the state and local authorities didn’t have FEMA to blame and fall back on, then they would have prepared themselves much quicker knowing that they didn’t have the government to bail them out.

      Take notice people, the more the government is there to bail people out, the less that people bail themselves out.

  17. I can’t believe he wasn’t amBUSHED (pun intended). Were the teleprompters off? Everyone on vacation at fox? Maybe we can thank Jon stuart for media turning over a new leaf. I dought it will last. Ron hints at the administrative justice system(Judicial branch). Will he get rid of Admiralty/maritime Law and bring back Common Law (Law of the Land) and our ALL CAPS LEGAL FICTION STRAWMAN NAMES? By the way, cut that gold fringe off our flags. Will he get rid of our Country State County and city CORPORATIONS,they are all CORPORATIONS and so are we. Set us Free Ron Paul, give us back our Soveriegnty and allow Allodial Titles(look it up).

  18. Maybe, still have the Primary tp get throuugh, many say they vote, many will not do as they say.. If everyone gets registered as Republican, if for no other reason, to get him in office..There is a chance.. Do not for get, nothing can change with a devided house and SENATE.. incumbents have to be voted out, know who you’re voting in office.. If there is liittle choice..Vote incumbent out regardless… Without like minded representives..Nothing is going to change..Just because he gets in office, does not mean he can get things passed.. Obummer, had a majority.. However, still blames Bush for all his lame excuses..When the fact of the matter is, Obummer, is continuing Bush’s policy.. Spending twice as much and calling the citizens terrorist.. Big Fraud and he has spent millions to keep his identy from the people.. He is the Definition od Usuper..

    • I think the hardest part for Paul is to win the Republican nomination. Beating Soetoro in a landslide should be easy. With such a victory Paul should have a good amount of “mandate” to keep him going for at least 18 months. After that the shine will wear thin and he will have to gain in the midterms or his political capital will be spent. Of course he will be a one term president simply because of his age. Who he picks for VP will be the primary determinant in how well he does and what kind of legacy he leaves.

      Paul just has to beat Perry to be president. That should not be to very difficult with the alternate media already catching on to Perry’s tricks.


  19. hahaha. Murdochs empire is falling and their plan is completely backfiring. They have to give some spotlight to Paul now. And when they do he takes no time to call out the hypocrisy all these fools. The media can’t even demonize him because he’ll just fire back immediately with simple logic that any idiot could understand… including me =D

  20. Wow. They gave him fourteen minutes. They actually showed he is in third place ahead of Bachmann. They actually let him speak even though he sounds like he has a boomerang somewhere in his mouth. I think for a while there he was trying to cover five different subjects in one sentence. Oh well maybe Paul will win and maybe things will get better. One can hope.


    • Thank You Alex and Ted….Shiff is Off the Air……Great that traitor/paper pusher is outa here….I know that he does not back Ron Paul deep inside his heart….and wants North Americans to invest in paper in other lands insted of North America…..Shiff is a Fool and is Done here!

  21. The corporate United States is wrapped around the Global Trade’s axle.

    I agree that people should be allowed to trade with other peoples living in other countries. But I don not believe or will support having the layers of the United States governments to be involved and driven to making profits. Government should not be a For Profit entity because for one thing it is a conflict of interest. Call it fascism, communism or democracy…government should not be writing the laws and dictating what is in THEIR best interests; conflict of interests.

    Ron Paul and others are invested in Barrick Gold. Barrick Gold has worldwide operations in other ‘sovereign’ countries. Poppa Bush knows all about Barrick Gold.

  22. From wiki –


    (in part)

    “Since 2010, Rothschild has been a Non-executive director of Barrick Gold Corporation. He also serves as the Chairman of the International Advisory Board of United Company Rusal plc, the world’s largest aluminum producer.

    Nathaniel Rothschild is a member of the Belfer Center’s International Council at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government and the International Advisory Council of the Brookings Institution. He is also a member of the International Advisory Board of the Barrick Gold Corporation. He was nominated as a “Young Global Leader” by the World Economic Forum in 2005″.

  23. More on Utah / Mormons, Rothschild Barrck Gold.


    (in part)
    “1. Barrick Gold was founded by Adnan Kashoggi. The same Adnan Kashoggi that funded the drugs for money for weapons fiasco known as Iran Contra. Kashoggi, with the assistance of many prominent Utah Mormon Illuminati, was able to bilk investors out of hundreds of millions of dollars through his Utah Triad Development Corporation. Adnan Kashoggi also partnered with Mormon Bishop, Wally Hilliard to purchase the the Flight School in Florida that trained the 911 hijackers.

    2. Mormon Bishop Wally Hilliard has also been linked to drug running (for the CIA?):

    “The incident involving Wally Hilliard’s airplane and the 40 pounds of heroin flown from South America occured coincidentally around the time Mohamed Atta first appeared for his ‘flight lessons’ at the Venice,Florida Huffman Aviation flight school.Had Jeb Bush or the W.Bush administration revoked Hilliard’s license at that time of the heroin incident rather than Jeb Bush helping promote his failed commuter airline, Air Florida,perhaps the tragedy of 9/11 could have been prevented.”.”.

  24. Well Dog, its all business transactions.

    The corporate United States is setting on alot of assets all around the World. Maybe Rick Perry or Paul should suggest a huge liquidation sale for all the assets they have. Maybe call is a Going Out Of Business Sale and RETURN that money to the People.

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