ROSE / ICKE V | The Answer (Video Interview)

Dylan Eleven August 2 2020, today broadcasted a live interview with Brian Rose and David Icke.  Interview #5 on this platform.  This interview provides a great summary of what has happened to date with this COVID-19 scam and fake black lives matter movement, what the evil few’s plan is next and beyond.  It also provides a clear message from David Icke, that in UNITY we out number them and do not need to tolerate this global genocidal plan.

Individually we need to resist and if we all do this, we become united against tyranny.

We can resist the lies, the masks that are proven to cause health problems, while providing no benefit in studies.

We can resist the lies of separation and fear imposed upon us by a complicit mass media (who should be taken down) and government prats as David calls them.

We resist testing, that tests for nothing and can be lethally tainted.

We can resist can the tracking of us for a virus that they have not identified.

And we can resist the killer vaccine that is experimental, gene altering, DNA altering, filled with poisons like Alumium and Mecury, that is injected with a 3 needle system, one do deliver the lethal dose and two to electrify the cell to allow entry of this lethal injection. A vaccine that has a 80% severe reaction rate, that satanist Gates states will kill at least 700,000 people. That will sterilize, track and link your body functions to your bank account. A vaccine that has these destructive effects and its goal is to save us from the common cold.

It is time to resist.

It is time to remove the mask, that is the first step.  If everyone drops the mask, their success rate of tricking the masses that are still asleep to take that deadly vaccine is much lower.  If we go along with the masks to make things easier or so others feel better, it will be actually hurting them beyond belief.


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