“The iconic Rothschild family, whose accumulated if mostly hidden wealth is according to some among the world’s greatest fortunes,

is planning to take its flagship investment bank, Rothschild & Co, private.

The bank, whose predecessors helped finance the Duke of Wellington’s victory over Napoleon in 1815 at the battle of Waterloo.”

Look more closely at this sentence.
“The bank, whose predecessors helped finance the Duke of Wellington’s victory over Napoleon in 1815 at the battle of Waterloo.”

This is not exxxxxxxacatally what happened.

Ratschild had spies at the place the battle happened.
When England won, they sent the news via carrier pigeon to Ratschild in England.

Ratschild had his propaganda machine spread word England had lost.
All English financial markets, financial institutions, the currency tanked.

Ratschild then bought up all English financial dealings and wealth for a song.

Shortly thereafter the ship arrived in England bring news the English had won.
But by that time the Ratschilds had England by the balls, and have had England by the balls ever since.

The Ratschilds had England instigate the start of WW 1.
Germany did not start the war as you have been lied to in “history”.

But Germany WAS winning the war with their submarines by sinking English ships bringing food and war materials to the island.

Germany told the English who started the war for the Ratschilds, let’s just call the war off and stop killing each other and go home.

The Ratschilds told England wait!
We will drag America which wants nothing to do with this war, into the war to save England’s ass from defeat in the war England started for the Ratschilds, if England agrees to steal Palestine for the Ratschilds.

England said cool!

It was called the Balfour Declaration.

The Ratschilds had bribed American congress and installed Woodrow Wilson

as president so in 1913 America’s financial system was turned over to the Ratschilds via the Not federal, No reserves & Not a bank Usury Scam.

Woodrow Wilson and the other Ratschild agents in the US “government” during WW 1 were claiming Neutrality while arming Britain to kill Germans.

To drag America into the war, the US loaded a British Passenger liner the HMS Lusitania full of explosive war materials.
Not only was this a crime under the USA claiming neutrality, but it was a crime under Admiralty Law to load war materials on a passenger ship.

Germany took full page ads in American Newspapers warning Americans it was carrying illegal war materials to murder Germans with therefore was a legal target for sinking.

The US “government” assured Americans it was VERY safe to sail on the ship.

Winston Churchill who was a Ratschild bitch had the ship sailed off the coast of Ireland where he knew German U boats were sinking British shipping, pull off all of her British Navy escorts, left her there like a sitting duck and the Germans sunk her.

A bit over 200 Americans the US “government made sure were on the ship lost their lives and then the US Ratschild “government” started screaming like a gang raped vestal virgin about Germany” “slaughtering” the Americans the US & British Governments made damn sure died in order to drag America into a war which was none of her business to save the English from defeat in the war they started for the Ratschilds.

So in 1933 England invaded Palestine to steal it for the Rathschilds private fiefdom where they could stir up wars in the Middle East while Holocausting the Indigenous Semitic Palestinians.

WW 2 was a continuation of the Ratschild’s plans to herd the Jew Cult peoples into their red Russian Khazarian colony in the Middle East as well as to subjugate Germany to the Ratschilds.

Again America wanted nothing to do with a pre-planned European Usury Banker’s war.

So the Ratschilds had their bitch’s in congress and FDR drag America into WW 2 against Americans wishes.

FDR had to promise the American people to get reelected to a third term he would keep America out of the war.
He never intended to.

He started by having US Navy ships escort British merchant ships loaded with illegal US supplied war material contraband trying to get the Germans to sink a US Navy ship so he could drag America into the war.

Germany would not sink a US ship so FDR turned to using Economic Sanctions to back Japan into a corner so they would attack the US Military.

To make it easier for the Japanese to kill damn near 3,000 Americans while sinking a bunch of US navy ships, FDR had the 7th Fleet moved from San Francisco where they were out of reach of the Japanese to the Occupied by force Polynesian Kingdom of Hawaii.

After the attack which FDR knew was coming happened, he started screaming about the evil Japanese and declared war on Japan, so he could declare war on German which Japan had a treaty with.

American General George S Patton figured out how evil the red Russian Khazarian Jews who ran the USSR for the Ratschilds were.

Patton saw the Ratschild’s minions in the US “government”, including the No Combat Coward Eisenhower were setting up the Cold War and to allow the red Russian Communist Khazarian Jews to take all of Eastern Europe and half of Germany.

He tried to end the war in Europe before the Khazarian Jews spread communism to all of Eastern Europe and half of Germany but the US took his supplies away to stop him from ending the war before the Ratschild’s USSR could gobble up all of Eastern Europe and half of Germany.

If he had been allowed to end the war in late 1944, there would have been no Battle of the Bulge in which more Americans were killed than any other European battle to include the D Day Landings.

There would have been no Korean War with Americans dying in it, no Viet Nam war with Americans dying in it.

But the Ratschilds wanted the Cold War with Americans dragged into a pre-planned Korean War and a pre-planned Viet Nam war.

So the Ratschilds had their USA bitch’s murder General Patton for standing up for America against the Ratschild’s red Russian communism and against the Ratschild’s bribed and blackmailed minions running Washington DC murder General Patton.

Then in 2001 the Ratschilds had their bribed and blackmailed minions running Washington DC Holocaust 3,000 Americans in one day,

Lie say it was Arabs who did it instead of Israhell & USA,

Built upon that lie the Ratschilds had a whole generation of American kids mass murder innocent people in lands which never attacked America, die themselves, come home with blown off limbs and scrambled brains, all for the profit and gains in political power for the Ratschilds.

So you see the Rats are not some kinda rich benign banking bunch.

They are an evil cancer on the ass of humanity and America’s Number 1 Enemy.

I will link the powder puff “article” trying to white wash the pedophilic mass murdering red Russian Khazarian Jew Mafia Masters.

The Ole Dog!

Rothschild Family Offers To Take Flagship Bank Private In $4 Billion Deal


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