Runaway Dog Rings Doorbell at 3am and Peeps Into the Camera After Returning Home

A runaway dog informed her owners of her return by ringing the doorbell at 3 a.m. in the morning.

A puppy named Rajah disappeared from her owner’s home for over seven hours after being scared by fireworks.

Owner Mary Lynn, 23, from Greenville, South Carolina, drove around the neighborhood and posted on Facebook about their missing 18-month-old pup, only for Rajah to ring the doorbell when she returned home in the early hours.

“She was in the backyard with our other dog and our neighbor started shooting off fireworks and I knew she’d be scared,” Lynn said.

“I went to the backyard,  and she was gone.”

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Lynn and her husband Ryan looked for Rajah, recruited others in the search, and even created a Facebook post about the missing rescue dog.

“My husband came home and was driving around looking for her,” she said.

“We were ready to call all the shelters and she just showed up and rang the doorbell.”

Rajah returned home at 3 a.m., on June 27, jumping up and sticking her face into the doorbell and camera.

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Lynn said: “I don’t even know how she knew how to do that, I’ve never shown her how.

“She doesn’t go out in the front yard, except to the car, so she’s never seen us use the doorbell.

“Ryan was up waiting around to see if she’d pop up. He saw her on the porch, and he ran off and got her.”

When Rajah returned, she was afraid she’d be in trouble, but the family was just happy to have their hound back.

“She thought she was in so much trouble and she was sad and sulking, but we were like ‘we’re just happy you’re back,’” she added. “It was hilarious, and we couldn’t stop laughing.”

Lynn said that they have no idea where she roamed during her missing hours, but “it seems like she had a great time.”

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Epoch Times staff contributed to this report.

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