Russian Air Power Making the Difference in Syria Destroyed 200 Terrorists’ Oil Facilities in Syria

Defeating US-supported terrorists in Syria requires longterm struggle. Reinvigorated government forces greatly aided by Russian air power, intelligence and other assistance are up to the task.

Russia’s involvement since last September turned the tide of battle, its General Staff’s Main Operational Directorate head Gen. Sergei Rudskoy, saying:

“Over almost seven months of the Russian Aerospace Forces’ military operation (in Syria), more than 9,500 sorties (were) conducted, and some 29,000 terrorist targets (were) destroyed.”

They include terrorist-held oil facilities, explaining “(t)he sources of finance of Daesh and al-Nusra Front have been cut off.”

“More than 200 facilities for extracting, refining, and pumping fuel in locations controlled by terrorist groups in Syria have been destroyed, as well as more than 2,000 means of delivering oil products.”

Despite falsified reports claiming otherwise, Russian warplanes struck no civilian targets, scrupulously avoiding noncombatant casualties or destruction of nonmilitary related facilities and sites.

In contrast, “(m)ultiple militants’ attempts to provoke strikes on civilian facilities have been disrupted,” Rudskoy explained.

“According to the terrorists’ plot, civilian deaths should have undermined the Russian Aerospace Forces, provoked negative reaction from the international community, and forced the Russian leadership to stop the fight against terrorism.”

The scheme failed. Despite withdrawing a large part of its aerial force, enough firepower remains to continue combating ISIS and other terrorist groups effectively. More can be brought in on short notice if needed.

Dozens of drones along with other aerial and ground reconnaissance maintain close watch on conditions throughout the country.

On Wednesday, Russia’s Defense Ministry said Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists arrive daily from Turkish territory where they’re given safe haven along with other terrorist fighters.

Syrian forces seized a large cargo of Israeli weapons and munitions in Sweida province in the country’s south.

Netanyahu actively backs Obama’s war, supplying material support for ISIS and other terrorist groups, treating their wounded in Israeli hospitals, and conducting air attacks on Syrian targets at his discretion.

The struggle to preserve Syrian sovereignty and integrity continues. Assad deserves universal support.

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Russian Forces Destroyed 200 Terrorists’ Oil Facilities in Syria — General Staff

WarplaneRussia’s aviation has destroyed more than 200 terrorist-controlled oil facilities and over 2,000 vehicles for fuel delivery since the start of its counter-terror operation in Syria, Head of the Russian General Staff Main Operations Department Sergey Rudskoy said on Wednesday.

“The air task force has destroyed over 200 facilities of oil extraction, refining and pumping on the territories controlled by terrorist groupings in Syria, as well as more than 2,000 means for the delivery of oil products,” Rudskoi said at the 5th Moscow conference on international security.

Also, the Russian air task force has shut off the main routes of hydrocarbon deliveries to Turkey, the general said.

“The resources base of the illegal armed formations of the ISIL and al-Nusra Front (Qaeda branch in the Levant) has been undermined. The terrorist groupings have lost their main source of revenues from the illegal sale of oil, which, in turn, has limited their possibilities for the purchase of armaments, ammunition and the provision of money allowance to militants,” Rudskoi said.

Considerable damage has been done to the terrorists’ control system and the points of their supply with weapons and ammunition. The Russian aircraft have also been able to block the routes of bringing weapons and ammunition to militants,” he added.

According to the general, since the start of an operation in Syria, Russian warplanes have destroyed some 29,000 targets, making more than 9,500 combat sorties

“In almost seven months of combat operations, planes of the Russian Aerospace Forces have made more than 9,500 sorties, hitting some 29,000 terrorist targets,” Rudskoy told the 5th Moscow Conference on International Security.

The general said Russia was actively using long-range aviation, carrying out about 180 sorties. Besides, there have been “massive launches of air-based and sea-launched winged missiles… to the range of up to 1,500 kilometers,” Rudskoy said.

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