Russian Senator: Moscow to give decisive response to Washington if confronted in Syria

FNA- Russian Senator and intelligence veteran Igor Morozov said the US and Russia are likely to engage in direct military confrontation following Washington’s increased threats against Syria after its allegations that Damascus seeks to use chemical weapons.

Morozov stressed that the US allegations against Damascus are not based on evidence of proof, adding that the chemical attack in Idlib was a false flag by the White House and Donald Trump decided to attack the Syrian airbase but now a more serious decision has been adopted about military intervention in Syria and most possibly the attack will be initiated from more than one front and first from the South where the US military units on the other side of the border with Jordan have been equipped and in addition, the terrorists stationed in the region have also been equipped.

“I believe that Washington is preparing the international community for foreign intervention and coup in Syria and therefore, giving a clear response to the White House is necessary,” Morozov said.

“Now the question is how much Washington is ready for military confrontation against Moscow in Syria? It is obvious that Russia will not leave its forces, advisors and bases under the US air or ground strikes and will naturally give a proper response and unfortunately, bloods, including the blood of the US military men will be shed,” he added.

The Spokesperson for the United States administration accused Syria of preparing to stage a chemical attack in the Arab country, threatening that Washington would make Damascus pay “a heavy price.”

The Iranian foreign ministry warned that any US aggression against Syria will further deteriorate the security situation in the region and help the terrorists.

“While the Syrian government has been fighting against terrorism and terrorist groups with all its power and resources for 6 years now and has paid a heavy price to this end, raising such unfounded allegations and adopting measures which will yield no result but strengthening the terrorist groups’ status and situation and further complicating the fight and confrontation against these groups is highly questionable and suspicious,” Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi said on Wednesday in reaction to the recent US threats against Syria.

He reminded the US illegal aggression against Syria’s al-Shayrat airbase under the pretext of an alleged chemical weapons use by Damascus, and said Iran and Russia had called for sending an international fact-finding delegation to study Washington’s allegations but the US blocked the move.

Qassemi called on the international community to show proper and deterrent reaction against such unilateral and illegal moves.

Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement Wednesday that Moscow perceives allegations made by the White House that Syria could be preparing a chemical attack as an “invitation” for terrorists to launch a provocation using chemical weapons.

“We consider these new insinuations on the issue of weapons of mass destruction — in the worst traditions of 2003 NATO intervention in Iraq — to be nothing less than an invitation for terrorists, extremists and armed opposition in Syria to fabricate another mass provocation using chemical weapons,” the statement, published on the Ministry’s website, said, Sputnik reported.

“After [the provocation], the ‘inevitable punishment’ for Bashar Assad should follow, as envisioned by Washington,” it added.

The Kremlin also commented on the White House’s claim on Tuesday and stressed that it considers US’ threats against Syrian legitimate leadership to be “unacceptable.”

Kremlin Spokesperson Dmitry Peskov pointed out that the Syrian government cannot be held accountable for the April 4 chemical attack in the Idlib province “because, as you know, despite all of Russia’s demands, an unbiased international investigation of the previous tragedy has not been carried out.”

Damascus also denied the allegation, as Ali Haidar, the Minister of State for National Reconciliation Affairs in Syria, said that Damascus “never used and will never use such weapons,” adding that the statement issued by the White House portends a “diplomatic battle” against Syria in the UN.

As Washington claims that it fights against the ISIL group, US warships fired 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles from two warships in the Mediterranean Sea at the Shayrat airfield in Homs province on April 7, following a chemical weapons incident in Idlib province on April 4 which the Western countries blamed on the Damascus government.

The Syrian government has fiercely denied using or even possessing chemical weapons since the country’s compliance with the Chemical Weapons Convention was certified by international observers in 2013, as the world is still waiting for the US and its allies to provide any proof for its claims of Bashar al-Assad government involvement in the alleged chemical attack.

Syrian President Bashar Assad had characterized the alleged chemical attack in Khan Sheikhoun as a provocation to justify the US strike on Shayrat airbase in Homs province. The Syrian leader also warned of the possibility of the new provocations similar to the one in Idlib.

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