Samsung ceases updates but AOSP doesn’t

What good are you to a corporation if you only purchase their product once every four, five or eight years?

They need you purchase their wares every year or two, so that they can rake in the profits, as it’s ALL about the profits.

Samsung dictates if your phone is ‘eligible’.

Shouldn’t it be eligible for the entirely of it’s life?

In any event,

if you have a Samsung Galaxy S9 series phone with its original bloat/spyware operating system and you still want to feel ‘up to date’ with security updates, you can load Android in it’s purest form called AOSP, from e Foundation, where the focus of that bare OS is that it’s ‘de-Googled’.

This may have some limitations for users, but in most cases it’s fine.

See the company’s website for other smart phones that accept the de-Googled version of Android:

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