Satanism In Hip Hop Fully Exposed


Satanism in hip hop Encore Edition part 1 (Snoop the DOG STAR)

Satanism in hip hop Encore Edition part 2. (Kanye West – Exposed)
Satanism in hip hop Encore Edition part 3 (Lil Wayne reps Antichrist)
Lil Wayne represents antichrist in Drop the World. Benjamin Creme announced Maitreya has arrived on the world stage as an ordinary man and he has already begun his work. Time will only tell when he shall reveal his true self to the world…SATAN in the flesh. What do you think?
Satanism in hip hop Encore Edition 4
Satanism in hip hop Encore Edition 5(Lupe Fiasco & the U.N.)
The push for a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT will not stop because of “crisis”. Infact they use these situations to push the agenda ahead by using your emotions against you. The water crisis pushed by VIVENDI the water supply company and their artists is just one example of how they manipulate the masses by tugging on our heart strings. The disaster in Haiti will be used to promote the redistribution of the wealth to third world countries through the U.N., but don’t be surprised if those people never receive the funds. They still have not seen the majority of the money donated for relief.
Satanism in hip hop Encore Edition pt 6 (Eryka Badu Exposed)
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Satanism in hip hop encore edition7 (BIGGIE&LUPE BAPHOMET)
Blasphemy! For those that want to continue to argue that Lupe is not a part of this thing read this article he tells you JAY-z is his personal friend. He also goes on to tell you that he executive produced his first album!
Satanism in hip hop Encore Edition 8 (Christina Aguilera exposed)
Take a look at Xtina Im not the same girl Is she telling you she sold her soul as well? See for yourself. Also Snoop Dogg & Katie Perry, and Meylissa Ford has something interesting to say. Most importantly though is a peek into the future of ISRAEL and the mid east peace treaty.
Satanism in hip hop Encore Edition 9 (Jay Electronica Exposes the plan) sub-title
In this one I let the stars tell you, nothig better than hearing it from the horses mouth. Sinbad has a message for those searching for fame&fortune in Hollywood. Then Jay Electronica exposes the plan of satan as it pertains to hip hop. This one is strictly for the doubters, with this many people telling you how can you still deny it. For those of you that continue to follow this series MAY THE MOST HIGH CONTINUE TO BLESS AND KEEP YOU SAFE. We are headed for some interesting times, keep your focus on YESHUA OUR LORD AND SAVIOR.
Satanism in hip hop encore edition 10
This is a mini-series inside of the series Satanism in hip hop & Hollywood. I wanted to take a deeper look into the secret society that controls the entertainment industry, to explore the use of mind control and how the satanic/occut practice of hypnotism is used to control entertainers. This ws a struggle becaue Satan opposes those that work in the NAME of THE LORD. However we have a helper…No weapon form against me shall prosper. I pray that this series will be a blessing to you all.
Secret Society Mind Control
Satanism in hip hop encore edition part 11 (Eminem Not Afraid to practice the craft)
In this episode we take a look at what masons call practicing the craft. Manly P. Hall said when a mason learns to master his CRAFT he has the seething powers of LUCIFER in his hands. We also look at the use of MIRRORS in contacting demonic forces. I would also like to thank you ALL for the love and support,
Satanism in hip hop Encore Edition part 12 (Witches Pyramids&harvesting Energy)
In this episode we explore the use of the Merkabah beaming, tetrahedron or witches pyramid and squares in energy harvesting. We will also look at New Years Eve and the true reason behind the celebration… casting a spell on the world.
Satanism in hip hop encore edition 13 (BET Awards -Nine Spiritual Bodies of Egypt)
THEY…do not want to be exposed so THEY have made it hard to find good quality pictures and video of the BET Awards, but here it is anyway. Kanye, Alicia, Monica, Drake are all trying to tell you something ARE YOU LISTENING? There was much more symbology in the show and others have made videos exposing this so I don’t need to …THANKS GUYS…the work was starting to pile up over here I REALLY APPRECIATE the HELP…I”M SERIOUS! YHWH BLESS you ALL in YESHUA’s HOLY NAME.
Satanism in hip hop encore edition part 14 (Rick Ross&Jay-z Free Mason vs William Cooper)

I wasn’t even going to touch this one but ya’ll asked for it so here it is. William Cooper will explain the details of the ancient mystery religion and we will compare what he says to what Rick Ross and Jay-z say on Free-Mason.

Satanism in hip hop encore edition part 15 (Kanye’s POWER, Wyclef-President or puppet)
Satanism in hip hop encore edition 16 (Facebook Places RFID&The Mark of the Beast)

Have you been tricked into getting a facebook account that will eventually be used to link you to your own RFID chip ushering in The Mark of the Beast?

Satanism in hip hop encore edition part 17 Fallen Angels Walk Among Us
Satanism in hip hop encore edition part 18 (Can you pass an EYE exam?)
Satanism in hip hop encore edition part 19 (Parsons,Pit-Bull & Satanism in 3D)
Satanism in hip hop encore edition part 20 Kanye’sRUNAWAY

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