Scars on Obama’s Head?… From What???


Obama has been plagued with questions and doubts concerning his background throughout his first term as President. Questions
like – is Barack Obama actually American? Is he a Muslim? Is he
actually an alien from another planet? – have frequently been asked. ~ Photos

The next question circulating on the internet – has President Obama had brain surgery?

obama and brain scar

President Obama meeting comedian George Lopez as
the First Lady looks on. Some observers believe this image shows a
distinctive scar which looks like those left after brain surgery.
However, there could simply be another explanation such as a bad haircut
or birth mark.

This enhanced image purports to show the scar running from the top of the President's head to behind his right ear


This enhanced image purports to show the scar running from the top of the President’s Obama’s head to behind his right ear.

Internet blog sites, conspiracy theorists and forums are awash with
rumours as to what those mystery scars on the president’s head are from.

In pictures, Obama appears to have a long scar which goes up the side of his head and over his crown.

Some conspiracy theorists claim they are scars that you would see on someone who has had brain surgery.

without medical records (along with his school records and birth
certificate) no one seems to be able to provide an answer as to the
cause of the mystery scars.

Ben Hart, a blogger for Escape The
Tyranny a website which presents itself as a Social Network & Forum
For Conservatives, said:  ‘Obama’s almost done with his first term, and
we still know almost nothing about the background of the President of
the United States.

‘Whatever happened to create that scar, it
was clearly something serious. Was it a brain operation? Has it
affected his thinking?

‘No one is allowed to see his birth
certificate. He is just one big mystery man, which adds intrigue to what
that huge scar is all about.’

The President has a distinct circular scar on the side and back of his head around the crown area

obama scar

The ‘scar’ seen from another angle. One
blogger says the surgery might explain why the President Obama has, on
occasion, got lost speaking without a teleprompter.

 Rumours: Ben Hart¿s Escape the Tyranny website strongly questions Obama¿s head scars as well as why no one has seen his birth certificate yet

Rumours: The Escape The Tyranny website strongly
questions Obama’s head scars as well as why no one has seen his birth

He also said that surgery might explain why the President Obama gets lost
speaking without a teleprompter, and posted a video of Obama struggling
through a speech, repeating his words and getting lost mid-sentence.

Speculation about different aspects of Obama’s life first gathered
momentum when questions over his actual birthplace started to emerge,
with many believing he was born in Kenya rather than Hawaii, as he has

Added to that are the fact his medical records have also been sealed.

A spokeswoman from the White House said they were not willing to comment on such claims, saying they were ‘ridiculous’.

neurosurgeons said it is ‘not their place’ to comment on whether or not
distinctive scars on the President’s head are as a result of brain

Others offered explanations such as a bad haircut or even
a birthmark though many did agree that the scars are similar to those a
produced after major brain surgery.

Without medical records or an
admission from the White House, the public may never know the answer to
the question, along with the contents of his birth certificate.


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Origional article date – April 6, 2011


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One Response to “Scars on Obama’s Head?… From What???”

  1. Paul Rozewicz says:

    Uh – I did that, in 1986 when he tried to recruit me for George H.W. Bush.
    The truth is much stranger than fiction – sometimes.

    He got stupid when I said no, and I felt the need to put a stop to it and kill him.

    I ended up grabbing him by the throat and beating his head into the outside corner of a large glass display case – which is why all the scars on his head are relatively straight. The “curved” one is from where his head must have been sideways and hit in a slicing manner.

    You’re being subjected to a massive psy-op. Unplug your television and get rid of anything with a screen or microphone. And for God’s sake – keep your kids away from it all.

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