Scientist Vows to Stop Wearing Face Masks in Solidarity With Children and the Disabled

A behavioral scientist who wants mask mandates to continue forever freaked out and refused to answer the question when asked if her lifetime membership of the Communist Party informed her beliefs.

Susan Michie, who is advising the UK government as part of the SAGE scientific dictatorship which has had the country locked down for the best part of 15 months, was finally confronted during a segment on Good Morning Britain.

When she was previously asked for how much longer social distancing, mask mandates and lockdowns should continue, Michie said “forever.”

Despite Michie making innumerable appearances on television, not one single interviewer asked her about being a Communist until GMB host Richard Madeley broke the ice yesterday morning.

Richard Madeley: There’s a point I really have to put to you and you’ll be aware of this because there’s been a lot of commentary about this in the British media about you and it’s to do with your politics and you know what I’m going to ask you. You’ve been a member of the Communist Party for about 40 years now, you’re still a member, and we know that they’re statist. We look at Communist countries around the world and we see that they are tremendously top down dominant and controlled societies that they rule over. I just wonder – and I’m putting this question on behalf of those who wonder about your politics – if your politics actually informs your sense of control? It’s not just the medical arguments, but you have a kind of a political bent to want the state to tell people what to do?

Susan Michie: I’ve come on your program as a scientist, as do all people who come on to your program as scientists. They come on to talk about the evidence, relevant theories, how we approach our scientific disciplines, and you don’t ask other scientists about politics so I’m very happy to speak about science which is what my job is and to limit it to that.

RM: So you’re saying that your politics doesn’t inform your opinion on this subject?

SM: I’m saying that I agreed to come on this program as a scientist and I’m very happy to talk to you about the issues that you’re raising as a scientist which is the same for other scientists that you invite on to the program.

Michie’s attempt to squirm out of answering the question is transparently deceptive.

For a start, she isn’t a medical scientist or virologist, she’s a behavioral scientist.

In other words, Michie was one of the individuals responsible for brainwashing the British public using “mind control” and the weaponization of behavioral psychology at the start of the pandemic to make everyone overly terrified of a virus that in reality has a relatively low fatality rate.

The fact that the government used people like Michie to deliberately scare people using “unethical” and “totalitarian” tactics isn’t a conspiracy theory, it’s all been admitted.

Given that Michie effusively praised Communist China’s draconian response to the pandemic, which included welding people inside their own homes, grilling her on her Communist inclinations is perfectly reasonable.

She tweeted: “China has a socialist, collective system (whatever criticisms people may have) not an individualistic, consumer-oriented, profit-driven society badly damaged by 20 years of failed neoliberal economic policies. #LearntLessons.”

Making masks permanent is a an integral part of building the collectivist, Communist society that Michie yearns for.

As Toby Young highlights, the woke mob on Twitter rushed to Michie’s defense, with some even claiming it was “misogynistic” to question her extremist political beliefs.

“I really don’t get why it was “misogynistic” of Madeley to ask Susan Michie whether her hard left politics have affected her position on mask mandates,” writes Young. “Of course they have! After all, forcing people to wear masks as a condition of participating in certain activities is a flagrant breach of their liberty and the reason Michie doesn’t care about that and thinks public health concerns should take priority (even though there’s precious little evidence that masks reduce transmission of the virus) must in part be because she’s a communist, who famously don’t put much value on individual freedom. And the reason Madeley hasn’t put the same question to other members of SAGE is not because Miche’s a woman, but because she’s the only one who’s been a member of the Communist Party for the past 40 years.”

Others wisely observed how Michie was quick to dismiss “unconscious bias” despite this being a staple of behavioral science.

Despite the perfectly justifiable line of Madeley’s questioning, Twitter bed-wetters reacted with outrage, calling for a boycott of GMB and labeling the host a “dangerous man” for daring to challenge the woman who once earned the nickname “Stalin’s nanny.”


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