Self-Producing Cells Have Been Used To Make Lab Grown Chicken – Cleaner, Cheaper & Healthier Meat?

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Lab grown meat… have you heard of it? Maybe in a sci-fi book about the future, or on a TV show, but you may be surprised to find out that it is in fact a real thing, and its implications are huge.

Imagine a world where vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters alike could all get along and live harmoniously because no animals were forced to endure lives of terror, torment and stress on factory farms and those self-proclaimed carnivores could enjoy their meat in peace. Well, this is closer and closer to becoming a reality as lab grown meat has been created, and people are already enjoying it.

Enter, ‘Clean Meat’

Just the name of this product alone almost feels like an oxymoron; what does it take for meat to be clean? Many of us are aware of the completely inhumane living conditions that millions of animals on factory farms are forced to endure during their short lives. These animals are often so sick from these living conditions and they become ridden with disease. They are then fed anti-biotics to fight off these diseases and are sick from that as well.

Factory farmed animals are also often given many growth hormones to ensure they are growing quickly in order to be slaughtered, sold, and turned into profit for large meat corporations and fast food restaurants. One thing is for sure: this meat isn’t clean. The corporations, producers and manufacturers of factory farmed meat all have blood on their hands and the people are waking up to this reality. More people are choosing free-range, organic, hormone and anti-biotic free meat and animal products or completely opting out.

Can Meat Be Clean?

If the meat is grown in a lab from the DNA of a healthy animal, given all the proper nutrients to grow, creates no waste, and harms no animals –would that be enough to consider the meat clean? I leave that up to you to decide. Check out the video below which showcases the story of Ian the chicken.

Important Questions

The video raises some very thought-provoking points about our current views around meat, and how easy it is to just buy it at the store, not everyone is aware of what it actually took to get it into the package and to the store. Not only is it produced in an extremely unethical way, factory farming is also the number one cause of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide and the leading cause of rainforest destruction.

Another important point is, in our current state people are going to eat meat, regardless of how it’s produced. So until we kick the habit completely, why not give the option so that no animals have to be harmed in the production process and eliminate all of the factors that make this an environmentally unstable practice.

Check out more information on the Clean Meat website.

Final Thoughts 

If you knew that you could eat meat that was produced in an ethical, environmentally friendly, healthy way, and no animals had to be harmed – would you eat it? Would this open the doors to those who have adopted a vegan or vegetarian diet based on moral reasons? What are the health concerns of eating this lab-grown meat and would it still pose a potential threat to our health?

What are your thoughts? Please join the discussion and tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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