"Senior" Mourns Canada’s Bicultural Heritage


July 6, 2016

cbc-diversity-toronto-story.jpgleft.  CBC-TV’s Toronto news team. Visible minorities are only 20% of the Canadian population but whites watching TV already feel like a minority. Indeed Toronto is already 50% coloured.

by Joe

Communist_Broadcast_Corp2.jpgI am so fed-up having to face such obvious race mixing and migrant/refugee propaganda. It also seems that practically every ad shown that requires a couple, you can be sure that the woman is white but her companion or husband, is black. Seldom the other way around. I suppose that the male genes would predominate in the mixed result. 


One has to always be alert to avoid bumping into them since they are deeply concentrated on an ‘important’ message they are sending or expecting any minute. Now if they used these tools to find out what is really happening to their country and compare it to CBC’s brainwashing news, some of them might realize that their inherited white culture is slipping through their fingers.


Source Article from http://henrymakow.com/2016/07/Senior-Mourns-Canada-Bicultural-Heritage.html

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