Seven Mountains Dominionist Drenda Keesee Appears Poised To Win A Seat On Ohio County Board

Drenda Keesee is a right-wing pastor, broadcaster, Seven Mountains dominionist, and conspiracy theorist who appears poised to become a county commissioner in Knox County, Ohio, after recently winning the Republican primary.

Keesee appeared on the Christian nationalist program “FlashPoint” last night to discuss her campaign, claiming that the “hand of God” was responsible for her victory because Christians must take “our place in the [seven] mountains of influence and leadership” in order to save America.

Keesee’s “Drenda On Guard” program regularly features religious-right activists and Christian nationalists like Jason Rapert and Jonathan Cahn, as well as self-proclaimed “prophets” like Robin Bullock, who used her program to brag about opening a “portal” above the White House. Keesee is also a conspiracy theorist who has dedicated entire episodes to exposing the Free Masons, Illuminati, and the New World Order.

But Keesee’s main focus in on promoting Seven Mountains Dominionism, a right-wing theology that teaches that far-right Christians are to “do whatever is necessary” to take control of the seven main “mountains” that shape our culture—education, government, media, business, arts and entertainment, family, and religion—in order to bring every aspect of law and society into alignment with their right-wing “biblical worldview.”

In one episode, Keesee declared that all of the Seven Mountains have been “corrupted” because they have not been under the control of Christians. As a result, Keesee claimed, the World Economic Forum has been able to take over the world and brainwash the masses as part of its “maniacal plan to take down mankind” as it wages “a war against God.”

In an episode promoting her book, “Fight Like Heaven,” Keesee said she wrote the book to encourage Christian to “occupy all the mountains” in order to “prepare the pathway for the coming of the Lord.”

In an ad for her book, Keesee warned that “the enemy has invaded” the Seven Mountains and “is trying to bring them together to converge against the Lord.” The ad is rife with “spiritual warfare” imagery, including repeated shots of Keesee dressed for battle and wielding a sword.

As Knox Pages reported last week, Keesee appears all but certain to end up on the county board come November: “Keesee will run unopposed in the November general election pending a possible write-in candidate.”

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