Shane Vaughn Says It’s ‘A Sin’ to Believe in Climate Change

Right-wing pastor Shane Vaughn streamed a video last Thursday in which he declared that it is a sin for Christians to care about climate change.

Alleging that nothing humans can do can affect the climate and that environmental disasters are God’s judgment for sin, Vaughn asserted that those who care about climate change have been deceived by Satan as he blasted climate scientists as “demonic demons from the cesspools of the abyss of Hell.”

“Climate change is not scientific,” Vaughn said. “It is a religion. It is an anti-Christ religion that has taken over the minds of the world. In today’s lesson, I’m going to prove to you from God’s word that it is a sin to believe in the ideology and the religion of climate change.”

“Satan has deceived the whole world,” he added. “If you believe that mankind is causing climate change, you’re deceived by Satan. Do you know that the American West is withering as I speak to you right now? California is withering. Have you seen the levels of the lakes there? Folks, wake up America! Return to your God. Submit to Yahweh. Obey his commandments. Keep his sabbath holy. Give him his tithe. Walk circumspectly before him. Oh, hallelujah.”

“God causes these conditions,” Vaughn continued. “He controls the rain, the droughts, the famines, the floods. Do you know why we want to believe that climate change does this? It gives us the power. You scientists from the pits of Hell, how dare you take from Yahweh the sovereign right over the weather that he alone claims and he alone controls, you demonic demons from the cesspools of the abyss of Hell!”


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