Shingles vaccines scientifically proven to cause chicken pox outbreaks

Image: Shingles vaccines scientifically proven to cause chicken pox outbreaks

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Hopped up on vaccine industry funds, the mainstream media went all out in 2015 trying to convince the public that unvaccinated children are spreading disease and endangering society. In tune with other lying mainstream media outlets, The International Business Times lied about the true source of disease while calling for the continued segregation of normal, healthy, unvaccinated children from society. The IBT asked the question: “Should a child whose parents chose not to vaccinate be allowed to share the same pencils and playground as children whose parents did?” In California, children who are not vaccinated are banned from school altogether under the chokehold of SB277. In other states, parents must conform to vaccine laws or beg for exemptions to get their kids into school.

The truth is many vaccines are formulated with live attenuated viruses that go through a process called viral shedding after injection into humans. These vaccines are clinically proven to spread disease for days, weeks, and sometimes months following vaccination. This not only puts the unvaccinated at risk, but poses a real threat to the immune-compromised.

To make matters worse, the live attenuated pathogens, once injected, are capable of replicating within host cells and reverting back to pathogenic form. Live virus vaccines are unpredictable and can cause the disease they are trying to prevent in the vaccine recipient. This is why live virus vaccines are not recommended for people with compromised immune systems, people on chemotherapy, people who are HIV positive, etc. Live virus vaccines include injections for the following: Tuberculosis, smallpox, adenovirus (oral), rotavirus, measles, mumps, rubella (combination), influenza, yellow fever, polio (oral), chickenpox, and shingles.

In 2011, a team of scientists looked specifically at how the shingles vaccine spreads the virus that causes chickenpox infection. The paper, authored by Duane L. Pierson, is titled, Varicella Zoster Virus DNA at Inoculation Sites and in Saliva After Zostavax Immunization.

The study looked at 36 individuals over the age of 60 who were recently vaccinated with Zostavax (shingles vaccine). Before the vaccine, saliva samples were taken; none contained pathogenic material. After the vaccine was administered, 50 percent of the recipients tested positive for varicella zoster virus, a neurotropic alphaherpesvirus that causes varicella (chickenpox) in children. In the 28 day follow-up period, the researchers would go on to detect varicella in 58 percent of the recipients. At day fourteen, 31 percent of the recipients tested positive for VZV DNA. At day twenty-one, 28 percent were still carrying the virus. At the end of the month, all but two recipients had eliminated the virus from their system.

What this proves is that, for up to a month after vaccination, those who receive the shingles vaccine are a threat to children. The study authors warn that “the detection of VZV DNA in saliva of Zostavax recipients for up to 28 days suggests that contact with saliva of recently immunized individuals represents a potential source of transmission.”

Polio vaccines are also notorious for causing the disease they are trying to prevent. The vaccine may cause a condition called vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis (VAPP), which can be worse than a natural, benign polio infection. Also, recent measles and mumps outbreaks in the U.S. have been documented in vaccinated populations. When the live virus sheds and spreads to the unvaccinated people in the group, the dishonest media blames the unvaccinated for spreading the disease.

Even though the results are clear — that vaccines spread disease unpredictably and uncontrollably — the mainstream media will continue to call for the segregation of the unvaccinated from society. The vaccine industry’s misinformation continues to spread faster than viruses, perpetuating ill-gotten science, confusion, fear-driven vaccination, and more disease. (For more important analysis on the damage vaccines are doing today, visit Vaccines.News.)

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