Shock over New Hungarian “Transit Center”

Shockwaves have spread throughout Europe at the news that the Hungarian government—despite all its earlier promises not to facilitate the further nonwhite invasion of Europe—has now secretly agreed to build a new “transit zone” for invaders on their way to Germany.

The dramatic development only became evident this morning when construction vehicles arrived at the Hungarian border with Serbia—near the world-famous town of Ásotthalom—to start construction.


The mayor of Ásotthalom, László Toroczkai, rushed to the scene with his team to investigate the appearance of the vehicles, only to be told that they had been sent to start building a new “transit zone for migrants” near the town, directly opposite the Serbian village of Backi Vinogradi.

According to the New Observer’s sources, the construction crews said that they had been told to start clearing land for a new “transit zone” for “migrants” after “human rights activists had complained that the already existing transit zone at Roszke was too far for the migrants to walk.”

“The distance between Roszke and the new site is less than twelve miles,” our source said.

The locals in particular have complained that the presence of “who knows how many invaders” will pose a security threat to them, particularly in light of the invaders’ behavior in the area last year before the fence was built.

Then, locals were terrorized by hordes of nonwhites rampaging through the small holdings, stealing food, fruit, water, and valuables, as they stormed their way north into Germany.

Our source said that the Serbian villagers in Backi Vinogradi, who make their living from fruit tree plantations, have also expressed their horror at the thought of thousands of invaders plundering their crops once again, as happened in 2015.


Mayor Toroczkai said in a Facebook post that the construction vehicles started digging today near the border fence, in accordance with instructions given to them by Prime Minister Orban’s adviser.

“Our Field Guard, board members, our attorney and media escort woman immediately rushed to the scene,” Mayor Toroczkai said.

He reported some initial success in getting the excavations to stop. “The machines will soon be gone,” he said. “We are trying to negotiate to get it stopped.”


The decision to build a transit center is highly disturbing for another reason, as it seems to indicate that the Orban government is still willing to facilitate the movement of nonwhite invaders into Central and Western Europe.

This in turn suggests that there are secret agreements being struck between Brussels and the Orban government, and that this involves participation in “dealing” with the expected increase in invaders over the coming summer months.

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