Shut It Down: Evalion Under Mass-Attack by YouTube Faggots

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 16, 2016


The rising YouTube Nazi sensation Evalion is being lynch-mobbed by groups of whining faggots.

Two apparently major YouTubers have made videos attacking her simply for being pro-Hitler and hating the Jews.

The first one from a couple days ago was by “LeafyIsHere,” entitled “THE MOST RACIST GIRL ON ALL OF YOUTUBE.”

The second one, released today, is by an apparent homosexual called “UhOhBro,” and is entitled ”
Evalion Must Be Stopped.”

Here’s his Twitter: @LeafyIsHere

The second video is calling for mass-reporting of Evalion’s Twitter and YouTube channel.

He uses “it’s current year” in both the video and the video’s description:

You are allowed to have an opinion, you are allowed to think whatever you like, but when you turn that opinion into hate speech against a group of people recognized as a race by the person who ordered their deaths during WWII… and on top of that express chronic LGBT-phobia? It’s 2016, we have no room for racist/homophobic hate speech. Both Twitter and YouTube have policies that specifically state the type of racist/phobic content is not permitted, racists like her do not belong here.

His Twitter: @Onision

In case they are successful in shutting down Evalion’s channel, everyone should go download the videos and reupload them.

Here’s her channel.

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