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2015 is about to end, and if you have been following SOTT closely, you will be aware that it has been one heck of a year! Even before the terrible event in San Bernardino, the whole world was awakening to the fact that things have changed drastically and dramatically since the Color Revolution was created by the US/NATO in Ukraine at the end of 2013. You might want to check this article to get a broad overview of things since the false flag chemical attack in Syria in 2013.

Many people are beginning to wake up and finally ask “What the heck is going on?” As our regular readers know, by paying attention to the truth behind events as they unfold on our planet, you begin to see the world more as it is rather than as you would like it to be. That knowledge can bring you a certain sense of liberation, where you finally understand what is wrong with our world. With that understanding, you can then begin to make the choices that will change your life for the better, despite the increasing chaos all around you. As we’re fond of saying, ‘knowledge protects’. And that is what we wish you for the incoming year: Knowledge and awareness, and hence protection.


Without accurate knowledge, there is no hope. We are collectively facing a world that is rapidly being polarized by propaganda and covert actions both by State powers and by those in opposition to those in power. With wealth and power concentrated in the hands of a small number of apparently pathological individuals, things can only get worse.

Too many people on our planet struggle daily to secure the basics for survival and too many people are having their lives stolen away from them by this same wealthy powerful elite. We should all never, ever forget that our governments are ruled by this 1%, and that their interests are not – absolutely not – those of the masses of humanity which includes you and me. The principle of valuing life everywhere cannot be trampled underfoot in a stampede of fear created by those who do not have our best interests at heart. The ruling classes not only lie to us daily, they seem to deceive themselves if they think that what they are creating is sustainable.

We should also tell you that those of us here at SOTT who daily monitor the news in order to bring together the most complete picture of the “State of the Planet” often find it difficult to keep going in the face of the apparent lack of hope. We are painfully aware of the struggle that must take place in order to right the wrongs and set things back on a positive footing; we are also aware that it will have to be a decision of the masses, not just 10% or 20% of the people. And that is why it is so important to continue to share knowledge. As conditions across all spheres of life continue to degrade, there will inevitably be more pain and suffering. With that, there will be more and more people who, having believed the chaos would never enter their lives, find that this is not the case: chaos is coming everywhere; and that makes it ever more important that we continue to fire the lighthouse for as long as we can.

Saying goodbye to the year 2015, we’d like to tell you a little bit about our accomplishments, since you may not be aware of them all. We have reason to be proud of our stamina and perseverance, and much more reason to be thankful for you, our readers and supporters, who make it all possible. Because, frankly, if we did not receive so many messages of thanks and support, we would have no hope either! There is always much more we can do, but this year, just as we thought our plates were too full, thanks to our readers’ support, and the impetus from many new volunteers around the world, we have been expanding!

Our different radio shows, “Behind the Headlines” (Sundays), “The Truth Perspective” (Saturdays), and “Atando cabos” (Saturdays, in Spanish), continued to become more popular, and listeners from all over the world listen in and participate. We also added the “Health and Wellness Radio Show” this year. If you haven’t tuned in yet, you’re missing out!

Some articles we picked up this year ‘went viral’ in 2015, such as:

We have also been producing much more original content, SOTT Exclusives, SOTT Focus pieces and videos in our SOTT Media Youtube Channel. Our message has also been reaching a wider and more diverse audience with Joe Quinn appearing on several occasions on Iranian state broadcaster Press TV. Meanwhile, our Earth Changes Summary monthly videos are being translated into multiple languages. Recognizing how important these “signs of the times” are, people have been sharing them far and wide on the social media.

In 2015, was released in 8 new languages: Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Greek, Russian, Croatian, Italian and Vietnamese, which makes our site available in a total of 12 languages, adding the already existing English, French, Spanish and German. More and more people are able to read our news, without being hindered by language barriers! published a second open letter to President Putin that you can find at To date, the letter has been translated into 18 languages and gathered over 90,000 signatures. and YOUR contribution

Over the years, we’ve held fund-raisers for specific goals, and the response has always been gratifying; obviously, many people do appreciate our work. YOUR contributions – whether as direct donations or product purchases – keep us up and running on a daily basis and we are immensely thankful to all. What you have helped us accomplish over the past thirteen years is amazing. Thanks to you, our readers and your support, SOTT readership has reached an average of 5 million unique visitors a month. In addition, you have spoken via Facebook, and we currently have almost 123,000 likes across our 12 SOTT sites.

Together, we are making a difference!

As many readers know, refuses corporate advertising and sponsorship, and achieves its objectives via its own resources and reader donations. Any and all ‘advertisements’ you see on our site are either ads for our own products, which directly support our work, or non-commercial support for others engaged in the fight against psychopathy and its effects on our world. This is how we manage to keep this website going, and try to provide you with as objective a picture of the global reality as possible – day in, day out.

All of this highlights how important YOUR SUPPORT is, especially in the face of a tanking economy. The Fight Against Lies goes on and we very much need your help to keep the lighthouse going until we reach that point where knowledge and awareness goes exponential, at which point, that Happy New Year we all hope for might become a real possibility. This is why your help now is more important than ever. And so, before the end of the fiscal year, we would just like to remind you that if you have extra income this year, donating to SOTT, a program of Quantum Future Group, Inc., a U.S. non-profit organization, is tax-deductible in the US. Wouldn’t you rather give your money to a good cause, to the fight for truth and real information, than be funding War and Corruption?

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The SOTT Calendar 2016

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Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, dear readers, and let’s keep shining the light for as long as we can!

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to all. May 2016 bring you all good health, much love and even more knowledge. Onwards and upwards!