South Africa Faces BLM Apocalypse as Mass Looting & Rioting Destroy Essential Supplies

Imagine what it would have looked like in America if there were five or six times the number of Blacks taking part in the Burning, Looting, and Murdering (BLM) of recent years. Well, in the U.S. Blacks are supposedly 13% of the population, whereas in South Africa they are around 80%, so we are currently seeing what happens when a massive amount of Blacks start looting everything in sight. South Africa has descended into utter chaos and it looks like we might be seeing a long-term crisis unfold as food supplies are in jeopardy.

From BBC:

President Cyril Ramaphosa has called it some of the worst violence witnessed in South Africa since the 1990s, before the end of apartheid, with fires started, highways blocked and businesses and warehouses looted in major cities and small towns in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng provinces.

Ministers have warned that if looting continues, there is a risk areas could run out of basic food supplies soon – but have ruled out declaring a state of emergency.

Apparently President Ramaphosa has only deployed 2,500 troops to deal with this situation, even though he deployed 70,000 to supposedly stop Covid last year.

Here are some videos of the looting:

There are plenty more videos if you care to look for them, but I think you get the picture.

As of a few days ago over 200 shopping malls had been completely ransacked, and the destruction has continued to escalate since then.

More than 200 shopping malls had been looted by Monday afternoon, Bloomberg news agency quoted the chief executive officer of Business Leadership South Africa, Busisiwe Mavuso, as saying.

Several shopping centres in Soweto – South Africa’s largest township which was once home to Nelson Mandela – have been completely ransacked, with ATMs broken into, restaurants, stores selling alcohol and clothing shops all left in tatters.

This is supposedly in response to the arrest and imprisonment of former president Jacob Zuma, who had recently refused to appear in court to answer corruption charges against him. As we know in America, though, the flimsiest excuse is needed to set off a massive looting spree.

There are multiple videos of police joining in on the looting as well.

Instead of stopping the looting, police are instead shutting down businesses for not following Covid rules.

It’s not just looting, though, as the rioters are burning down buildings, including a chemical plant.

The Blacks even torched a water treatment facility.

The Blacks are even burning down buildings with people inside, forcing one mother to drop her baby to a group of people below.

The Blacks have looted gun stores, which means that there are now many well-armed terrorists on the streets causing chaos.

White South Africans are desperately trying to protect themselves and their property from the Black plague that has descended upon their country.

While much of the violence in South Africa is directed at White people, Indians are now also being targeted for trying to protect their communities.

Here we see a group of Indians handing out some street justice.

And here we hear about the retaliation:

It’s very telling that people in the Western world have heard almost nothing about this from the mainstream press.

Listen to Joe Biden from 1986 saying how America needs to have complete loyalty to the Blacks of South Africa, and not the “ugly White regime”.

This is the future he wanted to see unfold.

This race war is what our psychopathic and jewish supremacist rulers want to happen. This is leading us to full-on, in-your-face White genocide.

White people must realize it is time to defend ourselves.

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