South Carolina: White Man & Stepdaughter Executed By Berserk Negro Over Fender Bender

Negroes are violent impulsive animals who are more than willing to take human life if you happen to bump into their car.


A crash Monday afternoon led to the fatal shooting of a man and his stepdaughter in Georgetown.

Deputies say an altercation occurred shortly after the crash on Highway 521 and Indian Hut Road near Andrews. The fight resulted in three people being shot – two of whom later died. The third victim, a man who stopped to help, survived the shooting.

Nick Wall and his 21-year-old stepdaughter, Laura Anderson, died at the hospital – Wall died at Georgetown Hospital while Anderson died at the Medical University of South Carolina.

“They both meant so much to so many people,” said Jenna Johnson, the victim’s sister-in-law, and aunt.

“Anyone who’s ever met or known Laura or Nick, they knew two of the most wonderful people,” said Johnson. “My niece was simply a gorgeous person inside and out. She had a very positive bubbly personality. She was starting school next week to become a teacher just like her mom.”

Johnson went on to say, “She had a very close relationship with her mom, Kimberly, who’s my sister-in-law; and she absolutely adored her siblings, especially her little sister Jenna, who has Down’s syndrome.”

Kimberly lost her husband and her daughter in the shooting.

Perhaps this evil negro thought to himself, “well the jewish media has been telling me that it’s open season on white people right now and that the police are hogtied when dealing with criminal black niggers like me, so I might as well shoot these two crackers.”

This is what the jew-owned media has unleashed on America. The media has glorified black criminal violence and tried to blame white people and fake “racism” for the ape-like jungle ways of the blacks.

Each and every tragedy that befalls white people can be laid at the feet of the demonic jew-media.

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