Southern Border Hit With ‘Single Highest Daily’ Migrant Encounters As Chaos Worsens

Southern Border Hit With ‘Single Highest Daily’ Migrant Encounters As Chaos Worsens

President Biden’s disastrous open southern border policies have sparked the worst border crisis in American history. The chaos continued this past weekend as the situation worsened by the hour. 

On Monday morning, FOX News correspondent Griff Jenkins posted on X that US Customs and Border Protection sources revealed “approximately 11,000 migrant encounters at the SW border in the last 24 hours.” 

Jenkins said the CBP source pointed out this is the “single highest day in recent memory.”

He added in Eagle Pass, Texas, alone, the epicenter of the latest surge in illegal crossings, “there were more than 4000 from Fri-Sun/weekend.” 

Biden’s reckless open border policies have led to a surge in human trafficking, an exponential rise in drug overdose deaths nationwide, warnings from cities about financial stress due to the migrant crisis, and the proliferation of criminal organized migrant gangs undermining US laws. 

This is unacceptable. 

The facts are clear: President Biden has gone against the will of the majority by enforcing unpopular, disastrous border policies embraced by a fringe minority of elites that have caused nothing but chaos for the country and quickly spread across major metro areas.

To get fully up to speed on the migrant crisis that re-started in recent weeks, refer to our latest reporting:

Around noon, Fox News White House correspondent Edward Lawrence posted on X, “Defense Department plans to send 800 US Troops to the southern border. 400 will be replacing troops ending their mission there. The exact location of the troops has not been announced.” 

The Biden administration could care less that the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll showed 62% of Americans disapproval of their efforts on the border. It appears the administration is more concerned about flooding metro areas with migrants ahead of the presidential election cycle. Why?

Tyler Durden
Mon, 09/25/2023 – 21:20 Source

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