Soviets Plan to Turn America Into 1920’s Weimar Germany-Anatoliy Golitsyn

Legendary KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn, who brought us the greatest books on Soviet strategy such as New Lies for Old and the Perestroika Deception, wrote as early as the mid 1970s about the manufactured collapse of the Berlin Wall and disintegration of the Warsaw Pact states. He also stated that this transformation will leave the United States without an enemy and leave them vulnerable to infiltration, eventually leading to the disintegration of the United States which will become a new Weimar Germany.

Rampant degeneracy, financial instability, social upheaval, unrest in the streets, and finally the total balkanization of the United States. This is why I find it so suspicious seeing people like Andrew Torba, the NJP crowd, and other shills promoting the balkanization and disintegration of the United States and Western Europe.

Anatoliy Golitsyn further wrote:

“One can expect that the Soviet strategists will come forward with fresh initiatives combined with deliberate provocations and crises in order to enhance the role of the United Nations. They will do this because they regard the United Nations as a steppingstone towards World government.” P.139 New Lies for Old

In his book, Wedge: The Secret War Between the FBI and the CIA, American author Mark Riebling states that of Golitsyn’s 194 predictions, by 1994, 139 had come to fruition, with 46 being “not soon falsifiable.”


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