Stormer Exclusive: Masked Antifa Terrorist Employed by Southern Poverty Law Center!

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
May 4, 2017

[Note: As with all dox that are not independently confirmed, we cannot say this with 100% certainty. But in this case, we can say it with 99.whatever% certainty.]

The creep in the mask was recently doxed, he was revealed to be Matthew O’Dea of Madison, Wisconsin. He is a communist extremist with a long rap sheet who has for years been active as an “Antifa” in both Chicago and Madison since the early 2000s.

The above video doxing this thug has gone viral. After doing some digging, we found something very interesting on Mr O’Dea’s Facebook page from June 2013.

Because the Southern Poverty Law Center is involved in litigation with The Daily Stormer to crush the First Amendment, we could not contact the SPLC directly to ask if Mr O’Dea is still an employee with the organization. He apparently moved from Chicago to Madison at some point between 2014-15, so he may no longer be on their payroll.

With that said, the fact that, according to this Antifa himself, they hire from groups like the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) – which always double as Antifa by night – is a bombshell in respects to the links between the SPLC and violent Left-wing extremism.

The Semitic Political Litigation Center has inspired high profile attacks, like the foiled killing spree at the Family Research Center in 2013. On a smaller scale, the personal information the SPLC publishes on its website, coupled with inflammatory descriptions of political dissidents, is used by people like Matthew O’Dea to terrorize targets and their family members. There are many videos out there where Antifas preface aggression with “The SPLC lists X group as a hate group.”

Catholics, pro-white activists and even many mainstream conservatives who oppose gay marriage and/or abortion have been put on SPLC “hit-lists,” causing great mental anguish, loss of employment and fear in these people’s communities.

Mr. O’Dea, around the time of working with the SPLC, was not exactly subtle about his beliefs. Aside from clearly having some kind of mental illness, he has a number of political tattoos and always is decked out in flair announcing his beliefs to the world. He was heavily engaged in the terror group “Antifa” while coordinating for the SPLC, and had a criminal record while being interviewed for the job. His Facebook has always been very public.

Here are some pics from 2013.

Links between violent fringe Leftists and the SPLC have always been suspected, but few smoking guns have emerged because most journalists aren’t willing to look into it.

We are, which is the real reason the SPLC is trying to shut us down.

My gut feeling is that this is only the tip of the iceberg.

These bastards have made a grave mistake. They totally overstepped with this lawsuit against Anglin, and it is going to blow up in their faces.

The SPLC’s unethical, illegal activity and links to extremist and terrorist groups must continue to be exposed!

If researchers continue to work together on this project, it is very likely that we will able to be able to pressure the government into bringing RICO charges against them!

Never forget, brothers:

We are at war.

Hail Victory.

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