“Strike and Mike” Are Mischling jews Masquerading as White Leaders

Isn’t it just incredible that two guys from TRS, who did “Strike and Mike” together and are now behind the National Justice party and website, turn out to both be partial jews?

Here’s Mike repeatedly admitting that he is partially jewish:

I have known about Mike Pienovich being jewish ever since the whole scandal involving his SJW jewish wife, but I did not know that his buddy Eric Striker also let it slip that’s he is part jew until recently, when a commenter brought it to my attention. Go to 41:20 in the following show to hear what I am talking about.

I didn’t become a Nazi… I’m half jew..”

I know there will be some people running hasbara for them, but what else could they possibly mean? They have both publicly let the cat out of the bag that they are jewish.

Our enemies have been furnishing the leaders of the opposition for a very long time, like Frank Collin (real name Cohen), who turned out to be a jewish child rapist.

This is all part of their playbook.

Should it really surprise us that a bolshevik jew is controlled opposition?

Yet I am constantly accused of infighting because these controlled opposition assets supposedly “do good work” and I am just jealous of their success.

We have a serious problem when we allow jews to lead the resistance to jewish supremacy.

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