Sweden: Two Teenage Boys Raped & Buried Alive By Migrants

So the savage moslems are rioting in Sweden but not because two of their own raped and nearly murdered two Swedish boys, but because some patriots decided to burn the Koran in response to that filthy crime.


Two teenage boys were allegedly raped, tortured and buried alive at a cemetery recently in Solna near Stockholm, Sweden. The incident is reported to have occurred around 11 om on Saturday. According to the Police, the two boys were taken to the cemetery after declining an offer to boys. The criminals are reported to be of migrant backgrounds.

The incident occurred six days before riots broke out in the city of Malmo, Sweden after a copy of the Quran was set on fire by ‘Stram Kurs’, a far-right group in the country. The rioters burnt tyres and pelted stones at the police. Sentiments against the country’s ‘Refugees Welcome’ migration policy has been growing following a rise of crimes in the country. 

In this instance, the boys were forced to strip by a 21-year old Iranian immigrant and an 18-year old born to a Tunisian father before the criminals proceeded to force them into a pit where they were buried alive partially. They are also accused to have raped them. The suspects have been charged with kidnapping, aggravated assault, robbery and rape.

The precise ages of the victims is not yet known although they are reported to be less than the age of 15, the legal age for consent in Sweden. Both the accused have denied the charges. The boys were spotted by a passer-by at 8.39 a.m. on Sunday, 10 hours after they were abducted by the accused.

Seven minutes later, the 18-year old accused was arrested, sixteen minutes later, the police got their hands on the 21-year old. One suspect is reported to have been wearing items of the victim at the time of arrest. A Court ruled that the accused should remain in custody. The motive for the attack is not yet known.

Moslems are no more advanced than apes and no less civilized. They love nothing more than to rob, rape and behead infidels. It’s a national pastime in moslem countries. And they’re exporting these feral proclivities to all the white countries who’ve got to suffer their sinister presence.

Moslems have extreme in-group preference. They only like and respect other moslems. They believe non-moslems are subhumans deserving of rape and death, hence why they perpetrate these crimes so often against infidels, especially whites.

The only solution to the moslem problem in Europe is deporting every single moslem to the Middle East and Africa where they can eat and rape-fuck each other to death.

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