Sweden’s largest evening tabloid newspaper calls for the extermination of "human brown rats" – people on the right

In her article Hagen ties a blog post that the Secretary General of the Bar Association, Anne Ramberg recently wrote in where she called anti-immigrant politicians “brown rats”. Sge specifically mentions the Moderate party parliamentarian Hanif Bali (an Iranian) in her blog post.

Hagen begins her article addressing the persistent problem of rats in Stockholm. Then she directed the focus toward people with immigration critical opinions. “It’s those other councilist that I would like to wipe out in a dignified manner. The brown ones,” she writes.

She asks a little later how best to “get rid of human brown rats” and suggests the use of poison.

Expressen and Hagen received massive criticism on Thursday for the call to mass murder more than half of the Swedish population, that can be accused of “bourgeois” views.

Source Article from https://redice.tv/news/swedens-largest-evening-tabloid-newspaper-calls-for-the-extermination-of-human-brown-rats-people-on-the-right

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