Sweden’s Leftist Leader Vows to Put a Stop to Ethnic Ghettos

A record number of boat migrants totaling 1,295 people, overwhelmingly young men, crossed the English Channel yesterday, beating the previous one day record high by more than 100, according to the Ministry of Defence (MoD).

“In the busiest day of the year, the Royal Navy and Border Force intercepted 27 boats from France, each on average carrying nearly 50 migrants, who were brought ashore,” reports the Telegraph.

“That is the largest number since the previous high of 1,185 in November last year and takes the total of migrants reaching the UK past 22,500 so far this year, more than double 2021’s rate.”

“So, 1295 people illegally crossed the Channel yesterday. It is a new record. Nearly all young men, many from Albania. This is a disgrace,” commented Nigel Farage.

It was previously reported that four out of ten of the “refugees,” the vast majority of whom are economic migrants and young men, not refugees fleeing war, are from Albania, a country that is at peace.

The migrants are arriving from France, a country that is also at peace.

According to reports, some of the migrants are arriving with weapons and just vanishing into the population without being fingerprinted or recorded in any way.

The government continues to provide an effective taxi service for the migrants, rescuing them by Royal Navy and Border Force boats, with left-wing charities and NGO groups also aiding, despite the fact that the entire process is directly facilitated by criminal people smugglers.

Many of the migrants are being housed in hotels across the UK at a taxpayer expense of £5 million pounds a day.

Unhappy with their free accommodation, free food and cash, migrants at one such hotel in northern England staged a rooftop protest last week, demanding they be sent to another city, most likely London.

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The government is also planning to disperse the migrants to different parts of the country by housing them in asylum center facilities.

One such facility, a disused RAF base in the village of Linton-On-Ouse, was set to accommodate 1500 migrants, almost all of them young men, in a village comprising of just 700 residents.

The scheme was cancelled after national media attention and public protests, although similar proposals are still active for other locations across the country.


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