Swedish Cutie Ends up Paralyzed in Wheelchair after getting Stung, Doctors Ignore her



A healthy 20-year-old girl was partially paralyzed one week after receiving the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. Jennifer Melin from Sundsvall in Sweden went from being an active, healthy girl to being wheelchair-bound in just a week. Jennifer was vaccinated with Pfizer’s COVID vaccine in July and just two days later her first symptoms appeared.

Two days after the inoculation, Jennifer lost all feeling in her hands and had trouble holding her balance. A few days later, the symptoms spread to one leg causing her to need support to move. Shortly after this, both of her legs lost function to the point she could no longer walk or move them.

Jennifer was taken to hospital to see a neurologist, who dismissed her claim that the paralysis had started after her vaccination. Compounding her trauma, the doctors reportedly did not believe she was paralyzed and even tried to force her to get up and walk, even though this was completely impossible.

However, in a positive development, the municipality agreed to help with her situation by adapting her apartment to her needs. They also built a stairlift that allows her to get up and down the stairs between the ground floor and her room.

Jennifer had her story published in the local newspaper ‘Sundsvall Tidning‘, but they deliberately left out anything related to the vaccine. CheckFact has been in contact with the newspaper and reported that both journalists and editors confirmed that Jennifer had mentioned that she is convinced that her illness was caused by the Pfizer vaccine.

The initial headline of the story was “Jennifer is convinced that her problem is caused by a side effect of the corona vaccine,” and another part included “It all started a few days after I had been vaccinated”. A decision was later made at the editorial level to omit everything this information for unknown reasons.

Jennifer feels that her concerns have not been taken seriously and that the media does not wish to mention anything negative about the vaccine under any circumstances.

“You are expected to show solidarity and get vaccinated for the sake of others, but when you yourself suffer damage from the vaccine, solidarity is absent. Instead, you are met with distrust and darkness.”

Jennifer hoped to reach other victims with her story and to meet people who have had experienced similar problems after the COVID vaccine. But since nothing was mentioned about the vaccine in the article, that possibility has disappeared. However, she has managed to find many others who have been affected the same way through social media.

Jennifer discovered that hers is unfortunately not a unique story. Many people who received the COVID vaccine have suffered a similar fate. They now have to fight for proper care and treatment and get their story out because their messages are being silenced while being told that their illnesses are imaginary or due to something completely different.

This is her before being stung by Pfizer:

This is her after:


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