Swedish Hospital LGBT Certified

Greve Hans
Daily Stormer
June 11, 2016


This is the future we chose

Sweden is a nation known these days for absolute total poz.

Recently a hospital in the country decided that it needed to be more inclusive (aka give useless people useless jobs with their useless degrees) and has ”LGBT-certified” themselves now. I will leave it to the imagination of what exactly that means, but essentially it’s about teaching tumblr-tier stuff to medical professionals.

Essentially, it’s political indoctrination because muh feelings.


During Wednesday the hospital in Enköping became the first in the world with a full LGBT certification. During a ceremony, it received the certificate, which is a clear indication that all are welcome regardless of who you are.

How about a National Socialist revolutionary, you communist faggot?

“An LGBT certification helps to make it clear that LGBT people can feel welcome and included. As a bonus, it has proved that the certification provides a better working environment. Everything we do against discrimination and prejudice is good for all of us, both visitors and employees,” said County Commissioner Vivianne Macdisi in a press release.

I don’t feel welcome and included with a bunch of homos talking about how they are thinking to get off the AIDS medicine our tax money is paying for them. The last thing I’d like to see is these disgusting rat-faced Jewish trannies, but I’m too tolerant to do something about it.

“We all have prejudices without thinking about it. The training helps us become aware of the norms that govern and to get a broader perspective, so that we do not routinely behave in an exclusionary way,” says Administrative Director Eva Telne.

How about pedophiles? I mean, they are norm-breaking right? It sure is a broad perspective, huh? This is a matter of time. The slippery slope: once you turn tolerant, you are on a slow march to hell.

“It’s great that we are at the forefront of certification, but we will not be complacent with it. There is much more we can do to get better on equality issues. This is a start,” says Eva Telne.

What’s next?

Gender Commissars at the daycare centers?


You have a certification yet, goy?

In addition to staff expenses, the certification has cost about 1.5 million SEK [roughly 181,050 USD].

In addition! LMAO. This is disgraceful. I’m happy to see this tax-money put to good use.

There is so much corruption going on in Sweden that it’s insane. The thing that makes Sweden different from other countries is that corruption here is legal.


”Hi, I noticed you do not feel an attraction to the same sex. Here, have some pills. You’re not intolerant, are you?”

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