Syria: Observer mission declared as failed

The Arab League (AL) observer mission in Syria ends in about a week and it seems as this mission to Syria was just another farce in the international game of foreign policies. Even if the voices get louder that this Arab League (AL) observer mission in Syria had failed, this mission will not be aborted. This was made clear by al-Arabi several times now.

The members of the Arab League are very different in their viewing of the situation within Syria. While Algeria, Egypt and Iraq also say that the Syrian government does not implement the so-called “Arab League peace plan” completely, they also say that the Syrian government has to fight against armed terrorists.

Kuwait meanwhile has become the sharpest critic of the Syrian government. What a false play. Kuwait? Really? Don’t throw bricks when you live in a glass house.

Whether this has something to do with the fact that also in Kuwait, the president returned to his post with the help of the United States, is disputable – but finally seems like that. It would be no surprise at the end.

There are about 160 observers of the Arab League (AL), which are traveling in Syria, and the horror stories out of Syria are continued.

Still the so-called dubious “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”, based in London, is applied as source for a lot of these horror stories out of Syria. This one-man operation with a questionable background and its nice connection to the Muslim Brotherhood. Not to mention his several names.

Without any real confirmation, the Western population receives new horror stories daily. No Western journalist seems to be ready to take a real look on this so-called “Syrian Observatory” based in London and its connections and history. There is also no attempt to get confirmations for its horror stories about the events within Syria. The propaganda against Syria continues and journalists seem willing players in this false game.

Two of these Arab League (AL) observers have already returned home before the official end of this mission in Syria. They arrived in their home countries because of health or personal reasons.

The Algerian Malek, who was celebrated in the Western press as an eye witness to the inhumanity of the “Syrian regime” had to cancel the mission because of his health. He is said to have been sick for several days. So he spent several days sick in his hotel room in Syria before he arrived in his home country Algeria. There are sure open questions about his statements.

The West has finished with the Syrian president Assad. The time seems to be perfect to overthrow president Bashar al-Assad and his government – no matter what it might cost.

Of course, in public they want to await the final report of the Arab League (AL) observers. But they already analyze ways to achieve a so-called “No-Fly Zone” or so-called “humanitarian corridors” in Syria, following the Libyan example. We see no difference between a “No-Fly Zone” and “humanitarian corridors” in Syria. There is finally no differences, both means more deaths and even a war.

The interest and the attitude of the huge majority in Syria do not count for Western interests and plans.

The knitting pattern of Western foreign policy is simple: the armed terrorists, who shoot indiscriminately around, and mean no freedom, democracy and security for Syrian people, are sold as “rebels” and “peaceful government opponents” by the so-called Syrian “opposition” (mainly based in Istanbul, Turkey) and the West. Just to deliver a false image to the Western population, so that the Western people are prepared and maybe convinced about the next “No-Fly Zone”. The way, how propaganda works.

The representations of the Syrian government are always ridiculed as propaganda and they sell the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad as a dictator, who wants to hold on to power.

While websites and also people, who deliver a different picture from Syria, are made look ridiculous, those who call most loudly for the fall of the Syrian government, are celebrated by the West. Even if their stories are false and questionable.

In this respect, the one-sided reporting, without any objectivity, of the Western news is no surprise anymore – but this behavior is to question a lot.

The French journalist, who died in the Syrian city of Homs on Wednesday and was accredited by the government, is just one sad example of the media campaign and the dogged intentions of the West to overthrow the Syrian government and president al-Assad. Of course, everything is done to discredit his legitimacy.

The French journalist traveled through the Syrian city Homs with other media representatives. This delegation was attacked with grenades and the French journalist sadly lost his life and a Belgian journalist was injured.

Also Syrians have been killed and injured at this attack, which is to condemn totally. The independent journalist Lizzie Phelan spoke about this sad event in Homs at her interview with Press TV. (Also Webster Tarpley gave another interview about the situation within Syria)

It seems that this press delegation attended a demonstration for the Syrian president al-Assad and its reform process (in Homs) as the attack started and they came under fire. The so-called Syrian opposition, based in Istanbul, sees the culprit, of course, in the Syrian government. They try to simply distract of their own guilt. Not a real new behavior of these members of the Syrian opposition.

Why should Syrian soldiers fire at pro-government protesters? Why should the Syrian government kill foreign journalists? The Syrian government has an interest to really clarify the situation. Our experiences within the last months tell us the same. The strange accusations by Syrian opposition members are to question and also somehow stupid if you think about it. They have no basis in fact.

Many of the allegations made by the dubious opposition abroad are not easy to understand. Maybe the injured Belgian (some say Dutch) photographer can help to understand what really happened in the Syrian city of Homs on Wednesday. Meanwhile the Syrian government promised to reveal the incident.

France rages after these sad incidents and demanded an investigation. In addition, France used sharp tones and commendation against the Syrian government. Also the French government is accusing the Syrian government to targeting kill journalists and to act against the freedom of press and journalism. Really, France?

This all are very strange entanglements and accusations, all of which should lead to only one: To prepare for a war against Syria and to get one step closer to the real targeted enemy – Iran.

Today is Friday again and it remains to be seen what will happen today in Syria. Even when everything is uncertain, there is at least a certainty:

You can expect new horror stories out of Syria – again without any verifications and confirmations. Have a look at the dubious news of the so-called “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”, based in London. Londoners should be startled and scared to see such a faked show in their home city. Not to mention the relations to the Muslim Brotherhood.

One can only hope that no more innocent people are losing their lives because of the questionable Western foreign policies, which is finally against any international law. If you want to sell democracy to other countries, you should set an example of real democracy first. You cannot sell democracy by war and bloodshed or by supporting armed terrorists and religious fanatics in an foreign country.

What was the premise of US? Seven countries in five years? Scram!

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