Syrian Passenger Plane: An Act of Air Piracy by Turkey – Syria and Turkey: The next trickery by Erdogan.

The following text is a translation of the blog post by a German blogger about the recently air piracy by Turkey. Erdogan has ordered to force a Syrian civilian plane to land in Ankara – with the help of some Turkish F-16 jet fighters.

Allegedly, this Syrian civilian plane should transport weapons from Moscow to the Syrian capital Damascus. Finally, it seems clear, that there were no weapons on board of this Syrian plane, only scared and frightened civilian passengers.

The translation is below, the source is under the article about this air piracy by Erdogan. Nobody blames the tricked Turkish population, of course.

When the Israeli marine soldiers have stormed the “Mavi Marmara”, the Turkish main nave of the aid flotilla to Gaza on 31 May 2010, they have killed 9 passengers, captured the ships, forced them to an Israeli port and have also seized the cargo, Erdoğan was totally upset and called it an “act of piracy”.

On Wednesday, two Turkish fighter jets have forced a Syrian passenger plane, which was en route from Moscow to Damascus, to land in Ankara and later, the cargo was also confiscated.

Erdoğan is exactly doing the same as he has accused Israel to do so, an act of piracy; a stark violation of international aviation. We know already that the court proceedings of this Gaza / Israel scandal is just a show for the gullible Turkish population.

Actually, Erdogan and Israel are in cahoots together. The killing of nine Turkish citizens on the ship “Mavi Marmara”, the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, was a joint Turkish-Israeli operation, which has served the purpose of the liquidation of nine members from the Turkish Muslim Brotherhood and related organizations, who have opposed the military aggression against Syria. (See this article about it.)

Another purpose of the joint killing of these people was it to boost the public support for Erdoğan and give him enough backing for the dismissal of the secular generals in Turkey’s high command, who were opposed against a military intervention in Syria, too. The assertion, that this has happened in order to prevent a military coup, is a complete lie.

Everything that this guy is saying are lies and it is really the time that the Turkish population finally wakes up and realizes what a devious hypocrite, warmonger and traitor he is.

In the public, Erdogan has made inflammatory speeches against the crimes of Israel, demanded an apology and compensation for the families of the victims. Turkey broke off all diplomatic relations and ended the military cooperation and trade with Israel.

That was just a theatre for the audience, because behind the public show, the relations with Israel were never really stopped and it is all almost as before. Besides the above-mentioned motifs, the Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan was also able by using this show to boost his weak popularity again, because the declining economy has previously caused more and more criticism.

But one is able to see how he is a real master of lies and intrigues by the differences between what he says and what he does. From its policy of “zero problems with neighbours”, which he had announced very big previously, became an “ONLY problems with the neighbours” policy – on all sides, whether it is Greece, Russia, Iran, Iraq or Syria.

He stabs in the back of former friends and helps active in order that they are overthrown. In November 2010, he has accepted the “Al-Gaddafi International Prize for Human Rights”, afterwards he helped as NATO ally with the bombing of Libya.

Just as with Assad. There were times in which the family of Erdogan and Assad have spent holidays together, with the parents, the kids and also relatives of them. The two wives, Emine Erdoğan and Asma al-Assad, were thick friends and they have phoned each other regularly. Then, the Saudis and Qataris have bribed and bought him with millions, they established a coalition of war and he became the arch-enemy of Bashar al-Assad.

All along the Turkish border with Syria, training camps for terrorists were set up; there, thousands of members of the “al-CIAda” (al Qaeda) from Chechnya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya are trained and also provided with weapons, in order to carry out a war within Syria – to conduct acts of terrorism and bomb attacks against the Syrian civilian population. Exactly the same of what Erdoğan accused others, the worst form of state terrorism.

He has bombed Iraq and send his troops into Iraq, thus he violates the sovereignty of that neighbouring country. The same with Syria, in where he uses spurious reasons in order to shoot mortar and artillery shells at Syrian soil. The so-called retaliatory attacks are still carried out unimpeded against Syria, the sixth day in a row. Now, Erdogan has even called on the people to prepare for a possible war with Syria.

The Turkish newspaper Hurriyet cited Erdogan with this statement: “We have to, if it becomes necessary, be ready for a war in any moment”. “If one is not ready, then one cannot be a state and cannot be a nation. The state, that is not ready for a war in any moment, is not fully developed. Turkey must be always ready for a war,” said Erdogan on last Sunday.

Now, Erdoğan has ordered to hijack a Syrian civilian airliner because the airliner allegedly has transported military equipment from Russia to Syria. And what did they find? According to the website of the Turkish daily Hürriyet, citing some security circles, the Syrian airplane had loaded communication equipment and jammers.

Wow, that’s really bad and dangerous. They probably only serve the defense and they are really no weapons, are they?

But what about the whole shiploads of ammunition and weapons from Libya, which were unloaded in Turkish ports and handed over to the terrorists who kill civilians in Syria and also perpetrate endless massacres within Syria? What about the Turkish Air (airline), which has transported hundreds of al-CIAda (al Qaeda) terrorists from the training camp in Waziristan, Pakistan, to Turkey, in order that they are able to rage in Syria?

As a typical tactic, Erdogan has accused the opposition party, the Turkish Republican People’s Party (Turkish: Cumhuriyet Halk Partisi, CHP) that they would stand on the side of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Just as the war criminal George W. Bush, he expresses by this, that you`re either with us or against us, and refers to “his opinion”, that who is against him is also against Turkey, because in his opinion, this strategy should work with/at the Turkish population.

Thereby, Erdoğan is the real traitor here; he works against the interests of Turkey and only for the interests of Washington, Riyadh, Doha and Tel Aviv.


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