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DEA blocked marijuana research for 40 years, generating massive profits from the ‘drug war’ while committing heinous acts against growers

(NaturalNews) The medicinal value of cannabis cannot be ignored. This healing plant has successfully been used for treatment of pain, insomnia, rheumatoid arthritis, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, seizure disorders, and even cancer. Despite its long history of medicinal use throughout the world, cannabis has remained an illegal, controlled substance in the US, aggressively pursued […]

Turkish police use tear gas, rubber bullets to disperse LGBT rally in Istanbul (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

A group of at least 150 activists holding placards and rainbow flags gathered near Taksim Square to stage an LGBT Trans Pride demonstration on Sunday, AFP reported.  The event was partially organized by Istanbul’s LGBT Solidarity Association on Facebook. According to the community nearly 300 people said they were going to the event.  When the […]

Dagger buried with King Tutankhamun made from iron meteorite

     King Tut continues to astound the archaeological community, as new research shows that the ancient Egyptian child pharaoh was buried with a dagger that originated in outer space. The iron blade placed in his sarcophagus next to the right thigh of his mummified body was manufactured from a meteorite, according to researchers from Milan […]

Iran hails anniversary of South Lebanon liberation

Tehran, May 27, IRNA – Iran’s first vice president, in two separate messages released on Thursday, congratulated Lebanese prime minister and the secretary general of Hezbollah movement on the liberation anniversary of South Lebanon. The Lebanese people, by their support for the country’s resistance movement, demonstrated that liberating the occupied lands is just possible through […]

The David Duke Show: The Jewish Racist Oligarchs of Money & Media

David Duke May 13, 2016 Dr. Duke started the show by reviewing the foundation of Jewish power in the United States. He went over the names of the top contributors to presidential candidates, clarifying that the vast majority were Jewish. Then he and Dr. Slattery discussed the opening that the new media has created and […]

Iranian animation invited to Cannes Film Festival

Tehran, May 1, IRNA- Annecy International Animated Film Festival invited Iranian animation for the first time. Iranian animation together with some top animations of the world is supposed to be presented to international distributors and producers. ‘The Last Fiction’ is sechduled to be ready next year. Annecy International Animated Film Festival selected ‘The Last Fiction’ […]

Police disperse protests in Cairo over Red Sea islands agreement

Rany Mostafa (TCP) : Security forces dispersed two separate protests against Egypt’s recent decision to acknowledge Saudi Arabia’s sovereignty over the Red Sea islands of Tiran and Sanafir, Youm7 reported Friday. Egyptian activists shout anti-President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and government slogans during a demonstration protesting against the government’s decision to transfer two Red Sea islands […]

U.S. Citizens May Be Banned from Buying Body Armor

It’s time to remind US citizens again of HR 378, the Act that would “prohibit the purchase, ownership, or possession of enhanced body armor by civilians, with exceptions,” (source). The Act caused a stir when it was first reported on in early 2015, but has since dwindled in the media, and slipped through […]

Man Dragged from Car by Cops, Assaulted, Tasered, Pepper Sprayed–for Loud Music

Matt Agorist | The Free Thought Project Blytheville, AR — In the Land of the Free, playing your music at an arbitrary volume can and will result in agents of the state initiating violence against you. A recent body camera video, released from Easter Sunday illustrates this notion. Patrick Newbern […]

ALERT: Air Force Warns Of Massive TERROR ATTACK, You Could Be Without THIS For MONTHS

Dean James AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS– A new briefing from the U.S. Air Force is warning about the increasing possibility of attacks on America’s power grid via a direct physical terror attack or an electromagnetic pulse explosion from our enemies such as ISIS and North Korea. “Experts have suggested that North Korea, for example, is testing missiles to launch […]

Navy Kidnaps 9 Fishermen off Gaza Coast

The Israeli navy, on Monday, attacked and abducted nine Palestinian fishermen while they were on board two fishing boats offshore Gaza, according to local sources. Al Ray archive image Zakaria Bakr, a fisherman, told WAFA that Israeli naval boats attacked two fishing boats carrying nine Palestinian fishermen off Gaza. The navy then demanded, at gunpoint, […]

Lawyers For Guantanamo Prisoners Blame Obama Admin For Delays

Print Friendly Above Photo: Lawyers for Guantánamo Bay detainees say 42 of the 94 potentially available for transfer are caught in legal limbo amid state bureaucracy and partisan politics. Photograph: Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images Obama blames Republican Congress for stalled efforts to make good on campaign promise, but detainees’ lawyers say fault lies within his administration Lawyers […]

‘Elegy’ adds Russian award to its asset

TEHRAN, Dec. 17 (MNA) –Iranian short film Elegy, directed and written by Yousef Kargar, won at Russia’s International Festival of National & Ethnic Cinema “Silver Akbuzat”. Competing in the festival’s short feature films section, Elegy won the Audience Choice Award. The 2nd International Festival of National & Ethnic Cinema “Silver Akbuzat” (Silver Horse) was held […]

Texas gun rights activists holding ‘theatrical mass shooting’ near UT campus in protest of gun-free zones

(NaturalNews) Two gun rights groups have joined forces to stage a “theatrical mass shooting” on Saturday in Austin, Texas, demonstrating the danger of gun-free […]

Funniest Moments of Illegal Migrants

From: Youtube description: – Beginner picture: Macedonia – Disastrous migrant: Hungary-Serbia border (Serbian side) – Grateful migrants: Hungary (Budapest) – Border Control: Austria (Slovenian border) – Migrant actor: Hungary-Serbia border (Serbian side) – Intelligent migrants: Hungary-Serbia border (Hungarian arie) (The fence was built from the border 2,5meters, in Hungarian area) – […]

Why Is America Censoring this War? – Veterans Today

. <!– –> Home Health Agent Orange Coping Gulf War Illness (GWI) Medical Disability Benefits PTSD Investigations 9/11 Holocaust JFK Assassination Paris Attacks 2015 Sandy Hook Life Art, Books, & Entertainment Economy & Business Education Environment Food, Wine & Travel History Civil War (1861-1865) Cold War (1947-1991) Gulf War (1990-1991) Iraq War (2003-2011) Korean War […]

On ‘incitement’

As Palestine takes center stage and as we continue to gain ground on the international solidarity front, with BDS and by other means, more punitive measures to silence and disrupt the justice for Palestine camp is to be expected. Case in point, is the recent passing of the bipartisan resolution in the House of Foreign […]

Mercedes, Honda, Mazda and Mitsubishi Become the Latest Manufacturers Whose Cars ‘Emit …

Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Mazda and Mitsubishi are producing cars which emit far more pollution on the road than they do in a lab, according to new tests. The four car giants join Volkswagen on the growing list of companies whose diesel vehicles passed the EU’s official regulatory test in a laboratory setting, but fail […]

Russia Supplants the U.S. in Global War Against “Jihadists”. Saudi Arabia Favors “A Political Solution in Syria”

A meeting between Russia’s Vladimir Putin and Saudi Arabia’s Defence Minister Prince Mohammed bin Salman (son of King Salman) ended on early Monday, October 12th. Agence France-Presse headlined “Vladimir Putin Meets Saudi Prince on ‘Political Solution’ in Syria,” and reported that, whereas the son of the Sunni fundamentalist Saudi King says that his father still insists on […]

Reporter gets angry and tells us the REAL news

Reporter gets angry and tells us the REAL news Filed under: Britain, Cameron, Jeremy Corbyn, UK, War on Syria Source Article from 00

Hydrogel Boosts Uptake of Stem Cells in Repairing Damaged Hearts

only a small percentage of stem cells injected actually survive the process, but a newly developed liquid could make life a little easier for freshly transplanted cells. Researchers have found that encapsulating them in a sticky hydrogel gives them the ability to not only Source Article from 00

No-cost flu shot options for Veterans – Veterans Today

. <!– –> Home Health Agent Orange Coping Gulf War Illness (GWI) Medical Disability Benefits PTSD Investigations 9/11 Holocaust JFK Assassination Paris Attacks 2015 Sandy Hook Life Art, Books, & Entertainment Economy & Business Education Environment Food, Wine & Travel History Civil War (1861-1865) Cold War (1947-1991) Gulf War (1990-1991) Iraq War (2003-2011) Korean War […]

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