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Migrant Mom in Texas Expects Feds to Deliver Abandoned Child to Her

A migrant woman living in Texas told a South Texas border rancher that she “expects” the federal government to deliver her smuggled child to her. A migrant woman, apparently unknown to the family, smuggled the child across the Rio Grande after being handed the child by human smugglers.

Abandoned Indianapolis School Reclaimed

Evolve Education Center. Indianapolis, IN – A pastor is leading the charge of reclaiming an abandoned school and creating a community-and-trades center on the east side of Indianapolis. Pastor Denell Howard’s vision of The Evolve Education Center is slowly coming to fruition after years of planning, praying and a community effort to fix the building […]

‘House of the Child’ welcomes Syria’s abandoned children

A growing issue in the northwest of Syria sees newborns waking up on a cold floor or even outdoors. A baby born in Idlib, a small area into which 3.1 million people are crowded, and a staggering 2.1 million are in acute need according to UNOCHA, was taken to the “House of the Child,” a […]

UK Government failures leave older people “abandoned to die” in care homes during COVID 19 pandemic

October 21st, 2021 The first wave – it’s not rocket science. First the government sent thousands of elderly and/or vulnerable people from hospital to care homes at the start of lockdown in March 2020 ( Given these elderly were in hospital, they MUST have been ill and therefore MUST have needed to be there. But […]

Craco: The Abandoned Medieval Ghost Town of Italy

For nearly fifty years, the town of Craco in southern Italy has stood uninhabited. Here, dark windows look out at potential travelers like empty eye sockets and the streets and buildings of this medieval town seem to have literally been vacated overnight, left to crumble in decay. Craco was once a monastic center, a feudal […]

Zoroastrian Towers of Silence: abandoned, enigmatic but touristic

Zoroastrian Towers of Silence: abandoned, enigmatic but touristic – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – The enigmatic Zoroastrian Towers of Silence are set on two lonely, barren hilltops on the southern outskirts of Yazd in central Iran. According to a tradition dating back over 3,000 years, dead bodies were left on top of those open towers – which […]

Poland & Ukraine, Not Afghanistan, Were the First US Allies to be Abandoned by Biden

August 26, 2021 By Andrew KorybkoSource: OneWorld The writing was on the wall this entire time that Biden was actually implementing a fair share of Trump’s foreign policy vision related to trading away his “allies” interests in pursuit of the “greater good” connected to more actively “containing” China in the Asia-Pacific. The world is talking about […]

The Real Reason Biden Abandoned Afghanistan So Fast

The scenes from Kabul prompted ten thousand newspapers to frame Saigon evacuation images alongside those from Afghanistan. Only this time Youtube was available to show human bodies falling from US Air Force planes, as Afghans clung to landing gear to escape the Taliban. The scenes, the bitter reality of it all, brought back the memory […]

Realtor Transforms Abandoned Properties Into Tiny Home Villages That Give Permanent Housing to Chronic Homeless

Realtor Transforms Abandoned Properties Into Tiny Home Villages That Give Permanent Housing to Chronic Homelessby Good News NetworkJuly 24, 2021 A realtor in Missouri is determined to make her hometown “a city where no one sleeps outside.”For nine years Linda Brown and her husband David organized a nightly drop-in shelter where homeless people in Springfield could […]

800-Year-Old Kakatiya Dynasty Statues Found Abandoned Near Indian Temple

In the village of Duddeda in the southern Indian province of Telangana, amateur historians stumbled upon an astounding collection of ancient statues dating from the Kakatiya Dynasty,  the Deccan Chronicle reported . While exploring the grounds of a local temple, representatives of the New Telangana History Group (NTHG) found a severely neglected set of five […]

Valeria: Thriving Roman Holiday Resort Emerging From Abandoned Ruins

Standing at these Roman ruins in the Spanish province of Cuenca, it’s hard to imagine that Valeria was a bustling Roman city 2,000 years ago. “You have to imagine a visitor entering the city through the gorges, the hanging houses, the nymphaeum, the hills full of buildings,… it must have been impressive,” highlights an article […]

Haiti Has Been Abandoned By The Media, The US, And The World

Above Photo: AP Photo / Brennan Linsley Human Rights Activist Antoinette Duclaire’s Murder Is The Latest For A Country In Chaos. An Obsession With Elections Obscures A Complete Absence Of Democracy Or Accountability. EDITOR’S NOTE: After this piece went to press, a team of attackers broke into President Jovenel Moise’s private residence above Port-au-Prince and […]

I was abandoned by Tory peer’s son, claims socialite Jasmine Hartin

Canadian socialite Jasmin Hartin, who shot dead a policeman on a beach in Belize, has saidshe feels abandoned by her former partner, the son of Tory grandee Lord Ashcroft, and his family. Ms Hartin, who has been charged with manslaughter by authorities after accidentally shooting Henry Jemmott with his own gun, was granted bail during […]

For Sale: Abandoned Scottish Village “Haunted By A Seer”

The traditional loch-side home of a legendary Scottish prophet is up for sale in Scotland. While you can buy the Old Village of Lawers for around £125,000, you might have to deal with the Lady of Lawers’s restless spirit. The Old Village of Lawers is a Scheduled Ancient Monument on the north shore of Loch […]

Three jabbed & injured US health care workers, abandoned by their own profession describe their horrific experiences

Three women are interviewed by Del Bigtree at Highwire (further info at the link). A brief summary of some of the points … these women all took the experimental injection early on in the rollout in the US. They each describe their experience following their severe reactions. Anaphylactic shock, seizures, headaches and more. The discussion […]

Palestinian-Americans struggle to get vaccinated, say U.S. government abandoned them

When Wafaa Jallaq and her group of friends went to the Qalandiya checkpoint between the occupied West Bank city of Ramallah and Jerusalem on February 23rd, the group had high hopes that after nearly one year of the pandemic, they would finally be getting the COVID-19 vaccine.  Jallaq, a 26-year-old Palestinian-American from Ohio, arrived at […]

Israel has abandoned its children, and their parents too

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Abandoned cistern reopened after 50 years

TEHRAN – An abandoned Ab-Anbar (cistern) has recently been reopened after 50 years of closure in the city of Torbat-e Heydarieh, northeast Iran. The cistern, which is the biggest in the city, has considerable potential to be a main tourist attraction after fully being restored, CHTN quoted the local tourism chief as saying on Thursday. […]

Kentucky Teen Abandoned as Newborn Advocating for Safe Haven Baby Boxes

<span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span> (LEX 18) — Louisville teenager, Isabella Lamkin, is advocating to bring Safe Haven Baby Boxes to Kentucky. Safe Haven Baby Boxes allow a parent to surrender their child safely, securely, and anonymously if they cannot take care of the newborn. They are installed at […]

Eerie Demonic Chanting Captured By Explorer In Abandoned Mine Deep Underground

429 Shares I ran across this a few months ago….been meaning to post it ever since. This video was posted by the Youtube channel Exploring Abandoned Mines And Unusual Places. I’ve watched many of this guy’s videos….his passion and hobby is exploring old mines….he has a TON of videos of his exploration of old mines all […]

Excluded, abandoned: Children born under Islamic State era still paying heavy price

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Forced Vaccination Law in Denmark Abandoned After Public Protests

    A law in Denmark that would have given authorities the power to forcibly inject people with a coronavirus vaccine has been abandoned after nine days of public protests. The ‘epidemic law’ would have handed the Danish government the power to enact mandatory quarantine measures against anyone infected with a dangerous disease, but it […]

Forced Vaccination Law ABANDONED in Denmark After Mass Protests

A law in Denmark that would have given the government the power to forcibly vaccinated people with a coronavirus vaccine has been abandoned after mass public protests for nine days. The ‘epidemic law’ would have granted the Danish government the power to enact mandatory quarantine measures against any person infected with Covid-19, but it was […]

BIDENgate: Hunter Biden literally abandoned his ‘Laptop From Hell’ which was also an explosive NATIONAL SECURITY bombshell ready to be detonated!!! !!! !!! How could co-conspirator Joe ever govern with such an ever-present threat? Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop contained a ‘treasure trove of top-secret material, including his father’s private emails and mobile phone numbers,’ and was protected by the password “Hunter02”, according to the Daily Mail. The younger Biden’s MacBook Pro was full of ‘classic blackmail material’ between compromising sexual material and the private information of not only the […]

How Donald Trump abandoned workers after promising to bring manufacturing back to the U.S.

Robert B. “Bull” Bulman stood up to FreightCar America because of the poor pay and hazardous working conditions at its Cherokee, Alabama, factory. But the company savagely retaliated with threats to close the plant and relocate to Mexico. Then, after thwarting the union drive, FreightCar America opted to offshore those 500 jobs anyway in a […]

In photos: How an abandoned Syrian military base became a posh Israeli hotel

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How Donald Trump abandoned America’s workers when they needed him the most

This article was produced by the Independent Media Institute. Kenny Overstreet scrounges every penny—and even sells the eggs his chickens lay—to make ends meet after Packaging Corporation of America (PCA) furloughed him and hundreds of other workers at its Jackson, Alabama, site. Before the COVID-19 recession struck, the 61-year-old saved a little whenever he could for […]

Shocking Video Exposes What MSM Won’t Show You: 5th Avenue Boarded Up and Abandoned

Marxist Mayor Bill De Blasio’s leftist policies are starting to bite and New York City has hit an all-time low: the once bustling capital of commerce now resembles a sad street in a failed city after the fall of communism in the Soviet Union. Between Gov. Cuomo’s disastrous pandemic response and the leftist riots and […]

The Real Reason Trump Abandoned the Iran Nuclear Deal

Renegade Editor’s Note: Here’s the short answer – Trump abandoned the Iran deal because Israel wanted him to. By Darius Shahtahmasebi Donald Trump doesn’t hate the Iran deal because it is a bad deal. He hates it because it is by all accounts a decent deal that has actually been working. If you doubt this statement, […]

The Abandoned Palestinians

The Abandoned Palestinians After seventy years of brutal Israeli occupation, genocide, ethnic cleansing, theft of their land, cold-blooded murders of their children, starving siege and destruction of all aspects of their life, the Palestinian people had given up on any help or support from any international community, who seem to be bullied and intimidated by […]

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