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Australians Reject Globalist Plan to Use Aborigines to Disenfranchise Whites

” The “Voice to Parliament” would’ve enshrined an extra-parliamentary body, another arm of parliament in Australia’s constitution never intended by its founding fathers. In short, every matter brought before parliament likely would’ve required “consultation” from the “Voice to Parliament”, thus incrementally increasing its power to the point where every matter brought before parliament would’ve required […]

AU Premier Gaslights Aborigines — ‘White Supremacists’ Are Trying To Kill You With Anti-Vaxx ‘Disinformation’

(Russia Today) Mark McGowan, the premier of Western Australia, has suggested US-based “white supremacist groups” are trying to kill Aboriginals by targeting them with anti-vaxx propaganda: “There’s been some misinformation provided to Aboriginal people from people who do not have their best interests at heart,” Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan told reporters on Thursday, adding […]

The Fed’s stunning admission of what happens next for the stock market

     Following an epic stock rout to start the year, one which has wiped out trillions in market capitalization, it has rapidly become a consensus view (even by staunch Fed supporters such as the Nikkei Times) that the Fed committed a gross policy mistake by hiking rates on December 16, so much so that this […]

Papa John’s in hot waters over ‘Stalin’ pizza

Those who want a free pizza have to guess the name of the person (and the tank) and put it in a special box in the order form on Papa John’s website. The special, which started January 4, was noticed by the editor-in-chief of Dozhd TV’s website, Ilia Klishin. He was outraged to learn that […]

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