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China Tops List of Countries For Most Millionaires Moving Abroad

A recent research report published by AfrAsia Bank listed the top 10 countries in the world that had the most outflow of high-net-worth individuals (HNWI) in 2019. China topped the list with the most millionaires leaving for other countries in that year, followed by India. The study only covered HNWIs with a net worth of […]

Israelis abroad angered by new ‘forced’ passports for their children

NEW YORK – Israelis living abroad who want to travel home with their children must commit to nationalizing them or get them Israeli passports, according to new guidelines from the Interior Ministry. Many Israelis have been waiting for a year or longer due to the pandemic to visit family in Israel, and were hoping to […]

Modi Govt’s vaccine diplomacy unravels, within India and abroad

What is foreign policy worth if it stands disconnected from domestic realities? The limelight falls instead on the US’ point blank refusal to lift the ban on supply of ingredients for manufacture of vaccines… As for China, this isn’t quite the occasion to write about it, but truth be told. Suffice to say, the Indian […]

Iranian intelligence used Instagram to try and lure Israelis to meetings abroad, Shin Bet and Mossad say

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Tokyo Olympics Bans Spectators From Abroad Over COVID-19 Fears

TOKYO (AP) — Spectators from abroad will be barred from the Tokyo Olympics when they open in four months, the IOC and local organizers said Saturday. The decision was announced after an online meeting of the International Olympic Committee, the Japanese government, the Tokyo government, the International Paralympic Committee, and local organizers. The move was […]

Capitalism And Political Violence At Home And Abroad

Above photo: Nathaniel St. Clair. Question: why do both conservative and liberal governments in the U.S. install right-wing governments abroad if ‘the U.S.’ opposes right-wing political violence? While right and left politics may seem to have limited descriptive value in many current conflicts, the interests of capital, broadly considered, represent an unwavering motive for them. […]

Israel to put on hold program to send vaccines abroad amid legal scrutiny

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu froze his plan to send doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to countries friendly to Israel on Thursday, following questions of its legality.An official in the Prime Minister’s Office said that “even though not one vaccine was taken from the citizens of Israel and despite the fact that the amount [planned to […]

‘Muscular’ Foreign Policy: Media Codeword For Violence Abroad

Writing in the Washington Post , pro-war columnist Josh Rogin appeared relieved that Joe Biden picked Kamala Harris as his running mate for November—as opposed to a progressive like Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders, who would have called for cutting military budgets, fewer US interventions and the withdrawal of troops stationed abroad. Biden and Harris, he explained, will together […]

Milken Students to Study Abroad in Israel Despite COVID-19

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic will likely keep most Los Angeles high school students home over the next several months, but nearly 70 sophomores from Milken Community School      will enjoy a unique, transformative experience because of a longstanding partnership between their school and a study abroad program in Israel. In the first week of March 2021, […]

Dubai is blamed for coronavirus spikes abroad as questions swirl at home

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Pompeo Cancels Final Trip Abroad after European Leaders Refuse to Meet With Him

Alahednews US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo cancelled his Europe trip at the last minute on Tuesday after Luxembourg’s foreign minister and top European Union officials declined to meet with him, European and US diplomats familiar with the matter said. The extraordinary snub of the top US diplomat, first reported by Reuters, came days after […]

Yankelevitch plan to vaccinate Holocaust survivors abroad panned

A plan proposed by Diaspora Affairs Minister Omer Yankelevitch to vaccinate Holocaust survivors living abroad against COVID-19 has been panned as unrealistic and impossible to implement.Yankelevitch had tasked the Shalom Corps organization, an affiliate of the ministry and the Jewish Agency, with coordinating bureaucratic procedures, although the Jewish Agency was apparently caught totally unawares by […]

Humanitarian aid workers who fathered children abroad tracked down using DNA

Researchers at King’s College London are tracking down men who fathered children while carrying out humanitarian work abroad. Test cases in the Philippines found men from Australia, Canada, the US and Britain had fathered children in the country while doing foreign aid work. The research – which uses genealogy technology – comes a decade after […]

Israel warns Iran may attack Israeli targets abroad

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US elections: American voter turnout abroad could soar as ballot demands increase

Turnout among overseas voters could be much higher this year as Americans rush to register to vote from abroad, multiple groups helping Americans vote overseas have told Euronews. From federal ballot downloads to organisations helping Americans abroad, many have noticed that website traffic went up over the past few months with panicked Americans abroad inquiring […]

Under attack and losing hope, Iraqi activists flee abroad

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Gazans left stranded abroad due to PA decision to cut ties with Israel

For the last four months, Ahmed al-Kurdi, his wife and three children have been stranded in Jordan, where they traveled from their home in the Gaza Strip for life-saving medical treatment for his 2-year-old daughter. At a time when the coronavirus pandemic has led to border closures and travel restrictions, they find themselves stuck, not […]

US Crimes Against Humanity At Home And Abroad

Above photo: Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony & Peace Message Lantern Floating Ceremony. This month marks the second year since former President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, announced to the world a campaign promoted by a group of Latin American writers and academics to declare August 9 as International Day of US Crimes against Humanity. Appropriately the day […]

America Loves Terrorists Abroad: ISIS as Proxy US Mercenaries

By all accounts, wherever the Islamic State has gained and held territory, its residents suffer terrible oppression and deprivation. Unless you are on their wavelength, you most likely agree that ISIS rule has been calamitous for its subjects. Both Obama and Trump have pointed out their badass nature on numerous occasions, not so much in […]

DOJ report shows vast majority of convicted terrorists in America were born abroad

     A new report released by the Department of Homeland Security Tuesday shows 75-percent of convicted terrorists in America were born abroad. From the data: According to a list maintained by DOJ’s National Security Division, at least 549 individuals were convicted of international terrorism-related charges in U.S. federal courts between September 11, 2001, and December […]

Man suspected of rape & killing spree detained in Russia as he was about to flee abroad

The detained man, born in 1970, was previously indicted on similar charges, the Russian Interior Ministry spokeswoman, Irina Volk, told journalists. He is suspected of carrying out a string of killings and rapes from 1992 to 2014 in different parts of Ekaterinburg. Nearly 17,000 people have been questioned over the last eight years of the […]

UK – Cambridge University Removes Ramallah As A Study Abroad Option Due To Israeli Policies

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Malak Mattar dreamed of studying art abroad, now she is stuck in Gaza

Malak Mattar’s paintings hang on the walls in the homes of her many fans around the world, from India to England to the U.S.  With vivid colors and haunting stares, they express, beautifully, as only the greatest art can do, the utter misery of life and death in the besieged Gaza Strip. They were smuggled […]

Trump Plans To Accelerate US Arms Sales Abroad

US President Donald Trump is planning to accelerate American weapons sales abroad and has prepared to ease the restrictions his predecessor, Barack Obama, in this regard, according to a new report. Trump’s move is likely to spark concerns about further flooding the global market with high-tech American weapons and fueling conflicts in hot spots like […]

Reagan Documents Shed Light On CIA ‘Meddling’ Abroad

Secret” documents, recently declassified by the Reagan presidential library, reveal senior White House officials reengaging a former CIA “proprietary,” The Asia Foundation, in “political action,” an intelligence term of art for influencing the actions of foreign governments. The documents from 1982 came at a turning-point moment when the Reagan administration was revamping how the U.S. […]

US Wages Cyberwar Abroad Under Cover of “Activism”

August 22, 2017 By Joseph Thomas The threat of cyberterrorism has competed for center stage in American politics with fears of “Russian hackers” disrupting everything from elections to electrical grids. And yet as US policymakers wield threats of cyberterrorism to promote a long and growing list of countermeasures and pretexts for expanding […]

Saudi government secretly abducting its critics from abroad, say dissidents

At least three prominent Saudi dissidents living in Europe, who openly criticized Saudi Arabia’s system of government, have been illegally abducted by the country’s monarchy in the past two years, according to a report by the BBC. All three, who are members of the Saudi royal family, are missing, believed to be dead […]

WHO: Israel delays Gazans seeking treatment abroad

Israeli occupation delayed 50.7 per cent of 2,282 requests for treatment permits submitted to related Israeli department in May, Wold Health Organisation (WHO) revealed on Monday. The treatment permits were submitted to the Coordination and Liaison Administration to the Gaza Strip –an Israeli department— and were held up with no explanation, WHO said. WHO’s report […]

US Meddles Abroad, Accuses Others of Meddling at Home

US Meddles Abroad, Accuses Others of Meddling at Home (Joseph Thomas – NEO) – The latest round of sanctions levelled by the United States government against Russia are predicated on allegations that Moscow interfered in the 2016 US presidential elections. Alleged interference includes leaking e-mails obtained from the US Democrat Party. However, compared to the […]

Fact Check: Trump Touts His Own Record While Abroad

Donald and Melania Trump wave to reporters before boarding the Air Force One to Brussels, at the end of a 2-day visit to Italy, May 24, 2017. (AP/Riccardo De Luca) In his speech in Saudi Arabia on Sunday during his first foreign trip as president, Trump claimed to have accomplished record spending on the armed […]

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