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Video: Bird Shits On Biden And White House Won’t Even Admit It Happened

Joe Biden was crapped on by a bird during a speech in rural Iowa Tuesday, but the White House refused to admit it happened, instead claiming that it was really a flying corn kernel.

If Jews Would Admit They Are Not Real Israelites, Would There Still Be Anti-Semitism?

Jews need military to protect them from “anti-Semites” (The Jewish Chronicle) In his new book, Rabbi and “theologian” Dan Cohn-Sherbok covers the same old tiresome ground by trying to lay the blame for “anti-Semitism” at the foot of the Cross — proposing that as long as Christians believe that Jews are “Christ killers,” they will […]

Covid Hoaxers Admit It’s Just the Flu

Covid Hoaxers Admit It’s Just the Flu Henry Makow Why are media dialing back on the Covid hysteria? Is it because the “pandemic” is really over? No, they are just adjusting for a permanent house guest. “That’s how conquest works, from the days of ancient Rome and beyond. A cycle of aggression followed by fortification.” […]

Israel to admit some foreigners with presumed COVID immunity from January 9

Israel said on Monday it will admit foreigners with presumed COVID-19 immunity from countries deemed medium-risk as of Jan. 9, partially reversing a ban on entry by foreigners imposed in late November in response to the fast-spreading Omicron variant, reports Reuters. The Health Ministry said on Monday that travellers from 199 countries Israel has designated […]

Private Girls’ Schools Refuse To Admit Transgender Students

Over two dozen private girls’ schools in the UK have said they will not “jeopardize” their status by admitting transgender students. At the same time, teachers’ unions across the country are calling on the government to provide more clarity on trans matters. BYPASS THE CENSORS Sign up to get unfiltered news delivered straight to your […]

Democrats Admit Defeat for 2022: “We’re F***ed – It’s Gonna Be a Bloodbath”

The Democratic Party have predicted that following their huge loss in the Virginia’s governor’s race, the 2022 midterms will be massive bloodbath for them. Thanks to focus groups and polling, Democrats found out their chances of winning in 2022 was “even worse than expected,” Politico reports. The issues went beyond the failings of gubernatorial nominee, Terry McAuliffe, or […]

CDC Scientists admit they did manipulate study data to show the Covid-19 Vaccines are safe for Pregnant Women as researchers discover 91% of pregnancies resulted in miscarriage following Covid-19 Vaccination

In July 2021, The Exposé exclusively revealed how data had been manipulated by scientists carrying out a real-world study for the CDC to show that Covid-19 vaccines were safe for use during pregnancy. The authors claimed that the number of people to suffer a spontaneous abortion (miscarriage) during the study was 104 out of 827 completed pregnancies, equating the […]

Several Pfizer Scientists Admit on Video: ‘Your Antibodies are Probably BETTER Than the Vaccination’

Several Pfizer scientists admitted in undercover video by Project Veritas that antibodies provide equal or better protection against COVID-19 compared to the vaccine. In Part 4 of its #CovidVaxExposed series, Project Veritas released footage of three Pfizer officials admitting that their company’s vaccine just isn’t as effective as natural immunity. Nick Karl, a scientist directly […]

VERITAS: Pfizer Scientists Admit Natural Antibodies Beat COVID-19 Vaccine, Call Company ‘Evil’

Project Veritas has obtained video of Pfizer scientists admitting the massive pharmaceutical corporation is “evil” and questioning the efficacy of the experimental jabs. Several scientists with the Big Pharma giant admitted that natural immunity is more effective at preventing infection with COVID-19 than the vaccine, a verboten truth that the so-called public health experts refuse […]

These Countries Have an Internet Kill Switch … And They Admit It

These Countries Have an Internet Kill Switch … And They Admit ItDate: September 29, 2021Author: Nwo Report Source: Aden TateWhat do you suppose would happen if the President of the United States deemed it necessary, for “national security,” to flip the Internet Kill Switch? In these digital times, there should be great concern over something like this. However, normalcy […]

YCP – Health Agencies Around the World Admit to Not Having any Covid Virus Samples

Related article:  Virus causes Covid-19: Imaginary and Theoretical Virus ? ( The post YCP – Health Agencies Around the World Admit to Not Having any Covid Virus Samples appeared first on EURO·FOLK·RADIO. Source

What Science? CDC Director Refuses to Admit That Only WOMEN Can Get Pregnant

“The CDC is now taking important steps in improving vaccine protection for pregnant people who are at a higher risk of severe illness from Covid-19,” so the story goes. Yes, the CDC fervently recommends “people” who are “thinking about becoming pregnant” get vaccinated! — even though 17,000 people have already died by Covid jab, including […]

Government in Ireland Forced to Admit No Proof Covid-19 Exists

This Irish investigation into Covid shows that The Department of health refuse to confirm existence of a “virus” in writing. This is because the virus was never isolated. Link Share now! Source

CDC admits that the “vaccines” don’t work, but won’t admit admitting it

via From Lila York: On Thursday, an internal CDC slide deck was “leaked”. On Friday, an “official” document was presented. The first is more interesting, because it contains things that are ostensibly not meant for public consumption (how to present…). The second is made up of a lot of official looking terminology. What else? […]

Democrats Admit ‘We’re F***ed in 2022′ Due to Election Integrity Laws

The Democratic Party has admitted the 2022 midterm elections are likely to be a bloodbath for them after Republican state legislatures reformed 30 election integrity laws in 18 states. CEO of the Stacey Abrams-founded New Georgia Project, Nsé Ufot, admitted to Politico, “If there isn’t a way for us to repeat what happened in November 2020, we’re f—ed.” […]

Canadian Health Officials Admit that Only Those Vaccinated for the Flu Are Getting the Flu This Year

by Brian Shilhavy In a report published by CBC in Canada, government health officials are saying that they have not found a single case of seasonal flu this year. Health officials in B.C. have not detected a single case of influenza circulating in the community since flu season began, continuing an “exceptional” nationwide trend even […]

New York Times Forced To Admit Babylon Bee Not Fake News Since Stories Keep Coming True

New York Times Forced To Admit Babylon Bee Not Fake News Since Stories Keep Coming True NEW YORK, NY—The New York Times called The Babylon Bee dangerous far-right misinformation but has now retracted that claim and issued a correction after reviewing the data and admitting The Babylon Bee actually has a really high accuracy rate in […]

Israelis need Netanyahu more than they care to admit

The news is that Israeli centrist lawmaker Yair Lapid, head of the Yesh Atid party (“There is a Future”), declared to the President Reuven Rivlin, that he had managed to put together a majority supported coalition to govern the country. He managed to proclaim this just before his mandate to form the coalition ran out, […]

Washington Post Forced To Admit Wuhan Lab Leak Was NOT a ‘Conspiracy Theory’

In a humiliating blow, the Washington Post has been forced to walk back its earlier claims that the Wuhan lab leak theory was a “debunked conspiracy theory.” The far-left outlet published an article in February 2020 proudly labeling the Wuhan lab leak hypothesis a “debunked conspiracy theory” – but has now been forced to issue […]

UK Scientists Admit to ‘Unethical’ and ‘Totalitarian’ Use of Fear in Covid Response

By Dylan Charles It is very tempting to want to believe that the response to covid is rooted in altruism, logic, cool-headedness and reason. After all, who wants to believe that they are being manipulated? For almost a decade I’ve been publishing articles on on the reality that psychology and psychiatry are being exploited on […]

Epstein Prison Guards Admit To Falsifying Records — but Avoid Jail Time in Sweetheart Deal With Prosecutors

Two prison guards tasked with monitoring Jeffrey Epstein the night he mysteriously died in a New York jail have admitted to falsifying records, but they will be spared jail time under a secret deal with federal prosecutors, authorities announced Friday. The prison workers, Tova Noel and Michael Thomas, were accused of sleeping and browsing the […]

Use of fear to control behaviour in Covid crisis was ‘totalitarian’, admit scientists

Members of Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Behaviour express regret about ‘unethical’ methods ByGordon Rayner, ASSOCIATE EDITOR14 May 2021 One scientist said the Government ‘was very worried about compliance and they thought people wouldn’t want to be locked down’ CREDIT:  Chris Jackson/Getty Images Scientists on a committee that encouraged the use of fear to control people’s behaviour […]

Gov’t Advisors Admit They Used Advanced Brainwashing To Control People During Pandemic

UK Government scientific advisors have admitted that they used “unethical” and “totalitarian” methods to brainwash the public in order to control their behavior during the pandemic, according to a report. The London Telegraph reports the comments made by Members of the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Behaviour (SPI-B), a sub-committee of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies […]

Government Scientists Admit Using ‘Totalitarian’ Fear Tactics During Pandemic To Control People

UK Government scientific advisors have admitted to using ‘totalitarian’ fear tactics to control people during the covid pandemic. According to a report in the Telegraph scientists who were working as advisors for the British government, have expressed regret using what they now acknowledge were “unethical” and “totalitarian” methods of instilling fear into the population in […]

Facebook, Social Media Giants Admit to Silencing Palestinian Voices Online

May 14th, 2021 By Jessical Buxbaum Source Social media companies including Facebook have admitted to MintPress that pro-Palestinian posts were removed, blaming “technical bugs” and “spam filters.” OCCUPIED EAST JERUSALEM — In a video posted on activist organization Jewish Voice for Peace’s Twitter account, Muna El-Kurd explained why social media is so vital for the Palestinian […]

Report: Government Scientific Advisors Admit They Used ‘Totalitarian’ Fear Tactics To Control People During Pandemic

Scientists in the UK working as advisors for the government have expressed regret for using what they now admit to be “unethical” and “totalitarian” methods of instilling fear in the population in order to control behaviour during the pandemic, according to a report. The London Telegraph reports the comments made by Members of the Scientific […]

Report: UK Government Scientific Advisors Admit They Used ‘Totalitarian’ Fear Tactics To Control People During Pandemic

Scientists in the UK working as advisors for the government have expressed regret for using what they now admit to be “unethical” and “totalitarian” methods of instilling fear in the population in order to control behaviour during the pandemic, according to a report. The London Telegraph reports the comments made by Members of the Scientific […]

CNN Forced to Admit Gov. Ron DeSantis’ Refusal to Lockdown Florida is “Paying Off”

Joe Biden’s ‘Climate Envoy’ John Kerry violated CDC mandates by removing his mask almost immediately after boarding a first class flight from Boston to DC. The former Secretary of State didn’t even wait until the plane took off before removing his face covering in violation of both American Airlines’ policy and a CDC mandate requiring […]

As migrants pour over U.S. border, White House won’t admit Biden’s dealing with a crisis

The Biden administration is making a new push to address the causes of migration from Central America as it faces a surge at the southern border. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, has accused the Biden administration of downplaying a growing “border crisis.” After four years of Trump’s enforcement-focused policies, Biden is focused on “changing […]

White House Refuses To Admit Biden Is Dealing with Border Crisis

The fruits of President Biden’s border policies are growing into a humanitarian crisis. There has been a tripling of children detained at the US border and crossings are set to hit record levels. You can unsubscribe any time. By subscribing you agree to our Terms of Use. Thee administration however, is refusing to acknowledge it […]

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