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Wall Street’s Takeover of Nature Advances with Launch of New Asset Class

Last month, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) announced it had developed a new asset class and accompanying listing vehicle meant “to preserve and restore the natural assets that ultimately underpin the ability for there to be life on Earth.” Called a natural asset company, or NAC, the vehicle will allow for the formation of […]

Trump donor: Corey Lewandowski made unwanted sexual advances

“On the evening of September 26 in Las Vegas, Nevada, I attended a dinner to support a charity and spend time with wonderful friends,” Odom said in a statement to POLITICO. “He repeatedly touched me inappropriately, said vile and disgusting things to me, stalked me, and made me feel violated and fearful,” she said, referring […]

The Martinez Perspective (July 26, 2021): Covid Tyranny Advances, Black Privileging, & Jews Behind Libya War


Biden Advances Anti-China Agenda At G7 Summit

By Thomas Scripps and Robert Stevens, WSWS. June 12, 2021 | Educate! Above photo: US President Joe Biden, left, talks with Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson, during their meeting ahead of the G7 summit in Cornwall, Britain, Thursday June 10, 2021. Toby Melville/Pool Photo via AP. Takes Johnson to task over Brexit. This weekend’s G7 […]

Advances in Brain Tech Spur Push for ‘Neuro-Rights’ to Protect Your Thoughts

Advances in Brain Tech Spur Push for ‘Neuro-Rights’ to Protect Your Thoughts David Icke / Roger Mallett Chile is aiming to be the first to legally protect citizens’ “neuro-rights,” with lawmakers expected to pass a constitutional reform blocking technology that seeks to “increase, diminish or disturb” people’s mental integrity without their consent. Senator Guido Girardi, […]

Arkansas Advances Bill Preventing Biological Males from Competing in Girls’ Sports

Arkansas joins some 20 states across the country that are crafting laws designed to protect female athletes from competing against biological men who consider themselves transgender women. Republican State Senator Missy Irvin sponsored HB 354, or the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act, which advanced after being passed out of committee on a 5-3 vote along […]

Nemati advances to Fazza Para Archery World Ranking Tournament final

TEHRAN – Zahra Nemati qualified for the final round of Fazza Para Archery World Ranking Tournament on Wednesday. More than 70 Para archers from 11 nations are taking part in the seventh edition of the event in Dubai, the UAE. The back-to-back Paralympic champion defeated Nataliya Malikh from Ukraine 6-0 at recurve women semifinal. Nemati […]

Prisons Prime Testing Ground For Dehumanizing Hi-Tech ‘Advances’

Prisons Prime Testing Ground For Dehumanizing Hi-Tech ‘Advances’ Above photo: Anthony Plant reads from a tablet at his bunk at the New Hampshire State Prison for Men, in Concord, N.H. Charles Krupa | AP. A new form of exploitation, known as “stakeholder capitalism,” is already being tested in many places around the world. Prisons are […]

Montana ‘Save Women’s Sports Act’ Advances by 11-8 Committee Vote

Photo Credit: Steven Lelham/Unsplash HELENA, Mont. — A Montana bill that seeks to ensure fair competition in school sports by prohibiting biological males from joining women’s teams will now advance to the full state House of Representatives after narrowly being approved by a legislative committee. “[T]he legislature finds that there are ‘inherent differences between men […]

Venezuela Advances In Case Against The US Before International Criminal Court

Collaborates in ‘Venezuela I’ Case. The International Criminal Court (ICC), in its annual report, confirmed the deposit of evidence by Venezuelan authorities regarding the lawsuit (Venezuela II) against United States officials for committing crimes against humanity as a result of the blockade and the coercive measures imposed on the Caribbean country. The information was released […]

Jerusalem advances new plan to quadruple bike lanes

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Trump advances $10 billion defense sale to UAE, congressional source says

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Trump administration advances $2.9 billion drone sale to UAE, sources say

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Culturally Misunderstood: The Struggles and Advances of Early American Women

The seventeenth and eighteenth centuries saw a series of transitions in life in America, as many, particularly women, strove to find their identities in patriarchal society. Early American women were identified primarily by their abilities to provide household services and for bearing children. Settlers’ encounters with the Native Americans not only resulted in cultural misconceptions, […]

Israel advances death penalty legislation for those carrying out ‘terrorist operations’

Welcome to the monthly Jewish Voice for Peace Health and Human Rights Media Watch. Members of the Health Advisory Council monitor relevant organizations and websites and compile a list of important news and issues which are summarized here. These newsletters will be posted on their website and archived as a resource.  If you wish to join […]

Army advances in different areas in Deir Ezzor, continues chasing ISIS terrorists

SANA– Army units continued operations to eradicate ISIS terrorists, advancing in different areas in Deir Ezzor City and its countryside. SANA reporter said that army units engaged in violent clashes with ISIS-affiliated terrorist groups in the area of Hwaijet Saqir, and the clashes ended up with establishing control over new positions in the area, in […]

Syrian Army Advances in Deir Ezzor, Strikes Terrorists in Hama

October 25, 2017 Syrian Army units re-established control over al-Sina’a neighborhood in Deir Ezzor city after eliminating the last gatherings of ISIL terrorists there. SANA reporter in Deir Ezzor said that army units combed the neighborhood fully and set up new military points inside it in preparation for launching new operations to root out ISIL […]

Israeli occupation advances plans for building 2,615 settlement units

Israeli Civil Administration’s High Planning Committee convened on Tuesday and Thursday, and advanced plans for 2,615 settlement units in illegal Israeli settlements across occupied West Bank, settlement watchdog Peace Now said. Peace Now said that over the course of two days of meetings, the civil administration promoted 2,615 settlement units. The watchdog said that these […]

US-backed militants eye Syria city amid govt. advances

Press TV – A coalition of US-backed Kurdish and Arab militants has launched an offensive against Daesh-held areas in Syria’s Dayr al-Zawr Province amid decisive government victories in the area, raising the prospect of a confrontation with Syrian army forces. Earlier in the week, the Syrian army and its allies reached the provincial capital of […]

Video: Syrian Army Advances Deep Inside Deir Ezzor Province Besieged by ISIS


South Front Government forces, led by the Syrian Republican Guard, have overrun the ISIS defense north of Sukhna and liberated Al Khuwayliyah, Khan al-Baghala, the Subai’i Mount, the Daba Mount, the Khashm Baghal Mount and the nearby areas, according to pro-government sources. If reports are confirmed, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies are […]

Syrian Army Advances Further In Direction Of Deir Ezzor Following Liberation Of Sukhna (Maps, Video, Photos)

South Front Click to see the full-size map On Sunday, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies captured Rjam al-Saboun area east of the recently liberated Sukhna town. The SAA also captured Tal Abu Qul, Dohor Rajm al-Qun and al-Meleh hills south of Sukhna after heavy clashes with ISIS fighters, according to the Hezbollah […]

Israel advances bill to conceal its overseas partners in suppressing BDS

BDS Israeli parliament advances law to keep fight against BDS secret from public BETHLEHEM (Ma‘an) 18 July — An Israeli bill aimed at exempting Israel’s attempts at combating the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement and efforts to “delegitimize Israel” from Israel’s Freedom of Information Law, which allows Israeli citizens to obtain information from the […]

Huge advances by Syrian army transforming Syrian war

     Whirlwind advances of Syrian army send ISIS reeling and position Syrian army to recover all of central and eastern Syria from the Mediterranean to the Iraqi border. Though the Western media is barely reporting the fact, the last few weeks have witnessed a total transformation of the Syrian war. Until the liberation of eastern […]

ISIS reeling before Syrian army advances in Aleppo and Palmyra regions

     Lightning advances by Syrian troops in recent weeks send ISIS reeling and put Syrian army in stronger position as it races US backed forces to regain control of more and more areas of Syria. With the situation in western Syria relatively stabilized following the ceasefire and the declaration of the ‘de-escalation areas’ there, the […]

Netanyahu gov’t advances bill to remove Arabic as an ‘official language’ of Israel

Political and other news Netanyahu’s cabinet seeks to downgrade status of Arabic Al Jazeera/Agencies 8 May — Proposed law to strip Arabic of official-language status and define Israel as ‘the national home of the Jewish people’ — Israeli ministers have approved a controversial bill that will downgrade Arabic as an official language and define the […]

The War on Weed Part II: Monsanto, Bayer, and the Push for Corporate Cannabis

Ellen H. Brown (nsnbc) : California’s “Adult Use of Marijuana Act” (AUMA) is a voter initiative characterized as legalizing marijuana use. But critics warn that it will actually make access more difficult and expensive, squeeze home growers and small farmers out of the market, heighten criminal sanctions for violations, and open the door to patented, […]

This 90 Year Old Woman With Cancer Opted Out Of Chemotherapy. She Chose Joy Instead

At the age of 90, Norma, a frail woman weighing approximately 100 pounds and standing no taller than 5 feet, lost Leo, her husband and best friend of 67 years. To make matters worse, within the same two week span Norma herself was found to have a cancerous mass on her uterus. Wanting to do […]

Will Turkey exit NATO over refugee blockade, arming of Kurds and no EU membership?

     Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan envisioned himself the Sultan of a new Ottoman Empire, but now faces the bleak reality that he is the annoying little brother of the US and Europe who will never get his way. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced this week that NATO will expand its presence in the […]

US Congress debates the funding of World War III

     “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” — Albert Einstein Defense Secretary Ashton Carter just went before a Senate Armed Services Committee to wrestle still more billions from the American war chest in support of Middle East regime […]

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