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Canada Advises LGBTQ People To Be Cautious Traveling To U.S.

The advisory came in response to the wave of anti-LGBTQ legislation that has passed in recent years. Source

UK Teachers Union Advises Getting Rid Of Girls & Boys School Uniforms & Sports Lessons To Be ‘Trans-Inclusive’

Britain’s biggest teaching union is advising schools to stop segregated sports and to use gender-neutral uniforms in a push to become more “trans inclusive.” The controversial new guidelines from the National Education Union (NEU) also tells teachers to put an end to boy and girl classroom seating as it might “distress” trans or non-binary students. […]

Oregon Advises Schools To Keep Students’ ‘Gender Identity’ Hidden From Families

Oregon Department of Education (ODE) has recommended school authorities to keep students’ self-proclaimed “gender identities” a secret from parents for maintaining their “confidentiality.” Source

Climate ‘expert’ with clear UN, Gates, WEF links advises Kiwis to consider lab-grown meat and milk

From 1News … one of NZ’s leading government mouthpieces… That climate ruse again. “Global sustainability consultant Aimee Christensen told Q+A that industrial countries – like Aotearoa – are struggling to let go of their industries and acknowledge their contributions to historic emissions…” Some of us know why the climate’s changed but they won’t be owning […]

Pregnant Women Ought To Keep Out Of Sight, Advises Turkish Lawyer

The system was geared toward ending sectarian warfare however left the country with a fractious, divided authorities. In most cases, a DUI lawyer will begin by reviewing evidence that the prosecutor has gathered towards their client. And tax size apart, tax evasion in Mexico remains a hefty third of estimated revenues. Colombia is an existing […]

Academy Of Breastfeeding Advises Hospitals Use The Term ‘Father’s Milk’ To Be More ‘Gender Inclusive’

The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine in the US is advising hospitals and health carers to change their language to be more “gender-inclusive”. The new guidelines suggest using terms like “chestfeeding” “lactating person” or “human milk […] The post Academy Of Breastfeeding Advises Hospitals Use The Term ‘Father’s Milk’ To Be More ‘Gender Inclusive’ appeared first […]

BDS supporters should stop the one-state talk and help J Street, ‘New York’ magazine advises

The reason I won’t join up  with J Street is that it cannot face two fundamental truths: There will never be a two state solution. There is apartheid in the occupied territories and that extends to Israel. J Street is incapable of acknowledging these realities because it is sworn to the idea of a Jewish […]

Winter Olympics: Beijing ‘strongly advises’ Olympians to get COVID booster

Beijing Winter Olympics organisers “strongly suggest” that athletes from abroad should receive COVID-19 booster shots before participating in the games as the Omicron variant takes hold across the world. Huang Chun, the deputy director of the organising committee’s pandemic prevention office, said Thursday that China and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) have reached a consensus […]

Afghanistan Aviation Authority Advises Transit Aircraft to Reroute

The Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority (ACAA) said on Monday that Kabul airspace had been released to the military and that it advised transit aircraft to reroute, according to a notice to airmen on its website, hastening some airline route switches. United Airlines, British Airways, and Virgin Atlantic had already stopped using Afghanistan airspace after the […]

Hotel Association Advises Relaxing Mask Requirements After CDC Guidance

The American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA) on Monday recommended that hotels ease mask requirements for fully vaccinated guests and employees working outside. The new guidance, issued in a statement from the group’s CEO, adjusts an industry health and safety initiative adopted by hotels to match the latest guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control […]

University of Manchester Advises Against Using ‘Mother’ and ‘Father’

(BBC News) — A university has advised staff against using the terms “mother” and “father” to avoid bias and assumption. The University of Manchester’s guidance on inclusive language encourages the use of gender-neutral terms such as “parent” or “guardian” instead. Jonathan Gullis, Conservative MP for Stoke-on-Trent North, Kidsgrove and Talke, described the guidance as “wokery […]

Take a long-term view to tap business potential in India, ambassador advises

India’s Ambassador to Israel Sanjeev Singla took up his position in Tel Aviv in October 2019, not long before the coronavirus pandemic started sweeping the world. This is his second post in Israel – his first , as a counsellor at the embassy, was an eight-month stint ending July 2014, at which time he was […]

Stay silent, please! France’s Academy of Medicine advises people to ‘avoid talking’ on public transport to stop spread of Covid-19

The French National Academy of Medicine has urged people to quit the chatter on packed buses and trains, where social distancing is impossible. The country’s health minister earlier asked everyone to wear better quality masks. “The compulsory mask-wearing on public transport, where physical distance cannot be respected, must be paired with a very simple precaution: […]

Health Ministry advises pregnant women get vaccine after 10 serious infections

The Health Ministry on Tuesday advised pregnant women to get the coronavirus vaccine after a number of women expecting a baby fell seriously ill with COVID-19, sparking concerns. “There is no evidence of harm resulting from vaccination during the entire pregnancy,” the Health Ministry said in a statement that also included a warning. “In pregnant […]

Official U.K. Report Advises Anyone Taking Any Other Medications Not To Get The Pfizer COVID Vaccine

Buried within an official U.K. government guidance report released to assist healthcare professionals in administering the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine BNT162b2 are the astonishing admissions that no only will Phase III safety studies not be completed until 2023 — but also that people who are taking any other medications should no take this vaccine because no data […]

Fund Manager Advises on Navigating New Zealand’s Uncertain Climate Emergency Investment Landscape

Iowa Climate Science Education New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern. By Newzild ? Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, link Guest essay by Eric Worrall Coming soon to the USA? Pathfinder Ethical Investment Fund manager John Berry advising on what sectors to avoid to protect your money from New Zealand?s Climate Emergency. But the reality is there […]

Hamas advises Saudi Arabia not to stand at Israel’s side 

TEHRAN – Hamas spokesman says that the normalization of ties with Israel harms the leadership in countries that support this process, calling on Saudi Arabia not to stand on the enemies’ side. In an interview with the Tehran Times, Hamas spokesman Hazem Qassem notes that the resistance movement wants to strengthen the Arab position and […]

Leave your chutzpah at home, branding expert advises Israelis as UAE ties beckon

A branding expert’s tips for Israeli businesspeople include “tone down the chutzpah” and refrain from pushiness, as the so-called Startup Nation gears up for trade and joint ventures with the UAE after ties were normalized earlier this year. Israelis are very informal, said Joanna Landau, the founder of Vibe Israel, a nonprofit organization that seeks […]

Polk County Sheriff advises citizens to use arms and blow away anyone who screws around! (Video)

Polk County Sheriff advises citizens to use arms and blow away anyone who fucks — Wojciech Pawelczyk (@Woj_Pawelczyk) August 26, 2020

Minneapolis Police Dept. Advises Residents to Submit to Criminals: ‘Do As They Say’

By Chris Menahan The Minneapolis Police Department is advising residents to “be prepared” to give up their cell phones, purses and wallets to robbers amid a spike in crime and recommended folks submit to criminals and “do as they say” for their own safety. “Robberies and Carjacking’s [sic] have increased in our Precinct,” a police […]

Russia Advises People Not to Waste Time on Western Social Media Because They’ll Just be Banned

    After a Russian TV channel loosely inspired by America’s Fox News was blocked by video-streaming service YouTube earlier this week, Vladimir Putin’s spokesman says Western web giants should be treated with a “low degree of trust.” Dmitry Peskov emphasized that the companies are completely unaccountable and can do as they please. He said […]

Bomb Putin’s bridge, US commentator bizarrely advises Ukraine

The bold suggestion to the Ukrainian government to escalate a conflict with a much more powerful nation came on Tuesday from Tom Rogan, a prolific British-educated conservative commenter with the Washington Examiner. The Washington DC-based journalist sees the bridge, which was opened by Russian President Vladimir Putin, not as a major infrastructure feature. No – […]

UN advises all sides to remain committed to JCPOA

IRNA – UN High Representative for Disarmament Affairs Izumi Nakamitsu on Monday called all sides to remain committed to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). She advised all sides before initiation of talks between France and US presidents in Washington. ‘We hope all sides to remain committed to implementation and preserving the nuclear accord […]

Health Advises From a 104-Year Old Japanese Doctor

Most of us are just alive. Not living. Some of us don’t even understand the difference between both these terms. A Japanese Physician named Dr Shigeaki Hinohara, all his life spoke about the correct ways of living. Throughout his practising span, he wrote over 150 books which spoke of the right and healthy ways of […]

How to survive nuclear strike: Chinese media advises locals on N. Korea border

China’s state-affiliated Jilin Province daily newspaper issued a full-page report informing civilians on the effects of nuclear weapons and how to protect themselves, Chinese media reported on Wednesday. The northeastern region is close to the North Korean Punggye-ri nuclear test site and shares a vast border with it.  The report describes in detail how dangerous nuclear […]

‘Intense Russophobia’: US activist advises companies not to insure Russian ambassador’s life

In a Facebook post, Maria Zakharova said the tweet showed “the intensity of Russophobia that has overwhelmed the United States.” “I do not even hope that Amy will ever learn about who Sergey Kislyak is and how much he personally has done to save Russian-American relations when the Obama administration announced its isolation crusade against […]

Europe refiners step up Iran oil imports

Two more European refiners have booked oil cargoes from Iran since sanctions were lifted on Tehran which is ramping up production to regain market share. A tanker for Italy’s IPLOM is sailing back home after loading 1 million barrels of Iranian crude, the Reuters news agency said. Another vessel for Motor Oil Hellas loaded crude […]

Super Tuesday II: Live on The Daily Stormer! [UPDATED]

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer March 15, 2016 UPDATE: We’ve got an IRC channel up now, in case the board goes down (which it probably might when the results are coming in – we haven’t gotten the new hardware yet): #dailystormer Also, we’ve got a live show coming up – Fash the Nation! I’ll be popping […]

Walnuts inhibit cancer development, slow its growth, and kill cancer cells

(NaturalNews) If you’re nuts about walnuts, you could be doing your health a huge favor. Several research studies have revealed that the benefits of walnuts include the ability to inhibit cancer development and even initiate the death of cancer cells. The secret to the cancer-killing properties of walnuts is that they contain several […]

Araqchi: Iran missile test never violates JCPOA

Tehran, Jan 1, IRNA – Deputy Foreign Minister for Legal and International Affairs Abbas Araqchi said that missile test is conspicuously different from Joint comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and that it never runs against the Tehran-5+1 nuclear deal. Noting that President Hassan Rouhani’s letter to Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan means Iran’s missile […]

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