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What do aerosols in the Arctic mean for its future?

Regardless of their origin, Arctic aerosols will definitely play a role in the future of climate change.

Satellite Image Reveals Atmospheric Aerosols Piled on Heavily Over Northland The Day Prior to Ex-Cyclone Fili Rain Event

Surprized? NORTHLAND NEW ZEALAND CHEMTRAILS WATCH The first image is from MetService and depicts ex-Cyclone Fili nearing Northland at 9.20am on April the 12th, indicating that the first band of heavy rain is likely to visit the East Coast in the next few hours. The second, a satellite image which shows an area of sea […]

Geoengineering science: Aerosols impact cloud formation and weather; atmospheric scientists document the effects

(Natural News) Local efforts to reduce air pollution may not be enough to eliminate the possibility of severe weather conditions because of widespread aerosol use, according to new research. To be more specific, aerosols that have been released into the atmosphere can affect cloud formations and even influence weather patterns, according to […]

One lava field eruption just emitted more climate change aerosols than all 28 European countries COMBINED

(Natural News) There is no doubt that human activity is hurting our planet, whether it’s all the plastic winding up in our oceans or widespread deforestation. However, it’s a bit inaccurate to pin all the blame on people, particularly when it comes to issues like climate change and carbon dioxide emissions. Besides the fact that […]

ALERT! Everyone who lives in these states needs to contact their governor and representatives to encourage this action to stop Obama’s invasion…

Migrant Invasion of Europe from Same U.S. Policy Cauldron as «Color Revolutions»

Wayne MADSEN | 06.11.2015 | 00:00 The same U.S. policy cauldron, centered in the academia centers of the Boston region and which provided the template for «color revolutions» in eastern Europe and the Middle East, is also responsible for the current «weapon of mass migration» chaos sweeping throughout Europe. Although sometimes it appears to many observers […]

Unleashing “Market Forces” to Curtail Police Excesses

The following article was submitted to using our Submit page by Ed. I am a former police chief, former defense attorney, former police legal advisor, former academy instructor, former criminal magistrate, and former criminal justice instructor (university level). Currently, I am a retired has-been. Lately, I have been assisting a plaintiff’s attorney in regard […]

Video Shows City Councilman On Knees Tased In The Back By Cop

Video has emerged showing a Texas city councilman being tased in the back by a police officer while on his knees Thursday night. Prairie View councilman Jonathan Miller says he was practicing a step routine for homecoming with some fraternity brothers outside his home when city police pulled up and started questioning people. “She’s like, […]

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