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Amnesty – Hundreds Forcibly Disappeared In Egypt Government Crackdown

According to a new report by Amnesty International, there has been an “unprecedented spike” in enforced disappearances in Egypt since early 2015, as the government seeks to quash dissent.   The rights group say that Egypt’s security services have forcibly made hundreds of people disappear and tortured them in the past year to try to tackle dissent. According to […]


Augmented reality software could turn smartphones into Imperial probe droids The ‘augmented reality’ mobile game Pokémon Go, which uses the player’s smartphone camera to ‘add’ Pokémon to real-world locations, has ties to the CIA. The developer of Pokémon Go, Niantic, Inc., was founded by John Hanke, who previously received funding from the CIA’s venture capital […]

Scott Roberts: Shedding Tears While Spilling Blood

Scott discusses the recent violence in Sacramento and how our enemies will project their guilt upon their victims. As the saying goes, the jew strikes out in pain as he strikes you. Youtube link Source Article from

Israeli occupation to blame for fatal Palestinian attack on cafe – Tel Aviv mayor

“We might be the only country in the world where another nation is under occupation without civil rights,” Mayor Ron Huldai told Israeli Army Radio, referring to the Wednesday attack by two Palestinian gunmen. “You can’t hold people in a situation of occupation and hope they’ll reach the conclusion everything is alright,” he […]

Trump’s Nonwhite Nonvoter Problem

The Washington Post is the first major “mainstream” media outlet to admit that Donald Trump—or any candidate who does not bow to nonwhite political demands—faces a nearly impossible task of winning the US Presidential election. Previously, only the New Observer had pointed out that the US’s current racial voter demography, combined with the electoral […]

Thirteen of 23 Co-Ops Created Under Obamacare Have Failed

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18 forbidden verses: German court bans most of Erdogan-mocking poem

The court order issued on Tuesday applies to the whole of Germany, Reuters reported. “Through the poem’s reference to racist prejudice and religious slander as well as sexual habits, the verses in question go beyond what the petitioner [Erdogan] can be expected to tolerate,” the Hamburg court wrote. The court said the decision was necessary […]

The ‘Cruel’ Committee

It appears clear that the propaganda machine of the first world war created a lasting hatred for the German man whilst embedding in the American man a lust for bonds. The Cruel, sorry, Creel Committee was the propaganda machine of the first world war. The goal was to ensure that the American public was committed to the […]

Second trial begins for Ron Paul aides in Iowa payments scandal

But defense attorneys for the three operatives argued to jurors that no laws were broken, though none denied that Paul’s 2012 campaign paid $73,000 to then-Sen. Kent Sorenson. Two lawyers said their clients didn’t know the details of payments to the lawmaker, while one portrayed the money as regular business in politics — even if distasteful to voters. Jury selection and opening arguments in the trial were […]

Campaign Rhetoric Creating Fear, Bullying in School Children

The “Trump Effect” is having a negative impact on students. A recent survey conducted by Teaching Tolerance and published by the Southern Poverty Law Center focused on the effect of the 2016 presidential campaign on school children. The study revealed some alarming results: It showed that students from preschool through high […]

Common Core, K-12 Schooling, & How to Turn Children into Real Estate

As far as I know, this is especially the case in Scandinavia: In Finland teachers are the most trusted and admired professionals next to doctors, in part because they are required to have a master’s degree in education with specialisation in research and classroom practice. “Our mission as adults is to protect […]

How Far Are the Criminal Elite Willing to Go to Stop Donald Trump?

        Just how many ways can a nomination/election be stolen from a legitimate candidate? There are the nonviolent, unethical and illegal means to steal an election. There are also false flag events which can be created  in order to derail a candidacy as well. This article examines both of these possibilities. Why […]

Depopulation test run? 75% of children who received vaccines in Mexican town now dead or hospitalized March 25

(NaturalNews) Despite the insidious attempts of the corporate-controlled U.S. media to censor the stories about the deadly side effects of vaccines, the truth keeps surfacing. The latest vaccine tragedy to strike has killed two babies in La Pimienta, Mexico and sent 37 more to the hospital with serious reactions to toxic vaccine additives. (Tweet this […]

IRL Shitposter Photobombs BLM Protest

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“I’m the Immigrant F**king Your Daughter”

From: State-backed Swedish Institute hands control of Twitter account to Lebanese migrant The state-backed Swedish Institute handed control of its official Twitter account over to a Lebanese migrant who then proceeded to tweet, Im the immigrant f**king your daughter while youre trying to sleep ignoring her moans calling me daddy’. […]

The Third World Moves to Berlin

A shocking insight into the low IQ, ignorance, and hatred which the nonwhite “refugees” have brought with them to Germany, has been dramatically revealed in a series of interviews conducted inside Berlin “asylum centers” by the Tagespiegel newspaper. The article also revealed that police are called out every day to the centers to deal […]

Britain: Number of Children Prescribed Anti-Depressants Increases by 50% in Seven Years

Britain: Number of Children Prescribed Anti-Depressants Increases by 50% in Seven Years March 9th, 2016 Fill children with metals, feed them GMO food, sit them in classrooms for most of the day, make them do lots of homework at night, which does nothing except […]

El tiempo “bendito” de las coaliciones

Desde hace  un cuarto de siglo, el mundo árabe vive al ritmo  de las las coaliciones. Y de coalición en coalición, este mundo se hunde más profundamente en la regresión, el caos y la desolación.  De coalición en coalición, este mundo no ha conocido más que las masacres, las violaciones, los éxodos y las ruinas. […]

Early Antibiotic Use ‘May Predispose Children to Weight Gain and Asthma’

Early Antibiotic Use ‘May Predispose Children to Weight Gain and Asthma’ January 27th, 2016 Via: BBC: The use of antibiotics in young children may alter the natural populations of gut microbes in a way that leaves them predisposed to weight gain and asthma in […]

The Science of Sound – Proof that You Truly Are a Cosmic Instrument

Christina Sarich, StaffWaking Times “Music is the universal language of mankind.” ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow An ancient understanding of the cosmological universe puts forth that inaudible music calculates the position of the heavenly bodies in our skies. With quintessential harmony, Mars, Neptune, Uranus, and all the other planets are held perfectly in place, with the […]

Hitler Uncensored – Victory

On January 8, 2016 Irish journalist Mike Walsh and American video-producer Jayme L. Liardi collaborated in the creation of a three-part video series. The Hitler Uncensored troika had one aim: their three short videos would graphically demolish the narrative of critics of the Third Reich epoch. To achieve such a unique distinction it was necessary […]

Western media ignores most important points in Russian documentary World Order: Only reining in the U.S. will avert nuclear war

     If World Order is a piece of propaganda, it is sophisticated and serves certain higher values, not the interests of individuals or power for power’s sake. In effect, it is a wake-up call to avert nuclear war by reining in exceptionalism and safeguarding the principles of the UN Charter. The Russian documentary World Order, […]

Arab League condemns Turkey intervention in Iraq, demands troops pull out immediately

     Turkey must withdraw immediately all its troops from Iraq without any preconditions Turkey must withdraw immediately all its troops from Iraq without any preconditions, a statement unanimously adopted by members of the Arab League said Thursday. “The Arab League condemns Turkey for its military incursion into the Iraqi territory and demands that the Turkish […]

Tracing the Occult Origins of Christmas

Makia Freeman, ContributorWaking Times Is Christmas really magic mushroom, sun and Saturn worship in disguise? Christmas has come around again, and as we all scurry about hanging lights and stars everywhere, and adorning our trees with red and white ornaments, how many of us reflect on the occult origins of Christmas? How many of us realize that […]

Sen Ted Cruz Favorite Climate Denier Takes Cash From Big Oil For Science

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Co-Founder, Legacy Bio-Naturals December 11, 2015   Greenpeace UK has released an investigation into Frank Clemente of Pennsylvania State University (PSU) and William Happer of Princeton University (PU) who were more than willing to take money from the coal industry in exchange for anti-climate change science. […]

The U.S. School That Trains Dictators & Death Squads

On November 22, thousands gathered at the gates of Fort Benning, GA at the 25th annual protest of the School of the Americas to memorialize the tens of thousands of people who lost their lives at the hands of the U.S. Empire’s brutally repressive juntas it used to rule Latin America by force. […]

Even "Vote Or Die" Movement Leader P.Diddy Admits "This Whole [Voting] $hit Is A Scam"

Some people can really only take so much of the political process before they give up on the system entirely.This is especially true in modern times, where every candidate is pro-war and pro-establishment. Obama was the last hope for many people who thought a politician could change things, but when Obama brought more of […]

German pilots lose engine cover during takeoff, continue flight (PHOTO)

The pilots reportedly didn’t realize the part from its left engine was missing until they were notified by air traffic controllers over France, AP reports. The Eurowings plane, which completed flight 4U592 from Cologne, Germany on behalf of Germanwings, landed safely in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. According to the company’s version, the pilots deliberately decided […]

Orionid meteor showers to amaze stargazers this week

The Orionid meteor showers happen annually in the (northern) autumn: the Earth is now traveling through the area of space with debris from Halley’s Comet. The best way to watch is to wake up a couple of hours before sunrise, and look up towards the constellation Orion. READ MORE: Dazzling performance: Geminids meteor shower peaking […]

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