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ISIL weapons manufacturing tied to Saudi NGOs under cover of ‘supporting the children of Fallujah’

     Iraqi Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the UN Mohammad Ali al-Hakim blasted Saudi Arabia’s Non-Governmental Organization (NGOs) for rendering financial support to the ISIL terrorist group in Anbar province. “The Saudi NGOs pay for ISIL’s expenses in Anbar province under the cover of supporting the children of Fallujah city,” al-Hakim said, addressing a UN […]

Weekly report: Departure of Iranian legendary director Kiarostami

Tehran, July 10, The Iran Project – Iranians celebrating  Eid al-Fitr, Chinese, Iranian FMs discussing implementation of Iran nuclear program, blazing at a petrochemical plant in southwest of Iran and Tehran holding funeral ceremony for award-winning film director dominated the country’s media outlets in the past week (July 04–July 10).   Politics    Iran not […]

Yahoo Finance Editor-In-Chief Is Sad: "We’re Suffering The Consequences Of Too Much Democracy"

The Brexit has laid bare the political schism of our time. It’s not about the left vs. the right; it’s about the sane vs. the mindlessly angry… The Guardian’s David Van Reybrouck appears willing to take the fight for elite survival even further…proclaiming “our voting system worked well for decades, but now […]

Let’s Talk About the Role of Psychedelics in a Sane Society

6th July 2016 By Julian Palmer Guest writer for Wake Up World In terms of how we are using psychedelics as a society, we need to ask: Where is all this going? For those of us who take psychedelics seriously, those who see them only as a potential treatment for medical or serious psychological conditions are truly missing the […]

Death toll in Baghdad ISIS bombings surpasses 130 (VIDEO)

Late on Saturday night, the suicide bomber drove the vehicle into a busy shopping intersection in the affluent Karrada district of the Iraqi capital. The holy month of Ramadan meant the street was busy with residents breaking their fast after nightfall, with many also gathered to watch the Euro 2016 football championship on public TV screens, […]

Thoughts on the Media and the EU Referendum

Thoughts on the Media and the EU Referendum By Craig Murray, former British ambassador to Uzbekistan and Rector (i.e. president) of the University of Dundee. Al Jazeera’s Listening Post programme on the EU referendum media coverage was just broadcast. They only used about 5% of what they recorded of me, split into four soundbites […]

A Very Heavy Agenda: Film Series On Neoconservatives Concludes With Look At Hillary Clinton

A Very Heavy Agenda Part 3: Maintaining the World Order from Robert Martin on Vimeo. On Monday, the third and final installment of filmmaker Robbie Martin’s series, “A Very Heavy Agenda,” was released. The series documents the neoconservative movement in the United States—both its founders and current adherents. Part 1: “A […]

Dirty Faggots Sue Christian Dating Company to Enforce Homosexualism

ZeigerDaily Stormer July 2, 2016 Seemed pretty wholesome. RIP. Wherever normal White people try to flee the POZ with which society is being flooded, the filth catches up. Those Christians who try to preserve some measure of healthy values in their lives can’t be left alone under any circumstances. The website “ChristianMingle,” which is a […]

Turkey has ‘no obstacle’ to build own aircraft carrier – Erdogan

Erdogan sends Putin ‘first letter’ since Su-24 shot down by Turkey “There isn’t any obstacle to producing our own aircraft carrier. It is possible with this determined government and state. Turkey cannot fall into laziness in the defense and military issues,”Yeni Safak newspaper quoted Erdogan as saying Saturday.  Speaking at the opening ceremony of Istanbul’s Naval […]

The shooting in Orlando – a few very basic thoughts

The Saker June 13, 2016 Frankly, I did not feel like commenting on this shooting.  Primarily, because I don’t believe that this event deserves the reaction it got.  Yes, sure, 50-100+ innocent people were shot/hurt, but that is more or less what happens on a daily basis in so many locations of our planet that […]

Newsletter: Creating “Positive Peace”

Print Friendly This weekend the Bilderberg Group is holding its secretive annual retreat in Dresden, Germany. The invitation-only gathering of elites from North America and Northern Europe includes heads of finance and industry, heads of state and intelligence officials. Who knows what schemes they’ll cook up? They don’t keep minutes or allow the press in and […]

U.S. bombs own rebels in Syria in not-so-friendly fire incident

     A US warplane hit the forces of an allied Sunni Muslim militant group that Washington had trained in an apparent case of friendly fire in late May, according to a WSJ report. Pentagon has launched an internal investigation. On May 27 and May 28, the US conducted a series of airstrikes in and around […]

Activist Calls for Task Force against Pedophilia in Malaysia

nsnbc : Malaysian social activist Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye called for the establishment of a high-level task force to address child sex abuse in Malaysia. Lee’s call follows in the recent wave of outrage over atrocities committed by convicted British pedophile Richard Huckle. However, incest and child sex abuse are deeply entrenched in Malaysian […]

EU Demands Release of Venezuela’s “Political Prisoners”

Jeanette Charles (VA) : The European Union reached a non-binding resolution Wednesday calling for the immediate release of Venezuela’s “political prisoners”. The bloc also criticized the Venezuelan government for allegedly not respecting the nation’s constitution nor procedures to allow a recall referendum despite the opposition’s collecting of 1.3 million signatures last month to begin the […]

$1.2b to combat water crisis

The spread of water crisis across Iran has compelled the government and water authorities to devise costly and, not necessarily, effective plans to help mitigate its impacts. Official reports say nearly 5,000 villages across the country are struggling with varying degrees of water scarcity. To remedy the problem, Iran’s Energy Ministry has come up with […]

Attack At Tel Aviv Shopping Center Kills Four

Four people have been killed and several injured in a terror attack at a popular open-air shopping center in the heart of Tel Aviv, according to Israeli police and media. Reports claim that two Palestinian gunmen dressed as ultra-Orthodox Jews opened fire at the Sarona Market food and retail center, close to the defense ministry […]

New ISIS ‘Kill’ List Claims To Target Thousands Of Americans

A pro-ISIS “hacking” group calling itself the United Cyber Caliphate distributed its latest “kill” list this week. The group claims the list includes names, addresses, and email addresses belonging to 8,318 people, making it one of the longest target lists ISIS-affiliated groups have distributed. In a post Vocativ uncovered on the messaging app Telegram that was written in both English […]

Saudi Arabia is building an embassy in Israël

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has begun the construction of a gigantic embassy in Israël, probably the most important in Tel-Aviv. Officially, the two states do not maintain diplomatic relations because of the expulsion by Israël of the majority of its Palestinian population in 1948 (al-Nakba). However, the Quincy Pact, signed […]

‘Unprecedented steps’: Russian military explores Kuril chain island as potential Pacific Fleet base

Some 200 members of the joint expedition by the Russian Ministry of Defence and the Russian Geographical Society are currently on Matua reviewing the state of infrastructure on the abandoned Soviet military base there. ​Russia builds up, modernizes military on disputed Kuril Islands “The main goal of the expedition is to study the possibility of […]

Glyphosate Report Raises Questions Over EPA’s Ties To Monsanto

Print Friendly Above Photo: Sources told Sustainable Pulse that the EPA allegedly attempted “to take the legal pressure off the pesticide industry and specifically large producers of glyphosate-based herbicides such as Monsanto,” by releasing the Cancer Assessment Review Committee draft report. The House Science, Space and Technology Committee is questioning why the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency […]

Post-sanction Iran, Malaysia trade volume to hit $1 billion

Tehran, May 11, IRNA – Following the removal of sanctions against Iran, Malaysia is intended to help increase the volume of trade exchanges with the Islamic Republic to $1 billion, says a Malaysian trade official. ‘We will try to raise the level of trade exchanges between the two country to one billion dollars,’ said Managing […]

Envoy: S. Korea paying for Iran’s oil without using Western currencies

In an interview with the Tasnim News Agency, Kim Seung-ho said South Korea cannot use US dollar as a medium of exchange in trade with Iran, although the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), a lasting nuclear deal between Iran and the Group 5+1 (Russia, China, the US, Britain, France and Germany), has terminated all […]

Belarus might hold Parliamentary Elections on September 11

nsnbc : Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko supported the proposal to hold elections to the House of Representatives of the National Assembly on September 11. Photo courtesy BelTa After meeting Belarus’ President Alexander Lukashenko, Lidia Yermonshina told the press that the Head of State supported the prosed date for the elections. Yeremoshina, the head of the […]

KSA Announces Tendency to Open Embassy in ’Israel’!

Local Editor Comments by a well-connected former major-general in the Saudi military who said Tuesday that Riyadh would establish an embassy in the “Israeli” entity if it accepted the 2002 “Arab Peace Initiative” failed to elicit an official response from the “Israeli” apartheid regime. Anwar Eshki, who met publicly in June with Dore Gold just, […]

Unemployment rate in Gaza reaches 60%

Days of Palestine, Gaza Strip -Sixty per cent of the population of the Gaza Strip is unemployed, while 70 per cent live in poverty. Secretary-General of the General Federation of Palestine’s Trades Unions in Gaza (GFPTU), Sami Al-Amassi, said: “Palestinian workers live in accumulated suffering caused by the Israeli occupation which tightens the siege, closes […]

Bad News For Canadians: “You Have 30 Days To Close Your Account”

Email Us For general inquiries and advertising, email: Admin (at) Article submissions, tips, and feedback, email: Tips (at) Send us Snail Mail: P.O Box 8526 Round Rock, Tx 78683 Voicemail/TXT: Feel free to send us a message anytime (512) 222-3067 Source Article […]

We Stand with Palestine in the Spirit of ‘Sumud’: Statement from the U.S. prisoner, labor and academic solidarity delegation to Palestine

March 24 to April 2, 2016 At a moment of growing resistance to state violence and injustice the world over, a delegation of nineteen anti-prison, labor and scholar-activists from the United States traveled to Palestine in March 2016. Our delegation included former U.S.-held political prisoners and social prisoners, former Black Panther Party members, prison abolitionists, […]

Earthquake up to 7.2 hits Myanmar-India border

According to GEOFON Global Seismic Network, the tremor was estimated at 7.2, while USGS reported a 6.9 earthquake in the area. The quake’s epicenter was some 100km (62 miles) from the city of Monywa in Myanmar, according to USGS. Earthquake in Kolkata!! a big one — ahom_tez (@Gogoi_AM) April 13, 2016 A witness cited by […]

Corbyn Goes After Cameron Over Tax Avoidance Allegations

Michaela Whitton (AM) :  Jeremy Corbyn has hit hard at David Cameron’s avoidance of ‘taxing’ questions after the revelations his late father ran an offshore fund. In the wake of the papers leaked from Panama-based law firm, Mossack Fonseca, the Labour leader has urged the Prime Minister to come clean on his taxes and pursue […]

Vice: "Dear Straight Guys, It’s Time to Start Putting Things In Your Butt"

From: Editor’s note: Warning, this is disgusting. We post this to show you how morally bankrupt, perverted and sick these cultural marxists and leftists have become. It’s the same with Gawker, who last year post a anilingus instruction for people, called “The Booty-Eating Renaissance“. These people are sick, deranged and should […]

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